garland of hours


now it’s just you and me in the dark 

Number five. Inspired by “Motel Pool” by Travis Garland. Take a listen while you read. As always, find more of Teyana and Niall here.

It’s been a hell of a week.

Teyana’s been working a string of long shifts at the bookstore for the past several days, and those shifts have seemed to bring in a rainbow of clientele—terribly sweet but indecisive old ladies who she essentially ended up giving a tour of the whole bookstore, irate college students in summer school who wanted to place the blame on her for the texts they’d procrastinated on purchasing and were now out of stock, dudes tapping on the front display window while she was restocking shelves who found it charming to point at her ass and give her a thumbs-up.

She’s been soldiering through, a half hour left in her final shift before a blessed couple of days off (as a thank you from her boss), and then a small child belonging to a parent too engrossed in their cell phone screen to pay attention manages to take down an entire display of Mo Willems books in ten seconds flat. 

Teyana wants to scream.

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The Best Christmas Ever || l.h.

WC: 4.5K+

A/N: So I was apart of this really cool Secret Santa thing @cliffovevo and @cliffwoes decided to do last month. This piece is for the lovely Emma aka @lukenut who I love very much. I hope she loves it. With that said it’s written in third person with Emma as the MC so keep that in mind while reading it! 

Emma I hope you love this! 

December 1st meant on thing in the Hemmings house…Christmas. But with three young Hemmings boys Christmas wasn’t what Luke and Emma were used to anymore. Long gone were the days of leisurely decorating the house, making sure every light and piece of holly was secured in the right spot. Now, Christmas ripped through their house like a hurricane in the Atlantic.

“Dad says I get to help him put the lights on the house this year,” Luke Jr, their eldest said.

“Did he now?” Emma asked, glaring at her husband across the table.  Usually, decorating the outside of the house meant she was Luke’s right hand women but with a nearly five month old baby growing in her belly, Luke refused her help.

“Don’t worry babe, he’s just going to hold the ladder so I don’t fall off,” Luke said. “You know, like last year.”

She scoffed. “That was your own fault. You’re the one who tangled the light strand to your leg.”

“Mommy, can me and Sam help you decorate?” Oliver, their middle son, asked.

“Of course!”

After breakfast the five of them split up. Luke and his mini me son, excused themselves to the front yard where Luke yelled swears into the air while his son snickered at his father’s failed attempts at stapling the string of lights to the roof. Meanwhile, Oliver and Sam helped Emma hang stockings by the fireplace and wrap garland around the staircase.

After an hour or two of decorating, they all took a break. Emma got the boys settled with hot chocolate and The Santa Clause movie. Meanwhile, Luke busied himself hiding a strand of mistletoe in its first place of the holiday season. It was a tradition, of sorts, for Luke to move the mistletoe every day suckering Emma into kissing him under the worn fake plant.

“Gotcha,” he said, pulling her towards him as she entered the kitchen. His lips hovered over hers, eyes looking up to the ceiling. “Mistletoe,” he whispered, connecting their lips.

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New Beginnings

Part of the 5 Years Later Series (x)

Warnings: None

A/N: Characters from the potterverse belong to JK Rowling

Special thanks to @karabellat  for helping me write out these last few chapters and her help when words seemed to fail me. 

After a year of writers block, the story is finally over 

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The weeks that followed your breakup with Elliot were far more eventful than you had anticipated. A few days following your move into the Burrow Angelina went into labor and delivered a healthy baby boy. You’d never seen George more nervous aside from the day he negotiated the price for the shop, and once his son was born, a sense of calm washed over him. He was so happy to have his brother back in this moment that he nearly burst into tears with pure joy.

Despite Mrs. Weasley’s insistence that you stayed at the burrow, you were on the lookout for a new place. After visiting George’s son one afternoon, you spotted the tiny apartment out of the corner of your eye and you knew that that was the one. You lucked out that it was right in your budget and the commute to work wouldn’t be much longer than your previous flat. After moving all your belongings to your new place, you still felt that it was missing something to make it feel like home. After a few failed decorating attempts, you realized just what it was, Fred. Upon revealing this revelation to him, he was a bit reluctant to believe you actually wanted him to live with you. The two of you hadn’t defined what you were but it was certainly more than just friendship.

Now as you began filling the home you shared with decorations for your New Year celebration you couldn’t imagine life without Fred. The two of you had come so far together and the idea of not having him in your life was unthinkable. As you reminisced on all that happened this year, you felt warm arms wrap around you bringing you back to the present,

“What’s on your mind baby? You’ve been standing there holding that garland for hours, and I couldn’t help but be concerned.”

“I was just thinking about the year and everything that’s changed, how we’ve both changed so much,” you confessed and turned around so you could face him. “I’ve gone from loathing you to loving you again in a little under a year, it’s a whirlwind of emotions to say the least.”

“If I could’ve made your emotions toward me be only love not hate I would’ve, but we’re together now and that’s what matters. I just can’t believe that after all that time you were able to forgive me,” Fred breathed placing a kiss on your cheek. You knew that he was still feeling guilty over the years spent away from you and though you’d come to terms with it, you couldn’t make Fred be ok. He’d have to arrive there in his own time.

“We do crazy things when we’re in love don’t we? But as Albus once said, it does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live,” you smiled cupping his cheek. “Come on, help me put up this garland tall man before our guests-“

There was a knock at the door signaling your guests arrival and all hope of putting the banner up was lost.

“You go get the door, I’ll finish outing this up?” Fred grinned and moved to hang the banner.

You went to get the door and all your adoptive family was there ready to celebrate the coming of the new year. Fred and Angelina managed to make their way out of the house and as relatively new parents that was no small feat. Hermione looked almost anxious, clearly she’d wondered if they would make it to the party on time with all the tasks she did at work. Mrs. Weasley was eager to assist in any way she could, especially when it came to finishing up the appetizers that were still cooking in the kitchen. However out of all your guest, Ginny’s expression surprised you the most. Ginny was grinning at you, a smile that signaled mischievous things to come in the hours that remained.  You didn’t want to ask what she was planning and decided you’d avoid that topic for as long as you could.

A few hours later the party was in full swing; everyone had relaxed after a few drinks and snacks. Fred was standing on the outskirts of the party talking intently with George, probably about business. You were trying to maintain a conversation with Hermione and Ginny, but your eyes kept returning to Fred silently asking him to forget work and talk to you.

“Honestly Y/N if you want to talk to your boyfriend so much why don’t you just ask him to come over instead of trying to tell him with your eyes,” Ginny teased. “People genuinely don’t like to be stared at.”

“I know I should but he looks like he’s talking about something more important than memories of the past year,” you frowned. “He’s been taking time off to spend it with me ,and I’m sure George wants an update on the store.”

“Well you should go get him because it’s coming down to the last minutes of the new year,” Hermione sang. You decided to listen to your friends’ advice and go stand by Fred for the last few minutes of the year. When you arrived Fred was looking at you expectantly, beaming.

“Come to steal me away for the last moments of the year? Well good thinking because if you hadn’t I wouldn’t remember to set up our fireworks show for the big event. Want to help me out?”

You nodded and quickly followed Fred out the door to your backyard where the fireworks lay scattered on the table. There wasn’t much to left to set up but who knew if Fred was considering adding more fireworks.

“Do you remember when we started coming up with these fireworks? You were the one who discovered the missing ingredient to make our first batch of whiz-bangs. All the other batches were lackluster but you, you suggested the ingredient that changed everything. I think it was in that moment I started to like you as more than a friend,” Fred confessed, his cheeks turning slightly pink. “It’s not the most romantic way to start developing feelings for someone, but I just couldn’t help but like a girl who loved mayhem as much as I did.”

“I do like causing mischief but Fred what’s this all about? Do you need my help with a new product for next year?” you asked.
“No, that’s not it. I wanted to ask you if you were willing to make new memories with me this upcoming year. I want this new year to only be filled with happiness, no more darkness. I want to make you laugh and have the only tears you shed be from laughter. I want to start living in the present and future and try not to dwell on the past. That’s why I need you Y/N, I need you to be in my life five months from now, five years from now, and hundreds of years more,” Fred moved to kneel in front of you, his hand reaching into his back pocket. You couldn’t believe that this was actually happening. “Will you take me to be your husband flaws and all?”

You couldn’t speak. You were surprised, that the man you’d always wanted and yearned for all these years was asking you to marry him. This was all you could hope for; this was how you wanted to begin your new year together with Fred. You nodded quickly and when he stood to place the ring on your finger you hugged him tightly causing him to nearly drop the ring in the process. Once the ring was on your finger you kissed him with the fire of a thousand suns. Fred was yours and you were his. Two people became one. Love conquered all, and you wanted to stay lost in his lips forever.

The sound of cheers melded together with the whizzing from the fireworks. In this moment you had everything you could want for the perfect start of a new year and the closure of the past.