This is it!  This is the last Quartz Pokemon!  Jesus fucking CHRIST DICK, this took forever to get to.  It’s been over a (non-consecutive) year of Quartz.  I’m so glad to be done.  And this is a pretty great one to end on, because Garotao is the kind of mess that Quartz is known for.  It’s lopsided, lumpy, has a hilarious face, and comes off as incredibly endearing.

All through the Quartz designs I’ve been wavering between ‘fixing’ designs and being faithful to every weird lump and error in the original sprites.  I never found a good balance, but I’m glad I pushed through.  A lot of Quartz fakemon have NEVER been drawn out, as far as I can tell.  Someone needed to do it.

For the next stretch of Popka dailies, I’m going back to the classic style of pixelly lines and no shading.  Doing these (sloppily) full shaded pictures every day was taking up way more time than necessary.  Sundays are still going to be Kirby 64 enemies, which are somehow much easier and faster to make than the sloppier Quartz pics.

Thanks for sticking with me through all the fakemon stuff!  And an extra loving thanks to everyone and everyone who sends in asks to correct mistagged or full-on missing posts.  It helps me a lot, AND lets me know that people pay attention to Popkas.