garlic fart

I posted this to twitter, but I’ll do it here too:

I saw a couple of people theorizing that Misha was so drunk last night he fell on his face and made up the mugging story to cover it up. I can believe Misha falling on his face while drunk. But lying to cover it up??

I’d like to remind you of some of the things Misha has admitted to rooms full of adoring fans with high expectations:

Being gassy from minced garlic and having farts so noxious that the man behind him on and airplane lost consciousness… twice.

Playing Paul Bernardo in Karla and spending so much time in that man’s headspace that he started having dreams as Paul and caught himself leering at underage girls. (eta: the point being that while they were filming, Paul got in his head, messed with how he saw things, not that Misha was going to start creeping on minors ffs)

Going to a Santa convention, getting drunk, and pissing himself in a Santa costume because he couldn’t get out of it in time.

Tripping on acid at Burning Man and freaking out so badly his father had to sing him to sleep.

He has snuck into countries he shouldn’t have been in, lied about his qualifications in order to help people in a hospital, and been covered in baby poop. He was breastfed until he was six. We know all these arguably embarrassing things because he told us.

So, I think it’s fair to say that if Misha fell on his fucking face while drunk, he would have told us all about it… and not made up such a big story.