That Dark Cybertron Preview has me excited. Because really: Garnak’s adorable.

So there’s a little mini-appreciation for some of Garnak & Rodimus’ interaction from the Transformers IDW On-Going series, specifically the Vol. 5 “Chaos Theory” issues, which is probably my favorite Arc from the On-Going series, without question. :D

TF - Days, Months, or Years

Garnak. <3

Days, Months, or Years

Characters: Garnak, Wheelie, Rodimus

Pairing: Garnak x Rodimus, sort of.

Notes: Takes place between Rodimus & Crew taking off from Wheelie’s planet, and them landing on Cybertron, during IDW's Transformers (OnGoing, Vol. 5)

Summary: Rodimus is unconscious for a long time. Garnak worries, and Wheelie pilots.

Jangle Man was more careful than Garnak’d ever seen lifting the pretty bauble out of Sir’s chest. There was a spark of something between the red robot and the bauble as they separated, but the connections to the engine held. The absence of the bauble left a worrying opening in Sir’s chest.

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