“…Sucha Singh, tomorrow is Gurpurb. Tomorrow I’ll bring you kadha prasad (halwa)…”

“Yes, yes…”

The bus left. Balo was engulfed in the dust from its wheels. When the dust cleared, she wiped her eyes with the edge of her scarf and looked on at the red light of the bus until it disappeared from her sight.

[by Mohan Rakesh]

उसकी रोटी
Uski Roti (1969)

laadgovernorjalebis  asked:

Hi PS ;) in episode 257(?) when Nani and Anjali give Khushi tickets for London- she comes back and lies that Garima and Shashi said it wasn't the right time or something, do you have any idea what she meant? Like I never understood what her excuse was to Nani and Anjali why she didn't go to London and then Anjali said she believes in all that too or something - but what are they even talking about?? Thanks :D

Hi @laadgovernorjalebis :)

Khushi said that it was an inauspicious time for her travel. She was playing on Anjali’s deep belief in things like this.

In Episode 135, for example, Anjali asked her to refrain from telling Payal they were coming with Aakash’s rishta because it was an inauspicious time of day (rahukaalam). According to Hindu Vedic astrology, Rahu is a certain time of day that is considered inauspicious, when starting new ventures is particularly discouraged.

So in Episode 257 Khushi fabricated an excuse about it being inauspicious for her to travel and claimed Garima said she couldn’t travel for a week.

TRICKSTER WEEK; day seven: south asian

Hanuman is a Hindu god and an ardent devotee of Rama. He is a central character in the Indian epic Ramayana and its various versions. Hanuman was mischievous in his childhood, and sometimes teased the meditating sages in the forests by snatching their personal belongings and by disturbing their well-arranged articles of worship. Hanuman when he was young once looked at the Sun and thought it was a ripe mango and flew towards it to eat it. Finding his antics unbearable, but realizing that Hanuman was but a child, (albeit invincible), the sages placed a mild curse on him by which he became unable to remember his own ability unless reminded by another person. In the Ramayana Hanuman changes shape several times. For example, while he searches for the kidnapped Sita in Ravana’s palaces on Lanka, he contracts himself to the size of a cat, so that he will not be detected by the enemy. Later on, he takes on the size of a mountain, blazing with radiance, to show his true power to Sita. Also he enlarges & immediately afterwards contracts his body to out-wit Surasa, the she-demon, who blocked his path while crossing the sea to reach Lanka. Again, he turns his body microscopically small to enter Lanka before killing Lankini, the she-demon guarding the gates of Lanka. He achieved this shape-shifting by the powers of two siddhis; Anima and Garima bestowed upon him in his childhood by Sun-God, Surya.

(From Hindu mythology)

ayyashi  asked:

Hi! I was always curious why garima/madhumati treated khushi more harshly than payal in some situations. Because i thought that at least garima might be a little wary of payal too, cause payal isn't her child either (right??? I thought that payal was from shashi's previous marriage) i guess what im asking is whats your take on the differences in which khushi vs payal were treated by their family??? I've been wanting to ask for a while!

Hey @ayyashi :)

Payal was introduced as Shashi and Garima’s daughter, and it was only during the Dadi track that it was changed so she was his daughter from an earlier marriage. I think the inconsistency is mostly due to changes made so that Payal’s legitimacy as Shashi’s daughter wasn’t in question (that is, so that the revelation that Garima was Arnav’s father’s mistress didn’t mean that she could have been Arnav and Anjali’s half sister).

However, if we pretend that Payal was always Shashi’s daughter from a previous marriage then Garima and Madhumati’s treatment of Khushi takes on another dimension.

Madhumati, as Shashi’s sister, would probably always see his daughter as a part of her family. They still share blood. In contrast, Madhumati doesn’t seem to see Khushi as part of her family, with Khushi being Shashi’s wife’s (Garima’s) sister’s daughter.

Garima would’ve known about Payal before she was married to Shashi, and probably thought of Payal as her own. Or at the very least, she knew that Payal came part-and-parcel with Shashi. With the scandal surrounding her and Arnav’s father, Garima may have needed to get married pretty quickly. She went into that situation with her eyes wide open, whereas she sort of had raising her sister’s daughter thrust upon when she may have not been ready for it. She may have started resenting Khushi a little bit.

Ultimately, I feel Madhumati didn’t see Khushi as her family in the beginning, and I think Garima sort of expected Khushi to be more like Payal (sedate, obedient, sacrificial) because she hadn’t been ready to raise two daughters instead of one and may have resented her a tiny little bit.


Happy Birthday Garima <3

Ohh well can i say first SUPRISE SUPRISE!! :P and happy birthday i hope all your dreams come true and may you succeed in everything you wanna do. Have a blast on your bday enjoy it and eat lots of cakes :P 
And yeah i know we just met each other and started to talk with other but what i can say is your really awsome and sweeeeeet girll and you know i love you okay? hehe :P have funn and sorry for this ugly gifset i made :p lol w/e once again HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYY <3!! 

Wedding Prep Day 6!


I know that after yesterday, a lot of people were actually considering holding back on future episodes for a while, including myself. But I’m glad that I watched today’s.

Honestly speaking, I’m actually glad Shyam’s back. As much as I loved all the Rabba Ve moments, they were starting to get a little bit overrated! And, I was actually starting to tire of all the routine twists and turns. Basically, the show started getting a little bit too predictable for my taste.

Ok so, let’s start from the beginning! Khushi eats a whole plate of jalebis as usual! And, for once in her lifetime, she actually ignores Arnav’s phone…if only it were Arnav calling. I laughed like crazy when she tried acting like Buaji over the phone! Does the girl not know that caller ID exists?

No Khushi! Don’t give in yet! Play hard to get! No no…I’m only joking. I truly do understand Arnav’s anger with Khushi - totally with Arnav on this one! I actually ended up skipping yesterday’s episode because, I couldn’t fathom the idea that Khushi somehow saw past everything, and brought Shyam back. I understand that she was trying to help Anjali but, she knows, better than anyone else at RM, what this guy is capable of.

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Wedding Prep Day 4

Sorry for the late post you guys. I just finished a shift and I literally ran down to Chapters to pick up my copy of Night by Elie Wiesel - so EXCITED. (More on that later!) 

Ok so the only difference with today’s episode is that we actually got to see Anjali talking to Shyam. I mean, we all knew that’s who she was secretly meeting anyway. But, what kinda sorta gets to me is the fact that Anjali went all crazy and hounded on Arnav, for the exact same thing she’s doing now.

She stuck pins into her bro for allegedly going behind her back but, what about now? I don’t think I’m angry at her for using her fragility as manipulation, cause she’s been doing that from the start. However, I do feel disappointed. In my head, she was supposed to be the glue that kept everyone together and someone who could smooth things over… 

And what on Earth could Shyam have possibly said that she ended up forgetting practically everything he’s done? He kidnapped her brother, tried to marry Khushi and steal her fortune! DA HELL?!
So that’s basically all I have to say about that - other than the fact that I thought Daljeet looked totally gorgeous today!

Holy crap! Abhaas cleaned up good! Definitely like the clean-shaven look on him, more so than the stubble. It actually makes him look a lot younger. But as Shyam, boy does he piss  me off! “Have I ever lied to you?” YES! YES YOU HAVE! YOU SNAKE!

Again, we had the whole Dadi vs. Garima hide-and-seek game going on, and it was obvious that Garima would disappear just in the nick of time. I doubt Garima’s past would be revealed any time soon. Although, I’m kinda annoyed with the precap because if she’s actually packing up and leaving, that in my eyes would be ultimate betrayal right there. I honestly believe whatever Garima’s past may be, no matter how nightmarish, Khushi has the right to know. 

OH GAWRSH - Barun has his aviators on! Not everyone can pull off a sophisticated yet cool look with aviators but, Barun takes the cake. ~blush blush blush~

I just love the fact that Arnav has changed so much. From arrogant, self-absorbed jerk to sweet, caring and just plain ADORABLE! He’s not just mentally there for Khushi. Now, he’s actually physically and voluntarily sticking up for her whenever he can.

Aaaah who else loved the whole praying/secret smiling thing going on between the two?! 
Of course, Dadi has to come in and ruin a cute moment by being her 18th century, closeminded, hypocritical self. I’m just glad Arnav didn’t make a big issue out of it and ended up ignoring her instead. Rewarding, Dadi with a retort is like expecting to win a never-ending argument with a twisted version of Willy Wonka. (Yes, that’s the analogy I’m gonna use. Does it make sense? No.)

BTW can someone please write a strongly worded letter to the CVs and explain to them why Khushi’s wardrobe needs to be revamped. That salwar she was wearing in today’s episode was hideous! What happened to all her good clothes anyway?


P.S. Here’s my elephant gif. I didn’t actually know people enjoyed it. So, this is dedicated to our follower who requested it :D

P.P.S. I absolutely positively hate Kabootars - that scene threw me off for a second. They’re like rats with wings. ~shivers~


So I haven’t even watched the episode yet and I’m already on the verge of being taken to the psychiatric ward.

I JUST SAW THE SBS GUYS! JUST WWWWHHHHYYY?! Someone seriously needs to put Dadi in her place!

I really want Arnav to come and rescue Khushi - I want him to understand that Khushi can’t be punished for somehting Garima did.

Goddammit! This is more about my emotions then their’s! JUST LET ME HANG ON TO A THREAD OF SANITY CVs!

I mean, Khushi’s trust in Garima just got smashed to smithereens, god knows what’s gonna happen to Payal, the entire Raizada clan practically hate the Guptas now….oh gosh! I’m pretty much hyperventilating here! Tell me it isn’t so!