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a mix of r&b songs in both english and korean

Give it to me - Crush | Ride - SOMO | All the time - Jeremih | Welcome - Jay Park | Don’t Tell Nobody - Tink | Ride me - Jay Park | They don’t know - Rico Love | Sex therapy - Crucial Star | Body talk - JDOQ & CHEDDA | Hold me tight - LOCO | Body & soul - B.A.P | Before You Go - TVXQ | Motel Pool - Travis Garland | 24 Hours- Sunmi | I Like - Jeremih | One Way Love - Hyorin | ThimSlick - LiveLikeDavis | Paint - Travis Garland | Body Party - Ciara | Sweet Love - Chris Brown | Hug Me - Crush | Or Nah - The Weeknd | Own It - Drake | Skin - Rihanna | Adorn - Miguel | Thinking About You - Jhameel | Confessions [Interlude 2] - August Alsina | Mine Tonight - Primary | Backseat - JYJ | Baby Oh Baby - Hoody | Body Language - San E | Often - The Weeknd | Sofa - Crush | I’ll Make Love To You - SOMO | It Won’t Stop - Sevyn Streeter | Silver Sonata - Gaeko | No Need To Talk - C-LUV | Zzom - VEN | Body Work - C-LUV |

The Best Christmas Ever || l.h.

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A/N: So I was apart of this really cool Secret Santa thing @cliffovevo and @cliffwoes decided to do last month. This piece is for the lovely Emma aka @lukenut who I love very much. I hope she loves it. With that said it’s written in third person with Emma as the MC so keep that in mind while reading it! 

Emma I hope you love this! 

December 1st meant on thing in the Hemmings house…Christmas. But with three young Hemmings boys Christmas wasn’t what Luke and Emma were used to anymore. Long gone were the days of leisurely decorating the house, making sure every light and piece of holly was secured in the right spot. Now, Christmas ripped through their house like a hurricane in the Atlantic.

“Dad says I get to help him put the lights on the house this year,” Luke Jr, their eldest said.

“Did he now?” Emma asked, glaring at her husband across the table.  Usually, decorating the outside of the house meant she was Luke’s right hand women but with a nearly five month old baby growing in her belly, Luke refused her help.

“Don’t worry babe, he’s just going to hold the ladder so I don’t fall off,” Luke said. “You know, like last year.”

She scoffed. “That was your own fault. You’re the one who tangled the light strand to your leg.”

“Mommy, can me and Sam help you decorate?” Oliver, their middle son, asked.

“Of course!”

After breakfast the five of them split up. Luke and his mini me son, excused themselves to the front yard where Luke yelled swears into the air while his son snickered at his father’s failed attempts at stapling the string of lights to the roof. Meanwhile, Oliver and Sam helped Emma hang stockings by the fireplace and wrap garland around the staircase.

After an hour or two of decorating, they all took a break. Emma got the boys settled with hot chocolate and The Santa Clause movie. Meanwhile, Luke busied himself hiding a strand of mistletoe in its first place of the holiday season. It was a tradition, of sorts, for Luke to move the mistletoe every day suckering Emma into kissing him under the worn fake plant.

“Gotcha,” he said, pulling her towards him as she entered the kitchen. His lips hovered over hers, eyes looking up to the ceiling. “Mistletoe,” he whispered, connecting their lips.

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