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5 | You’ll Never Walk Alone



series warnings: mature themes, strong language, violence, substance abuse, eventual smut. this chapter contains graphic content such as semi non-con, burns and the slightest suggestive smut

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“I’m not waiting outside.” Taehyung commented, being unreasonable.

The two of you were shopping in the heart of Seoul, you needed more clothes and general bits and pieces if you were expected to live with him and the others at the manor house. You’d told Jin that you wanted to go shopping for skincare products and other necessities, knowing he would instantly understand and take you. Unfortunately for you Jin was with Jimin all day, meaning somebody else had to play bodyguard.

“You’re not coming in with me!” You whisper-shouted, not wanting to cause a scene. “I don’t want you to see my underwear.” You explained, the two of you stood arguing outside an expensive lingerie store.

“Technically it’s not your underwear.” He protested, his large feline eyes rolling heavenward at your complaints. “You’re not going in alone.”

Yes I am.” You spat, handing him your other shopping bags as you stormed into the gorgeous floral scented shop. Suddenly a large hand grabbed onto yours, tugging you back until you crashed against something hard and unyielding. Snapping your head up you were met with the boxy smile of Taehyung, his brows wiggling animatedly as he stared down at you.

What are you doing?!” You tried to tear your hand away from his but it was useless, his grip was like that of a bear trap. You looked to his other hand, where he held five heavy shopping bags effortlessly in his giant palm, how was that even possible?

“Hi, yes-, hello.” Taehyung cooed at the slender sales assistant you hadn’t even noticed approaching you, disappointment washed over her delicate features as her eyes eventually landed on yours and Taehyung’s entwined fingers.
“My girlfriend needs some lingerie, is anybody available?”

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probably never to be finished Rinch fic


It starts as a game. Finch has remained decisively close-mouthed when it comes to anything personal, even down to how much he is worth, and it grates a little. John decides it’s the principle of the thing - it’s customary, polite even, to allow an equal exchange of information in a relationship; Finch knows literally everything about practically everyone, and this is therefore only fair.

He begins with a bang. Considering John Wiley’s worth is well over a hundred million, and considering Wiley is only one of a number of identities Finch maintains, spending less than a million on anything seems like Finch will consider it pocket change. And John’s always been partial to a Porsche.

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veni vidi visa

“Every year, I hold out hope that I will magically get taller and be able to rock a maxi dress.” Emilia sighed, turning her wry smile on her friend as she reluctantly hung the fuchsia and teal garment back on the rail. They’d been happily shopping and chatting for a few hours, as evidenced by the number of bags that currently adorned Emilia’s arms, and she had to admit that she had sorely missed the simplicity of a little retail therapy with a good friend. “Have you found anything you like?” She asked as she rounded the racks and came to check on Natalie’s progress. She caught a glimpse of a lingering figure out of the corner of her eye and shot them a surreptitious glance. All day she had seen curious eyes hungrily following Natalie through every boutique and street they had visited. It was strange to her and yet, it also made sense; she supposed a person couldn’t really look like that and not draw stares wherever they went.