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  • Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Garoh. The moment I set foot in that…ZONE, I guess you’d call it, a most wonderful piece of music began to play. As I made my way up the hill/cliff, the markings upon them (the walls) began to make more and more sense as the music progressed. Even Kraden flipped his shit when he saw that little creature of myth pop out of nowhere. It was/is a place of magic and mystery.

This remix, I feel, makes the place seem even more amazing as you hear the sound in the distance. What made that sound, I wonder?

I guess the bad part is that I can’t even remember where I found this, it’s such an old remix. I remember an old Golden Sun forum that unfortunately shut down because…well, it seemed GS kinda died until Dark Dawn came up.

Regardless, enjoy this tune.


The ability for an adept to use psynergy requires an exposure to a source of psynergy, most often in the form of psynergy stones. 

In Vale, everyone draws their water from the river, due to a lack of wells. The river comes from Mount Aleph, where it is filtered in between cracks of stones. While this purifies the water, it also leads to traces of psynergy stones being carried along the stream. Because everyone in Vale takes water from the river, everyone is exposed to particles of psynergy stones from birth, and as such, everyone born in Vale is an adept.

Similarly, in Garoh the particles of psynergy stones from Air’s Rock are what cause everyone to exhibit lycanthrope abilities, and is also why Maha is stuck in his wolf form; he explored the deepest into the rock and was exposed to larger quantities of psynergy.

In Lemuria, it has been at least hinted that everyone is an adept to some extent. This could be explained by the fact that Alchemy is not as sealed in Lemuria, due to the nature of time in the area. It could be theorized that psynergy stones exist below the island, and that the spring from which everyone drinks their water (which has restorative abilities) is a source of psynergy exposure for Lemurians. Alternately, the fact that time has slowed in Lemuria and the seal not completely liftedjust living in Lemuria could expose you to psynergy.

Nearly all people shown capable of wielding psynergy have lived near a source of psynergy (a rock or lighthouse) or have had their abilities awakened by contact with a psynergy stone. It is possible that, given enough exposure to a source of psynergy and significant training, anyone could use it (such as Babi, who drank from the Lemurian spring while he was there and has used psynergy despite claiming to not be an adept) even if they were not born as an adept.


Golden Sun The Lost Age - Garoh

My favorite song from the game.  I think it’s because of how haunting is sounds.

Looks like it’s a full moon night in Garoh.

The short Garoh chapter of the Lost Age was one that really interested me, and when we met the beastmen of Dark Dawn I kept hoping Garoh would at least get a mention (if the Dark Dawn crew never left Angara.)  Still, I think it’d be neat to see Matt and friends explore more of the world, so this is from that ‘what if they kept exploring’ mindset.  I think Sveta would like it in Garoh.  Who knows, the people of Garoh might be related to the beastmen somehow.

{x} Rooftops of Garoh by knightdawn