We must take adventures in order to know where we truly belong. The time we climbed up a mountain and came up to the most beautiful view, Happy Thursday xo @bodyscience @garminau #reviejane #bodyscience #garmin

I’m trying to make Garmin Express work and trying to get in contact with someone at Revenue Canada to sort out my tax stuff. 

This is a whole new level of stress.

Good to get a morning run in with my partner! Considering I used to be able to go 6-8 miles and run under 7 minute miles…I’ve got a huge setback here. But I can’t get down on myself. No quitting. I’m glad I even got out there this morning! Besides, Larri makes it tough to get a realistic run in when she’s trying to attack people and birds while full out sprinting. Now for a veggie/fruit drink and off to work (: Progress is progress.


W15D1 6x800 (goal 3:50)

This was a great speedwork run despite the slight misses. I waited until as close to sundown as I could safely get to avoid the heat.

The 606 was pretty crowded but not overly so. There’s enough people cruising along that intervals are ok up there.

WKQX (alt rock station) was killing it tonight. Finished the last interval to No Doubt’s Don’t Speak which is an underrated, dramatic, running song. Sedona and Renegade and the new 21 pilots also played while I was running. My retro iPod nano with its FM tuner is clutch for training.

I really enjoyed tonight’s speedwork, which was a much needed reminder of just how much I like these workouts.


Wahoo! I did 6 miles without taking any walk breaks :) Finally getting back to where I was before my sprained ankle. Splits are all over the place and Garmin lost me during mile 5, so I actually ran more than 6 miles but I couldn’t stop until the watch said it. Now I’m all stretched out (feels sooo good) and ready for bed! We didn’t start running until 7:30 so it is a late night for us!

Got up at 5am, snoozed for about 20 mins then got out and broke my 10k PB. Not bad for a Wednesday morning! #garmin

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I beat the storm and got my 5 mile pace run in! My legs felt a lot better today the yesterday and didn’t run out of steam till the last half mile.

-Dogs spotted: 3!
-I have not had a really good body image week because I feel like I’m retaining a lot of water and just got pudge everywhere…so I put on my spanks. I can’t just wear my spanks when I’m having a good body image day I got to push myself to wear them when I’m not. Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.
-Rant: 4 guys in a workers truck started honking at crazy at me when they drove by. It pissed me off. Yes my lower half is thicker and I’m wearing spanks so obviously my thighs aren’t tamed. Don’t sexualize me sweating my butt off doing my run. That won’t make me feel better and get turned on…it just makes me really mad. Guys are legit idiots.
-Post run noms: Strawberry and raspberry smoothie.


The ADA Memorial 9K. It went pretty good… I started out way too fast for my first race since May. I did too much walking in mile 4, but was at least able to get my speed back up a little on the last mile. Overall, a great race. It felt good to run hard for once. We both would have placed in our age group but they only did top overall 3 for the 9K (there where probably no more 20 of us running the 9K). I think I was the 4th or 5th woman. Taylor was like 8th. And Taylor found a barefoot friend :) Always cool to see more than 1 out there! (& that is a .6 warmup. We were late so we couldn’t fit in a full mile.) No for food!! Also, I need to really get back into the habit of taking my vitamins. I keep having bruises pop up and I don’t bruise easily, so I may have low iron?

4 miles done and dusted. We leave in exactly 4 weeks! Holy crap! I’m also woefully undertrained for this marathon. Oh well. I know I’ll do good the first 16 miles. It’s that next 10.2 that makes me nervous. But any time is a PR ;) This run felt pretty good. Almost negative splits, again :) Still not 100% enjoying running yet. Think I need to get on some new headphones so I can listen to music again.

Sometimes investing in your #fitness future means buying electronics. #powerbeats #bydre #garmin #forerunner15 I will always be partial to my #Fitbit though.

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