garmin map


No dog park in two days. It’s not like Ella can’t run in the back yard but then she doesn’t have an audience she feels she deserves. That dog was going a little nuts.

The temperature cracked zero this afternoon so we went to the park. She a lot of pent up energy. I put my Garmin on her collar to see how fast she would run. Max speed = 16.0 MPH

At the park the wind was blowing pretty hard. The skin on my nose started to really hurt, like I might be getting frostbite. We left after 20 minutes.

The Garmin map at the top looks like one of those times when someone ran between tall buildings and the GPS signal got messed up. I assure you Ella was in a wide open field.

All those zigs and zags, that was just her chasing or being chased by other dogs. Despite the bitter windchill a bunch of people and dogs showed up.

We also saw a double rainbow.

[Edit - Thanks to the people who told me the correct name for what I called a rainbow. Those are sun dogs.]