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What is the garlic bread au???

i think of this goddamn au everytime i even SEE garlic bread smh.

Basically it started with me and sven joking about what if Lance had a nightmare about never being able to eat garlic bread again and woke up in a cold sweat and calls Keith at like, 4 am before hanging up and calling Hunk for more sympathy and leaves Keith filled with rage and hunger for garlic bread for hours and he loses sleep over it.
The most memorable things about this au though, is that somehow we got to where Pidge eats garlic bread with peanut butter on top and threatens to eat it in front of people to get what she wants (((the threat doesnt phase Keith because lbr he probably eats weird food combos too))) ((Shiro and Matt are unfazed due to exposure of Keith and Pidges Nasty eating habits)).

anyways thats the garlic bread au and why every time i see garlic bread i think of peanut butter and pidge.

I understand the grumpy vampire trope bc they can’t eat garlic bread and like imagine having to exist on this hell planet for all of eternity and not being able to turn to garlic bread in times of emotional despair?? binch I would be grumpy too!!

i’ve been in the lib for just around 14 hrs now and i would actually kill a man for some garlic bread rn but 1) i’m not done studying, and 2) i don’t have garlic bread money.

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Bit of background: I have coeliacs disease and usually I have 'selective' coeliacs wherein I ignore my condition to eat The Thing anyway because fuck my body, it doesn't control me. So, TIFP when I turned down garlic bread, my all time favourite thing, because I knew that the painful consequences weren't worth a few seconds of rebellion. I did the same thing yesterday with doughnuts. I've been diagnosed for a year and it's still hard to accept it, but it's getting a little easier.

Hey I can imagine that’s really difficult- food is such a big part of our lives!! You are doing a great job!!!

On the debate surrounding Le Garlic BreadGate.

Me: (looks on as other fangirls/fanboys hotly debate the magnificence that is Guy-Man and his garlic breadness.)

Also Me: (Stands up on nearby roof calmly looking on and watches happy chaos unfold below me. I’m leaning forward and staring down at it all, ninjato strapped to my back. I sip some tea nonchalantly.)

Me: “I’m okay with this.” *turns and leaps away across the rooftops into the afternoon sun*


Djehuty (Thoth)

Egyptian God associated with writing, language, magic, wisdom, justice, order, and the moon.

His symbols are :



There are two main theories for the origin of Djehuty(Thoth), one being that he was self created, and the other being that he was the product of Horus’s seed being ingested by Set and then Djehuty was “birthed” out of Set’s forehead.

Possible offerings:



-I heard someone gave him garlic bread one time and he accepted so probably food.

-I’d imagine little bits of literature would please him.

So I don’t know if you know this but I actually love to cook and I’m not actually too bad at it I’ll try my hand at anything from simple breakfast pancakes to things like pasta and garlic bread and 9/10 times it comes out pretty good even if it’s my first time making something:

So when I saw this I was like “I’ve never made those before but those seem like simple instructions!” so I… you know, I gave it a shot. I mean I’m not some fucking amazing cook or some shit but I can make food easily enough most of the time.

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Too Hot, for SoMa Week Day 4: Dragons

[Day 1: Latin Jazz] [Day 2: Cocoon] [Day 3: Hella] [Day 4: Too Hot] [Day 5: Purgatory] [Day 6: Undamaged]  [Day 7: A Beat]

This was inspired by the complete lack of ideas for this prompt, volleyball games I’ve played, and a desire to write a fluffy-ish college au because I absolutely love those, and procrastination. And of course, “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars.

When Maka Albarn meets Soul Evans, he’s snarling by himself to no one in particular and emanating a don’t-look-at-me vibe, but she decides that his eyes are too dreamy to admire from afar and soon she’s crossing the gymnasium and dropping down beside him, folding her legs and grinning.

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dondesoliamosgritar answered to your post “Prompt me?”

oh my god yes, you’re taking prompts! okaaay soo, after all the comic con boom, what about a fic about the date, pre-date, date, post-date?

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Your take of Oliver/Felicity raw discussion o/

Two tennis balls, one arrow. Borrowing heavily from thecatbastet’s meta on this subject, here goes:



“There are things I haven’t told you,” Oliver says haltingly over garlic bread. “About the time I was away.”

She nods. “I know.”

The puzzle pieces were always there. He obviously did not learn urban parkour in the wilderness, nor did the birds teach him to pilot a plane. The Bratva did not induct him as a captain via Skype call to Lian Yu, and Amanda Waller did not make his acquaintance at the beach. Of course Felicity put them together; he expected her to.

But, no, she does not know.

“I’d like to hear them, when you’re ready,” she says. “I mean, not ‘like to’ as in ‘enjoy,’ because I have a feeling these are not happy fun stories. But you can tell me, if you want to.”

The only way to get through this with her trust intact is to lay it all on the table. If he speaks in half-truths now, he’ll ruin this. “I don’t want to,” he says, a little more hoarsely than he’d like. “It’s selfish, but the way you look at me…”

She’s doing it now, without even her glasses to mute the effect. He wants so badly to live up to that look.

“I think that if I told you these things, you wouldn’t look at me that way anymore.”

She reaches across the table for his hand. “Well, then, you’re a dummy.”

Then the bomb goes off.

The universe flies into a million pieces, and when it reforms, it’s been put back together wrong. All wrong. He’s supposed to bleed on the med table, not her.

When she’s stable, he picks up the bow.

“Where are you going?” Dig says.

“They do not get away with this.”

Four men try to stop him getting to the one responsible. Four men’s deaths are announced on the nightly news. They were found with custom-made green arrows lodged in their throats.

When Oliver comes back to the foundry, blood spattered across his leathers, Felicity is sitting up on the med table. Her face is clean of blood, and she’s drowning in one of Dig’s shirts.

She looks at him different.

Dig’s arms are crossed, but it’s not condemnation, exactly. “I’ll give you two a minute.”

Oliver can hardly meet her eyes.

“I can’t be your exception,” she whispers, shivering under the gray blanket. “Oliver, I can’t.”

“I killed people for Waller in Hong Kong,” he grits out. “Not bad people, just… people.  I snapped a man’s neck to be inducted into the Bratva. I killed people for seeing things I couldn’t afford for them to have seen.”

She nods, eyes filling with tears. “You’re not that man anymore.”

“Tonight I was.” And the hell of it is, he’s not even sorry. If she’s bleeding on a table, he’ll be whoever he has to be. Honestly he’s terrified by the things he can imagine himself doing in her name, by the echo of his own self-righteous lecture to Slade.

“The new guy – the one I’m in love with – he doesn’t pick up that bow to punish the guilty. He does it to protect the innocent.”

He closes his eyes. Back in May she risked her life to keep his hands clean. He’s not sorry, but he is ashamed.

On her next blink, one tear spills over and runs down her cheek. “Oliver?”

He looks at her split lip, and then he meets her eyes. “You know I meant what I said that night.”

“Yeah.” She smiles, fragile and watery. “I kind of thought you might have.”

He’s a coward if he doesn’t say it now. “I love you.”

Her breath leaves her in a rush – half delighted laughter, half resigned sob.

“But I don’t know that I’ll ever be the man you think I am.” Right this second, if he closes the distance and holds her the way he wants to, someone else’s blood will stain her shirt. He’s not usually given to metaphor, but this one hits him hard. “Maybe it’s better if we don’t do this.”

Every time he expects shock, all he gets is another patient nod. Two more tears slip down. “Maybe it’s better.”

The night ends almost exactly the way he envisioned while he was re-tying his tie for the third time this afternoon. He drives Felicity home, opens the car door for her, and walks her up the steps of her town house.

He doesn’t kiss her on her doorstep.


The "Getting Rid of Bread and Garlic and Butter (and Possibly Cheese)" Garlic Bread

Isn’t it a great title?

Anyway, I was sitting here pulling an all-nighter, and I got hungry, so I decided to make a snack. A text post on my dash made me crave garlic bread around the same time, so I decided to get rid of all my stale bread, garlic, and cheese lying around. Let me tell you: it was the best decision I’ve made in the 20 years of my life.


- Sliced white bread (I used 6…oops)

- 2 cloves of garlic

- ¼ stick of butter

- Pinch of salt

- Knife (to spread), Spoon (to mix), Oven, Foil

- Shredded cheddar (optional!)

[These are the ingredients I used, but the point of this snack was to use up whatever was left, so I’m sure it wouldn’t be too different if it was a different kind of bread, a little more or less of each ingredient, or a different kind of cheese. Don’t be afraid to throw whatever you want in there! Some tomato slices would be so good on these, if you’ve got them handy!]

I put the butter in the microwave for 15 seconds, which gave me some very very soft but not completely melted butter. I put the garlic in a garlic press, then combined that with the butter and added some salt. I used the back of the spoon to mix them all together, and then spread it on the slices evenly. I put the slices on a sheet of foil and carefully placed it into the oven - be very careful! I used a wooden spatula to help me put some of the slices onto the foil once it was in there. I broiled them at 425F for about 20 minutes, and took some out. I put some cheddar on the rest and left it for a few more minutes to melt the cheese - those turned out super crunchy! If using cheese, though, you might wanna leave out the salt.

This can be made with vegan butter to be vegan and dairy free, and made with gluten-free bread to be…gluten-free!