22 Miles on Saturday

Maine is neat. I live in a neat place. I live in a place where I can run across a series of islands with incredible views and I think that’s neat as hell.

Overcast for most of the run, but still beautiful. It was about 40ºF. Took my long sleeve off 2 miles in, and ran in a singlet+gloves while wearing my Salomon vest.  Really surprised with my splits. To be honest, there was a hell of a lot of stopping and walking. I wanted to go out, enjoy my long run, and not feel like I was on the verge of death, so I walked, and I’m okay with that. 

3 weeks out from my first 50k race of the year. Glad to get the miles in, but really need to spend some time on the trails. It’s still snowy out which makes it tough, but I’m going to have to find another way to suffer through it, because that 3 weeks is coming up quick. Woof.


Sunday rundays are my favorite, especially when it’s nearly 70 degrees in November. Getting to run in shorts and tank top? No complaints here! My legs were super sore so it was a more relaxed run but I was just thankful for the perfect weather and opportunity to run


I went on my first longer run in a long long time this afternoon and it felt great! The weather was somehow in the mid 50’s today so I had to take advantage. I wore long sleeves and I honestly should’ve worn a short sleeve top or shorts bc I ended up getting really sweaty, which was kind of annoying. I didn’t intend on going so fast, but I started out quick and slowed down a little, but not that much considering I haven’t run far in awhile. Overall I’m very pleased and definitely want to start incorporating more longer runs into my workouts!

I’m down to the last couple serious bits before the Shamrock Shuffle next week. Today’s track workout was 2x3mi at 6:15 pace with 800m jog recovery.

I had to be home by 6:30 to help get the kids ready for school, so that meant up at 5 and running by 5:20ish. When that alarm went off, I contemplated every possible way I could do this some other time, but I had to do it then.

12 laps at 1:33 per lap gets me under the 18:45 target. 4800m is short of 3 miles, so really I need to run 18:39 or less. If there’s anything about running I’m really good at, it’s consistent pacing. Every lap was rock solid, and only half a second difference between the two chunks.

Just an 8-mile tempo on Thursday, and then I can taper a bit. Funny to say that for an 8K race, but I’m still building to marathon-level fitness.