garlic tomatoes

Before baking, this is my ratatouille 🤗 it has eggplant, sliced portabello mushrooms, tomatoes, sweet onions and on each piece of eggplant, i spread zengarry sun dried tomato and basil cashew cheese. On the bottom i spread out a thick layer of portabello mushroom tomato sauce and mixed in some chopped spinach for some extra nutritional value. Then i topped it all with basil, oregano, parsely, garlic powder (i used a sieve to get a more dusty appearance), salt and pepper 😍😋

Lunch from the other day-black rice, broccolini, sweet purple and yellow kumara, beets, corn, cherry tomatoes, garlic roasted mushrooms and green capsicum, served on a bed of green and purple kale and baby spinach 😍😋

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