"All my children"
  • King Garon:I love all my children!!! My eldest son Xander. My pride!!
  • Xander:Thank father.
  • King Garon:My smart son, Leo. A great hope for the country.
  • Leo:Thank father.
  • King Garon:My little Elise who gives so much joy in the castle.
  • Elise:Thank d...father.
  • King Garon:And Camilla, who has helped to raise so perfect children.
  • Camilla:Thank father.
  • King Garon:All four are my pride.
  • Kamui:What about me father?
  • King Garon:WHO ARE YOU?

Undercover King

Every week, we follow the boss of a different organization as they go undercover, and figure out what’s really happening. Are things going as they seem? Or is someone keeping a secret from the chief? You’re watching Undercover Boss: Castle Krakenburg.

King Garon sat on his throne, scowling.

This is King Garon, the current monarch presiding over the kingdom of Nohr. Right now they’re fighting a war to conquer the land of Hoshido and bring glory to the homestead.

Garon stepped out of a closet, dressed as a butler, with no crown, wearing one eyepatch, and with his hair styled into a ponytail.

Today, Garon will go undercover as a butler named Ryan.

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hannah-j9  asked:

I don't think Garon outright accepted anankos, I think it was like.... i dunno how to phrase it.. like a 'slow burn' possession? Bit by bit his mind wasn't his own anymore, or something like that

Yeah that makes sense! I like to think Anankos really got to Garon after queen Katerinas death as it would probably’ve left him emotionally vulnerable and easy to manipulate. It would also kinda cover up the whole “possession” thing as people would be like “no I’m not worried he’s locking himself up, neglecting his child and speaking to himself all day, it’s just his way of mourning(:” I’m just really sad we never got to hear the story of his possession, it must’ve been really sad!

I get that there’s a bias towards Hoshido overall, but not giving Garon ANY sort of redemption/characterization at all it just plain bad writing. Not only does EVERY OTHER parent of the royal siblings get some (Sumeragi, Mikoto, even Arete, and you literally never see her outside of Revelations and DLC), it makes the Nohrian sibs in Conquest look crazy for loving someone so obviously evil with no redeeming qualities- especially since Elise turns her back on him in Birthright! It’s so stupid!

anonymous asked:

During the time Garon's other children were killing each other and such, one of them, a little girl, was born deaf, so Leo, being the only sibling who genuinely liked her, learned how to use sign language to communicate with her and they became very close. He was saddened when she died.

anonymous asked:

I know you said you don't plan on getting Birthright, but I honestly do think Birthright has a better story than Conquest because it doesn't have Corrin act like an idiot 24/7

Corrin acts like an idiot vs Corrin acts super aggro, all in the name of PEACE

They are both bad to me lmao

anonymous asked:

a darker, more fucked up version of fates story, you say? *slides u $20* would u be willing to elaborate on this dream scenario of yours

I’m honestly kinda embarrassed to reveal my dream scenario! I’ll tell you a bit about it but I won’t delve into the more specific stuff cus it’s pretty dark and fucked up and it would kinda embarrass me to describe my horrible scenario ideas in detail. Also, I’m super shipping trash so I’d probs be weak and include a bunch of UST and shippy scenes so I won’t bore you with that shit either. no ships or any of that crap mentioned below.

Under cut!

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  • Garon's gray skin color kinda annoys me. I know he's technically a zombie and his skin reflects that but so is Sumeragi and he's still just peachy so srsly???
  • I think I'll sprite edit Garon too one of these days, make his skintone similar to his kids' and make him look less obviously evil cus srsly, he's a legit cartoon villain if you know nothing of his backstory.
  • Garon could actually have been a super interesting character uggggh Fates writers why must you always disappoint me.
  • It's annoying cus some of the few yet genuinely brilliant points of Fates story can only be seen in between the lines.

So while checking for stuff tagged for me, I came across a post of a person who had blocked my post on how I’d change up Conquest’s plot, since they were generally in a bad mood when they saw it, didn’t read it because they didn’t want to have any negativity towards Conquest. That’s all fair enough, I can respect that.
But then I see that a person commented on that post, saying “ “Adds to his one-dimensional villain character” did you even play conquest “ (referring to Garon) and I??? How can you honestly see Garon as anything BUT a one-dimensional villain?!