garnet and steel

Just hold on

Summary: Pearl and Garnet are on a reconaissance mission in Homeworld-controlled territory when disaster strikes and Pearl’s Gem cracks.

Rating: PG

Word Count: 1,820

“Behind you!”

Garnet swatted away the Cirtine lunging towards her. Her gauntlet caught her attacker in the jaw with a loud crack, and Citrine disappeared in a puff of smoke. Garnet called out a thanks as Pearl’s form flashed past her.

She barely had time to pause when another gem - Tanzanite, she decided - came at her.Tanzanite slammed into her back and knocked her to the ground. Garnet drove upwards, but her attacker only wrapped her arms around her neck and fell backwards, dragging Garnet onto her back. She twisted, trying to break the gem’s grip just as she began to choke her. Garnet slammed her head back into Tanzanite’s face, dangerously close to her Gem. She cried out and released her, and Garnet rolled away. 

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Oh man anon. Don’t let me start drawing three+somes for this series. I am polyship trash. I love threesome dynamics. And also size differences. And just big love piles in general. 

I actually think my only complaints about this threesome would be that I want Garnet–specifically–to be involved with Pearl somewhere along the way, but also that I don’t want Amethyst to be left out/feel more like the odd Gem out. Ruby and Sapphire are so cute together, and let’s be honest, Pearl is in a constant state of needing reassurance and someone there, and being part of a relationship that she already knows is generally healthy and constant would probably be good for her. If Ruby and Sapphire invited her in with open arms and Garnet were on board (and, y’know, pending Pearl being in a better place than she is in canon currently, because she isn’t… really in a good place to hook up with anyone) I think it’d ultimately be super freaking sweet. And fluffy. And everyone would get lots of attention all the time. 

I had a headcanon involving Ruby and Sapphire both having had crushes on Pearl at some point, too, where neither of them acted on it because Pearl was exploding with hearts everywhere at Rose Quartz and completely oblivious, and ultimately, Ruby and Sapphire were better for each other and soulmates’d it up. Somewhere in working their relationship out they both acknowledged that they’d had crushes on Pearl, and sorted out any residual jealous feelings accordingly, probably before they became Garnet full time. 

Pearl’s tendency to hang on Garnet developed early, and she certainly didn’t mind, especially since Sapphire and Ruby’s relationship wasn’t going to waver. By the time Greg rolled around, Garnet knew that Rose and Pearl were already on the rocks one way or another, and by the time Rose died, Garnet had steeled herself with knowing that Pearl and Amethyst needed a rock if they were going to get through it, and no moves were made. Pearl’s clingy nature was just a Pearl thing, and Ruby and Sapphire probably enjoyed it in their own way, because before getting together and becoming Garnet, they were both small and insecure on their own–and as Garnet, they could be big and strong and protect everyone they loved. 

…Cough. That got into Pearlnet territory, oops. But I don’t really think you can get longterm Pearlnet if Ruby and Sapphire aren’t on board and at least somewhat interested in keeping Pearl Super Close. And I’m basically on board with any combination of them as long as everyone’s happy and getting loved.

My answer to everything, though, seriously, is that everybody should get in a shipping pile.