When I saw garmonica’s lovely Ronbon music video I knew I couldn’t leave poor lonely Jane without some lovin’ too. And who better than Red John’s hapless pigeon minion, RJ Pigeon, who will betray her master for true love?

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I was (unexpectedly) tagged by melt-the-stars. Thank you!

1. Most recent book read?

- Hmm…Right now I’m reading some short stories by Cehlov.

2. Favorite thing about winter?

- Christmas(!) and the snow, I think.

3. One thing that’s currently in your line of sight?

- Uh..I can’t think of one right now.

4. Pie or cake?

- It depends on the flavour. I like both, really, but if I had to choose..Pie.

5. Preferred genre of music?

- I actually listen to almost everything but I think that my favourite ones are rock/pop and sometimes country. I try not to judge other’s tastes.

6. What’s your newest obsession and how did it develop?

- I think that’s the Mentalist. It developed on September this year, thanks to the awesomeness of Patrick Jane and co. 

7. City you’d like to visit most?

- I’d like to visit as many cities as possible as many times as possibile! It’s really hard to choose here, sorry. I haven’t visited too many cities.

8. Rain or snow?

- Snow. It’s kind of calming.

9. Favorite Disney movie?

- Hmm…I think that’s Tangled. I really enjoyed it!

10. If I gave you $50 right now, what would you do with it?

- Either save it to buy something later, either buy a book right now, either buy a present to a friend/someone I care about.

My questions:

1. How have you discovered tumblr/What made you to want to make an account?

2. Chocolate or vanilla?

3. Which is your favourite school subject?

4. Write the names of all your TPs.

5. Do you enjoy reading books? What do you like to read the most? (books not magazines or any joke like that)

6. Tea, hot chocolate or coffee?

7. Which is the first fandom you’ve joined and which one is the most recent?

8. Do you like physical touch as hugs or holding hands or patting someone?

9. The moon or the stars? Why?

10. The first song that cames in your mind right now while you’re reading this is….


Again !

Thanks for tagging jisbonnobsij ! ♥

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1.) Favorite song lyric?

Hard ! Uh, probably : Let her go - Passenger

2.) If you could take only 5 things to a lonely island, which things would it be?

sunscreen, book, hammock, pizza aaaand… shower gel ? 

3.) Chocolate or gummi bears?

Gummi bears 

4.) Do you like to be in the center of attention?

Depends on the situation !

5.) Fictional character you hate the most ?

Joffrey Baratheon of Game of thones ! Seriously, who loves him ?

6.) Read the book or watch the movie?

Read the book ! c:

7.) Saddest movie ever?

I don’t know, I’ve never watched a sad movie but from what they told me it’s “Jeux d’enfants”

8.) If you could meet 3 people of your choice (no matter if fictional or not), who would it be?

Ema ! ( i-wanna-hug-robin-tunney ) Omg I want to hug her !

Robin Tunney, hudbuygr^dpkouei I love her sooo much ! I waaant meet her !

And Patrick Jane or Jack Sparrow !

9.) Why have you started your blog?

I really don’t remember ><

10.) Do you have more male or female friends?

Female friends :3

11.) What time it is?

In France ? It’s 7:56p.m !

My questions :

1) Your biggest dreams?

2) Favorite clothes ?

3) Have you or do you want a pet ? 

4) Favorite fandom ?

5) If you have to choose between a Nokia 3310 and a computer without internet, which would you take ?

6) What do you like in you ?

7) What don’t you like in you ?

8) Where are you going this summer ?

9) What’s the word you say the most?

10) What’s your origin ?

11) Where do you want to live ?

заказала себе НАКОНЕЦ-ТО гармонику

hohner golden melody C

надоело сидеть без дела, хочется уже хобби и развивать эти умения

garmonica asked:

90%! Whoah! How precise! Where did you get the statistics? Did some research in your spare time, huh? :) And what exactly do you mean by 'embarrassing'? I'm just curious. Love, member of The Mentalist fandom (don't know where to put myself, to 90 or 10, but it's your call, I guess). P.S. Oh and also, free piece of wisdom: "Do not judge, or you too will be judged".

the sarcasm is overwhelming