last-heroine asked:

“ i didn’t think you’d care. ” or “ how is that not hilarious? ” and you can guess, OPM and the ship shall be batarou. :^)

i did some of the headcanons we talked about because they never stop amusing me :D

It was incredibly comfortable, and hugged in all the right places. His favorite shirt had somehow survived a collection of fights and hundreds of washer and dryer cycles. But somehow it was barely surviving this.

“What?” Metal Bat asks when Garou stares at him, his fingers—wet with soy sauce—dragging along the fabric wrapped snuggly around his torso, staining it.

“What,” Garou repeats slowly, as if it’s his first time actually hearing that particular word. He has to let the image before him process. His shirt, his favorite shirt, stained and stretched beyond belief, practically clinging to Metal Bat like a second skin. “What,” Garou says again. “That’s my fucking shirt!”

“Oh, yeah,” Metal Bat replies, his hand gripping at his chopsticks. A few inches away from his mouth, a clump of sticky rice falls from the chopsticks and lands on his chest. And although Garou generally appreciated Metal Bat’s chest—it was admittedly quite impressive—it was hard to do so at this very moment while his poor shirt was threatening to burst in an explosion of severed cotton fibers. “I didn’t think you’d mind.”

It’s bullshit. Garou knows that. But even if he hadn’t, the smug look on Metal Bat’s face would have confirmed it.

“Take it off,” Garou demands, his words strained with barely contained fury.

Metal Bat doesn’t even protest. He simply shrugs, pulls the shirt off, and tosses it at Garou, like a spoiled, rich, teenager tossing his dirty laundry to the maid.

Garou knows he should wait until he doesn’t have Metal Bat’s eyes on him, but he can’t resist. He tries on the shirt, eyes widening in absolute horror as it hangs loosely off his shoulders, baggy and shapeless, like a burlap sack.

Metal Bat stares at him, remembers how just two days ago the two of them had spent an evening watching horror movies riddled with jump-scares. Garou had been relentless with his teasing after that. Had hid in showers, closets, and even under beds just for the cheap and twisted pleasure of seeing Metal Bat afraid. How’s that not hilarious? Garou had asked him between breathless gasps of laughter. With a snicker, Metal Bat saw his point.

Who’s laughing now?


   It feels like ages since Garou has been anywhere near A-city. The last time he was here, he was running away, having paid back that restaurant before fleeing the scene of destruction he had caused. It had taken him months, but he eventually discovered that the bald guy was right. He never really wanted to be a villain after all… But that didn’t excuse him for his actions. Garou needed to make amends.

   For the last few months he had been traveling, helping rebuild the dojos he destroyed in his initial rampage. It had taken a long time, but eventually he had repaired everything and helped them get back on their feet. Garou never expected any forgiveness from those he helped; he knew full well that he had been the cause of all their problems in the first place. Now that they were all fixed, there was only one organization left to repay: the Hero Association.

   He walked through the streets. For once, he was glad that no one recognized him. It would be a bit difficult to help if people drew attention to him. However, Garou noticed a familiar bald head and turned to follow him, calling out to him.

“Hey, you!”