Asher, second prince of Nohr,

A cheerful young prince who loves nothing more than to explore and adventure. He is rather sheltered and quite fearless of the world. He has no trouble speaking his mind but rarely has anything negative to say. He loves studying and training, especially if his teacher is his older brother Xander. Has trouble listening to authority when his mind is made up about something. He’s fiercely protective of people and will always help if someone needs it. His biggest idol is Xander, whom he adores (and will talk about for hours if given the chance). Xander loves him very much and wants to protect him, but has trouble making Asher stay put inside the castle if he’s not there to watch him. His room is littered with collections of things he’s found while adventuring. He wants to be a knight when he grows up to help protect his homeland and family.

He is long since deceased by the start of Fates.

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