garou special


This special chapter has increased my love for King by an infinite amount. I absolutely adore how we see more of him in this chapter, and also a little of his ideals and thoughts.

Look at the sparkly, shoujo-ish background as he talks about heroes and teamwork! And that cute smile of his!

You can see how he has certain thoughts on the actions of a hero through these panels. I’ve often thought of King as having pushed to this role, and yet, through the Garou arc, and this special chapter, it’s clear that he regards heroes very highly.

Perhaps this is why pretending to be a S-Class Hero makes him terribly anxious and scared; because he perceives himself as not worthy to be a hero.

I adore how he has firm views on how heroes should act. Teamwork is important. When Saitama’s viewpoint clashes with his own, King doesn’t outright argue. He merely listens, and acknowledges Saitama’s view.

Then, this sneaky person actually uses a game to prove his point! I hadn’t expected that of King, and I love this special chapter for featuring that! Look at his stoic, serious face as he continues playing the game to show exactly what he means by teamwork. Gosh, King, you’re so sneaky and utterly adorable.

I’m not that good at metas, nor characterization. Despite that, I completely love this chapter for showcasing more of King’s personality.

I cannot get over that serious face at the end as he proves his point!

RIP Saitama lol.

I love their friendship and the fact that they always play games together~ Ahhh, I love this a whole lot.