FFIX Week Day 1 → Favorite character(s) or relationship

kuja is one of my favorite characters ever and his interactions with garland give me l i f e (winks at sezja )

kuja’s such a gorgeous, sinister, interesting villain and watching him stride through the story leaving this trail of chaos is so fascinating to watch; i love how he communicates with people, how he does the horrible things he does, how he carries himself, how he talks, and he’s just so damn pretty

i’ve always loved the terrible ‘only wants your approval - secretly approving but refuses to say it’ relationship between him and garland, it’s so interesting to see it develop and shatter in-game. they’re both so absorbed in theirselves and their plans that everything can only lead to disaster ; u;


Islamophobia rears its ugly head after the Garland shooting

Two men were shot and killed in Garland, Texas, Sunday evening after they opened fire outside the “Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest” at the Curtis Culwell Center. The event, organized by the American Freedom Defense Initiative (also referred to as Stop Islamization of America), showcased approximately 350 drawings of the Prophet Muhammad, a practice considered highly blasphemous in Islam. The identity of one suspect didn’t stop the flurry of tweets.


Happy Independence Day to all of our friends from the U.S.A.!

We know our country isn’t perfect, but today we celebrate all the good things about these United States!