Here lies the hypothetical evolution of the Genesis / Garou friendship.

Thanks to the headcanons of a friend, we decided Garou would probably get along with Genesis, because Genesis can give him all the attention he so very obviously needs, and Genesis holds back some of his murderous intents via guilt-inducing stares and polite requests to stop. As a non-combatant, he’d likely be of little interest to Garou’s Hunting (and even as a honorary hero, does it even count if all he does is patch up people?

There’s more to it than that and I’m probably not explaining well, but it’s late, so there you go! Enjoy the Garosis.

What I’m Looking Forward To Seeing In Season 2

With the long awaited annoucement, I can finally make this shitstorm of a post (and my life has purpose once again). Massive manga spoilers incoming!


The King Arc!! And the King Engine!!

Saitama being his usual self

This scene :’)



The queen and her high school popularity antics 

Kirk Summation speech.jpg

“I’m tired of your shit Jack O’ Lantern”

This face 

Samurai Squad!

Bang’s cool oni-san

Tippy toe Garou 

The start of a beautiful friendship

Garou being a sweetheart 

Garou being a little shit 

That A1 fanservice™

“I fucked up”

“Can we go out on a date sensei”

More Metal Bae kicking ass

This godly fight 

World’s Toughest Imouto™

Sait-I mean Charanko in Super Fight 


Thicc mom vs. BDSM mom 

This poor asshole getting the slap of the century 

Genos not losing his arms fOR ONE GODDAMN EPISODE

Perfect Cell-Cockroach edition 

“Don’t touch my fucking wig”

This fucking face 

Fubuki Psycho 100 

Yandere oneechan strikes again 

“The Stronk”

And finally

The arc where we get to see our beloved S-Class assholes get their asses handed to them (or the beginning of it at least), and much more.

Murata has been fired up lately with the updates, lets wish him the best and let the hype train carry us to season 2!


Things I don’t want to see in season 2:


Murata stream update: LOOK WHAT’S HAPPENING! That Garou vs Genos HYPE!! Murata’s artwork is so amazing. ;A;