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Steven Universe Aesthetic
  • Amythest: converse shoes, Nirvana band shirt, leaky faucet, no money, late night snacking, dogs, noisy bars, gold trim, boots, binge drinking, loyalty, late night texting, highlighter, winged eyeliner, screaming, chestnuts, bed hair, tight dresses, black eyes, sleeping in, tidal waves, obedience, smell of perfume, feathers, blankets, cut hair, the feeling of cold floors, the warmth of sunlight, worrying, the feeling of being inadequate, sunglasses, spikes, the red sea, grey socks, gifts.
  • Pearl:
  • crushed glass, pretty pink, classical music, lava, drowning, the sound of chimes, fire, the feeling of relief after crying, safety, the feeling of being home, churches, fluffy white dogs, lying, the full moon, papaya fruit, blank white rooms, quicksand, injured birds, roses, stuffed animals, twisted ankles, the flow of water, guilt, the feeling of silk, hard wood, the sound of gravel, red lipstick, dainty dresses, sleeping cats, midday television, drama, lights, orchids, bees.
  • Garnet:
  • earthquakes, black & white photos, chaos, scratchy throats, chocolate, standing in military formation, split ends, hibernating bears, tall trees, hazelnuts, the smell of fresh bread, dormant volcano, Christmas lights, self confidence, the felling of rain, boats, being indecisive, the smell of honey, reliable, in control, laughter, hand holding, calligraphy, hugs, the feeling of wanting to cry, bronze, eating hot food on a cold day, armour, electricity, loose ends.
  • Rose:
  • secrets, love, puppies, annoyance, the feeling of failure, rose gold, babies, recklessness, freckles, the pitter patter of feet, butterflies, makeup, swans, a broken clock, shut blinds, scratched skin, birthmarks, dust, sleeping lions, mirrors, flowers in a field, clouds, a burning sun, a far off star, moss, graduation, sand, being disloyal, heatwaves, traveling, droughts, immortals , the feeling of fear, severeness, survival, cups of tea, angels, star signs, humanity, ribbons.
  • Steven:
  • toy boxes, forgiveness, reality, forests, clearings, singing, binge watching TV, junk food, the feeling of belonging, betrayal, daring, stripes, ugly furniture, the smell of spices, cardboard, the colour green, monkeys, pianos, walking, clear sky's, dark eyes, Disney movies, jumpers, cowboys, jumping up and down, striking peacocks, grey areas, exceptional, hybrid, faeries, airplanes, racing, chipmunks, squares, cuddles, abandonment, accomplishment.<p/></p>
Gem fusion tips!

Have a hard time fusing gems?

Well here is a tip that helps a lot!

List traits that stick out with your gems, here is my gemsona’s main traits that pass down to their fusion’s appearance-

  • Angelite - Braided hair, full lips, and thick body.
  • Fluorite - angled hair, widows peak, skates,
  • Sunstone- Think/buff body, front hair tuff OR shaved sides, freckles
  • Onyx- Puffy/long hair, Sharp teeth, body markings.
  • Moldavite- straight/long hair, long face, lankey body, lack of speech
  • Pyrite - buff, ponytail, large nose
  • Labradorite- Blank/weird eyes, lack of vision, claws, heels

This can also be seen in canon SU fusions!

body Traits that pass to the fusion (not including clothes)-

Pearl - Pointed nose, thin build
Amethyst- Full lips, long hair
Garnet- Full lips, shades

(There is most likely more body traits that can also be listed)

and you see that Garnet got Sapphire’s full lips and lanky arms. While Garnet got Rubies hair and thickness (hips/thighs)

Here is an example with one of my fusions of 2 of my gems-

  • Angelite - Braided hair, full lips, and thick body.
  • Pyrite - buff, ponytail, large nose
  • Moldavite- straight/long hair, long face, lankey body, lack of speech
  • Onyx- Puffy/long hair, Sharp teeth, body markings. 

For more of my gem and fusions to maybe give you ideas, you can go to my master list!

I hope this helps!

So kinda realistic style. I gave Tom, Matt, and My Oc garnet lips cause it fits us. I made Edd with anxiety and Tord is crying. Don’t worry Jon will give him another lollipop.

(( ooh is that my oc Michele?


Pluto Planet Power, Make Up

Description: The command that Setsuna Meiou used to transform into Sailor Pluto.

User: Setsuna Meiou
First Appearance: Episode 111
Last Appearance: Episode 121
Type: Energy-based ability
Upgrade: None
Item Required: Lip Rod


  1. In the English dub, Sailor Pluto sometimes said the phrase “Pluto Star Power” to transform.
  2. Despite that Sailor Pluto upgraded to her “Super” form in Sailor Moon Sailor Stars, a new transformation sequence was never shown.
  3. Sailor Pluto’s title as the “Soldier of Space-Time” is appropriate as a column of sand can be seen surrounding her during her transformation sequence. It could also be a reference to the sands of time or an hourglass.
So we are going to talk about that Garnet cosplayer right now.

You know the one right? Yeaah this one.

I am so so SO tired of hearing shit about this cosplayer. So lets take a look at some of the reasons why people are so mad at this cosplayer okay?

-She used an afro wig but she should have used foam.
     Okay…..she used an afro wig….Like are we not going to talk about the bunches of black cosplayers who either used their own hair or literally bought an afro wig and shaped it? Its okay cause they are black right? Like why not yell at them for not using foam, they could have all gotten foam right? Nah lets be hypocritical instead.

-There was no need to paint herself any color because people of all races cosplay people of other races without painting themselves.
     Okay thats cool, I mean Ive cosplayed a purple fucking midget basically and didn’t paint myself purple. No problem, I didn’t have to. However….I don’t sit here bitching about the people who do pain themselves purple. They wanted to be accurate or they wanted to add more to the cosplay. I really don’t hear anyone complaining about the black cosplayers who lighten their skin. Why should I bitch about that? You fucking go, do you know how annoying and time consuming it is to paint yourself any color? Props to you guys for even bothering to do it.

-She assumed Garnet is black. It’s stereotyping.
    I wanna know why black people seem to be so ashamed by their racial features that they need to get up in arms every time someone points them out. It’s a fact that every single race has certain staple physical features. How is that a problem. Garnet has bigger lips, black afro like hair, curvy and is darker in color (also voiced by a black woman not that that really matters). Those are fairly staple features in black women. It’s literally no different that all asians having narrower eyes. People of all races do eye makeup when cosplaying to make their eyes more narrow, where is the freaking up roar about that? Cause I haven’t seen it.  It isn’t wrong to assume Garnet is black. Why is that a problem? She is an amazing character, she is idolized, she is “stronger than you”! Why would there be a problem in assuming she is black?
   Side note: I had to actually really really look to see that she was a reddish or purpleish color and not actually black. She is not that hard to confuse for black. Her actual color changes slightly like all the time.

-It’s blackface.
   Oh god. Okay this one is my complete favorite. This one makes me laugh. Alright so lets start with what blackface is. Blackface was a style of theatrical make up used to portray black people, often used in situation that mocked or demeaned them. Actors literally painted ONLY their face black with shoe polish, like BLACK, literally black and then exaggerated staple features leaving around their mouths white. I would like to point out that, although still not making it okay, black actors even used blackface. The very first black actor on broadway used blackface all the time. It was seen as comedy and a way to self-parody until people began viewing it as racism. That is what blackface is. It is parody and mockery. This Garnet cosplayer is not mocking black people, she is not parodying anything, she is trying to portray a character as she saw it. She didn’t paint only her face, she painted everything visible. She saw the freaking amazing Garnet as black and wanted to do it right. Stop calling blackface on people like this. It isn’t blackface. Just stop.

This fandom is out of hand. Honestly, you guys find things to bitch about every day especially cosplayers. My white, male best friend is terrified to cosplay Garnet. He LOVES Garnet, everything about her. He refuses to cosplay her because he doesn’t want the backlash from the fandom because he’s a man and he’s white. You guys are literally never happy unless it is PERFECTLY accurate. I wanted to cosplay Sapphire and have him do Ruby and we decided not to because all we would do is get shit because we would be a turning a gay couple into a straight couple. Guys stop. Cosplay is about fun, it’s about dressing up as your favorite characters and having fun and being with people you love. Stop. If you seriously love a show or a game or whatever, you would just be happy to meet people who love it just as much to spend sometimes months and tons of money to be something they love for awhile.


We’re pretty sure our wonderful client Alan has the best collection of labret jewelry in town after he picked up these five gorgeous pieces from BVLA:

* Rose gold double round Harlequin with genuine citrine
* Rose gold Toltec with Rhodalite and a pink CZ center
* Yellow gold Sol Flower with a Tsavorite center
* Rose gold Crown with a black pearl
* Yellow gold Nanda with a genuine garnet

Nicely done, Alan. Nicely done.

I’m planning on doing a fan fusion soon and was compiling notes on features passed onto fusions containing Ruby, Sapphire, and/or Pearl. Maybe it could help y’all.

S = Sapphire
R = Ruby
P = Pearl

S - Lips
S - Nose
R - Hair
R - Tones
Note - 3 eye

R/P - Hair
P - Nose
S - Lips
P - Legs
Note - 4 Eye (P added)
Note - 4 Limb (P added)

P - Nose
R - Hair
P - Legs
Note - 4 Eye (S removed, P added)
Note - 4 Limb (S removed, P added)

Keep in mind:
Rainbow Quartz (P) 4 eye 2 arm
Opal (P) 2 eye 4 arm
Sugilite (R/S) 4 arm (connected) 5 eye

I’m not personally looking for additions/corrections/etc but feel free to add on for others who might.


[HENSHIN] Pluto Planet Power Make Up.

Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Kana: プルート・プラネット・パワー・メイク・アップ
Romaji: Puruuto Puranetto Pawaa Meiku Appu

User: Setsuna Meiou
Item required: Lip Rod
Used to become: Sailor Pluto
First appearance: Episode 111
Last appearance: Episode 121


  • This transformation sequence was altered in television airings of the Cloverway dub: the scenes were lightened and the body lines were erased. While the dub primarily used “Pluto Star Power,” the English version of the S movie had Setsuna/Trista say “Pluto Planet Power.”