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Top ten thighs

this was a lot of fun to put togeather, if you disagree with any of these rankings, well my inbox is always open. If i missed your favorite thighs please tell me. 

10. Alex Galchenyuk is a cutie like the kind of guy your mom wants you to bring home. His thighs are the kind that cause your mom to make embarssing remarks like “i’m married not blind” 

9. sometimes Gariel Landeskog makes me want to be an Avs fan, some times his thighs make me want to be an Avs fan

8. Evgeni Malkin is the reason I stuck with hockey though the off season. it would be remiss to not give him a spot on this list 

7. I had 0 trouble find a good picture of PK Subban’s thighs, chooseing one was hard only in that they were all amazing

6. okay this is probably the most contriversial placement of all so feel free to come tell me how wrong I am in my inbox. #hockeythighdiscource but I conceded that Sidney Crosby has the best Hockey ass 

5. Tyler Seguin is #goals (bounus hockey butt) 

4. Sorry Connor McDavid great hockey skills and being a first draft pick won’t give you the best thighs in the NHL but i’m sure there is a coralation between those things a amazing thighs

3. probably not part of most people’s top three but Patric Honqvist has some beautiful under raited thighs. 

2. almost number one Auston “big and thick down low” Matthews they don’t call him Ajuice for nothing 

1. who else but Willy Nylander you should have seen this comming. he’s the reason i love hockey thighs as much as i do 


Title: Wings

 Prompt from: Tangle.of.ivy: I’ve always been fascinated by Supernatural stories where an OC can see an angel’s wings (or all of the angels’ wings) because they are soulmates or something.  I’d like to see a romantic story with an OC who is the soulmate of either Castiel or Gabriel.  Even before they were together she liked to watch his wings as they often expressed what he was feeling more than his expression did.  They would raise in anger, wrap around her protectively when she stood by him, or flutter nervously.  Cas/Gabe is astonished when they find out she can see them.  Later she might even find out that she can actually touch the wings too.  I’ve always just dound this idea incredibly sweet, interesting, and romantic.  :)

 Summary: You thought it was normal, to see Gabriel’s wings. But it isn’t, and it means that you are special…

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 The first time you had met Gabriel, it was a little while after you’d gotten Sam back from that crazy woman of letters.  Apparently, Chuck had re-made him and pieced him back together.  Then…tasked him to watch over you and the Winchesters.

Gabriel wasn’t the first angel you had met.  There was Castiel, Balthazar, Lucifer, Metatron…But they were nothing compared to Gabriel.  One, you and Gabriel quickly became friends, enjoying each other’s company and mischievousness.  Two, and one of the big reason he was unique…you could see his wings.

You never questioned it, or even mentioned it, assuming the others could see them too.  You put it up to him being an archangel, or version 2.0.  But regardless to the reason, you adored them, and him.  

They were huge, large appendages that stretched out.  Three on each side.  They had a rich golden color that seemed to change shade depending on how the light hit them, or his mood.  

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I started translating a book I found in the Astral.

Human Communication Within the Astral: by Gariel Mays. 

I recently found a book in the astral and set about translating it. It is hard work, but intensely interesting. I do not know who the author is, but Gariel Mays is the name listed. The book seems to be a guide for using astral energy to learn to better communicate within the astral. It may be obvious for others who have been in the astral much longer, but it has been a huge help to me so far. I will include what I have transcribed so far in the read more. I have not written out all of the book, just the pieces I was able to understand. There are two sections I have read, part of the Introduction and a section of Chapter 2. I believe Chapter 1 was about the history of astral communication but it was very confusing for me so I skipped it. 

Please remember that this may not relate to most of you, since it is merely my experiences with the astral, and others may have a completely different experience. I just thought it was interesting and wanted to share. 

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(If you guys are curious to know what music I listen to while drawing Overwatch stuff, I’m creating fan mixes just for the occasion! Let’s start with my OTP!)

1. SIX FEET DEEP (a Reaper fan-mix!)

Listen here.

Volcano Woodkid // Are you ready for Me The Unknown // Back From The Dead Skillet // Deep Six Marilyn Manson // Getting Away with Murder Papa Roach // Afraid No Wyld // Battle of One 30 Seconds to Mars // Skin to Bone Linkin Park

2. MEPHISTOPHELES (a Soldier 76 fan-mix!)

Listen here.

Towers Woodkid // Let Me Know No Wyld // The Mephistopheles of Los Angeles Marilyn Manson // Running After My Fate Jean Pierre Taieb // Battle Cry Imagine Dragons // Iron Woodkid // Wrong Side of Heaven Five Finger Death Punch // Iron Man Ramin Djawadi

3. KILLIN’ STRANGERS (a Reaper76 fan-mix!)

Listen here.

Killing Strangers Marilyn Manson // Beautiful Crime Tamer // War Poets of the Fall // My Nemesis Five Finger Death Punch // Scars Papa Roach // Carnival of Rust Poets of the Fall // Final Masquerade Linkin Park // You’re going down Sick Puppies // You don’t belong Daughtry