(If you guys are curious to know what music I listen to while drawing Overwatch stuff, I’m creating fan mixes just for the occasion! Let’s start with my OTP!)

1. SIX FEET DEEP (a Reaper fan-mix!)

Listen here.

Volcano Woodkid // Are you ready for Me The Unknown // Back From The Dead Skillet // Deep Six Marilyn Manson // Getting Away with Murder Papa Roach // Afraid No Wyld // Battle of One 30 Seconds to Mars // Skin to Bone Linkin Park

2. MEPHISTOPHELES (a Soldier 76 fan-mix!)

Listen here.

Towers Woodkid // Let Me Know No Wyld // The Mephistopheles of Los Angeles Marilyn Manson // Running After My Fate Jean Pierre Taieb // Battle Cry Imagine Dragons // Iron Woodkid // Wrong Side of Heaven Five Finger Death Punch // Iron Man Ramin Djawadi

3. KILLIN’ STRANGERS (a Reaper76 fan-mix!)

Listen here.

Killing Strangers Marilyn Manson // Beautiful Crime Tamer // War Poets of the Fall // My Nemesis Five Finger Death Punch // Scars Papa Roach // Carnival of Rust Poets of the Fall // Final Masquerade Linkin Park // You’re going down Sick Puppies // You don’t belong Daughtry