A belated birthday cute for @wyrd66! Radon the garmair and his two hawken, Sunny and Dances, meet Dahlia.

Dances and Sunny may be thinking to one another: “That’s a strange looking Hawken…”

Wyrd, you’re one of the people who inspires me with your own wonderful works and characters to keep working on my own headworld stuff that I might have otherwise given up on. HUGS. <3


Doing some doodles of Wyrd’s Radon with his mob of hawken! And since it’s her birthday, I thought I’d share here!

I had a silly idea earlier today that involved Sorstan sharing the interest in all things BURD with Radon. They’re both serious, and quiet (Radon’s a mute) so I think they’d get along decently enough. (*gasp* smiles?)

Getting a sense of scale with all of these differently sized critters is hard. Radon is 6’ 9" without his ears, Sorstan stands 5’ 1" at the shoulders when on all fours, and we’ve got a large range of bird sizes. This is totally something I need to do more of, not even joking.

Aaaaah bird faces! And bird expressions! I must draw MOAR!