garoh village

Rhys Top 8 favorite town/village themes from video games

Number 3

Garoh Village from Golden Sun: The Lost Age composed by Motoi Sakuraba

Recently I just started picking up Golden Sun the Lost Age, and I’m starting to realize that despite a couple minor issues I have with Golden Sun in general, the soundtrack is simply astounding when it came out and it still surprising holds up a great deal. 

You see,  I didn’t really own very many GBA games when I had a Gameboy Advance back when I was in middle school. The very first game ever I had was a Yugioh game I got for Christmas along with a purple Gameboy Advance. I loved the game itself more than how it sounded. Later, I got Super Mario bros 3 followed by The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past the GBA port, Both excellent classic games and the sound was actually pretty good for a GBA port. Especially Zelda: A Link to the Past it sounds nearly identical to the original Snes even though I prefer the arrangements in the Snes.

I also had Metroid Fusion, Yugioh World Wide Edition, Donkey Kong Country, Crash Bandicoot on the ds. And last by not least Yugioh Gx: Duel Academy. Yes, I was kind of a yugioh dork back in middle school and high school. The sound for those games were fine nothing really great or bad but they worked for what they were trying to accomplish. But for me, It wasn’t until I got Fire Emblem: blazing sword which was my first FE game and not to mention my favorite in the series. I realized at that point that the GBA could have fantastic sound.

I still think that had I owned the Golden Sun games on the GBA as a kid, I would’ve been so amazed by the sound processor. Garoh Village is the village theme from the Lost Age that sticks out to me the most. Not just in terms of sound, but the visuals once you enter the place. There are hieroglyphic markings on the walls depicting wolfs and the entire history of this place. As you rise up on the cliffs heading towards the village you start to see fogs and you begin to notice the night sky. The sound has this mysterious vibe surrounding the air. It’s got a sadness feeling to it and the video you may not notice it, but the original theme has a wolf crying and howling in the distance. It really adds to the depressing atmosphere.But even so without the wolf howling sound effect, it’s still powerful enough to carry the emotions of the piece.