That Dark Cybertron Preview has me excited. Because really: Garnak’s adorable.

So there’s a little mini-appreciation for some of Garnak & Rodimus’ interaction from the Transformers IDW On-Going series, specifically the Vol. 5 “Chaos Theory” issues, which is probably my favorite Arc from the On-Going series, without question. :D

TF - Days, Months, or Years

Garnak. <3

Days, Months, or Years

Characters: Garnak, Wheelie, Rodimus

Pairing: Garnak x Rodimus, sort of.

Notes: Takes place between Rodimus & Crew taking off from Wheelie’s planet, and them landing on Cybertron, during IDW's Transformers (OnGoing, Vol. 5)

Summary: Rodimus is unconscious for a long time. Garnak worries, and Wheelie pilots.

Jangle Man was more careful than Garnak’d ever seen lifting the pretty bauble out of Sir’s chest. There was a spark of something between the red robot and the bauble as they separated, but the connections to the engine held. The absence of the bauble left a worrying opening in Sir’s chest.

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Garnak/Optimus Prime - attraction

(Inspired by this panel)


It’s gotta be… it’s gotta be that smell - or all that wine he’s drunk in the tavern. Or both: he shivers, sitting on the floor of their small spaceship. His head spins; he closes his eyes and again - that smell engulfs, surrounds him.
“Prime..!” he mumbles-moans and digs his fingers into the cold metal of the floor. He feels and hears the movement: Prime turning around and stepping closer to him, Prime’s - soft hum of the systems - hand touching his shoulder. Prime’s voice:
“Garnak, my friend, are you alright?” the mech says and Garnak is at a loss. At a loss how to respond - his treacherous mind keeps suggesting him the worst possible answers, at a loss what to do - he’s sure if he looked at Optimus, the mech wouldn’t even have to ask further.
“’M'kay,” he chooses to mumble, cursing himself for the lack of self control. And for his weird, twisted thoughts about his weird, twisted… attraction. He shouldn’t feel this. He shouldn’t want this. Never gonna happen. No.