garibaldi's motorcycle


“What,” Vir asked, staring at the object in the middle of the room, “is that?”

Lennier rattled off a series of numbers and words, but off Vir’s blank look revised his answer to: “An Earth vehicle called a motorcycle. It is Mr. Garibaldi’s.”

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animate-mush replied to your postyou cannot tell me that Vir and Lennier didn’t go…

why would I even try to tell you such a false thing. Of course they did. Maybe more than once.

In the happy AU where Lennier doesn’t loose his shit at the end of the show and instead remains a Ranger, he travels between Babylon 5 and Minbar a lot. Sometimes when he is on Babylon 5, he and Vir ride that bike around the station. All the new kids on the block who came to work on the station after the end of the war are very bemused. 

“Why are Anla Shok Lennier and Ambassador Cotto riding on a… what is that, anyway?” asks the Mibari Ambassador’s aide, intrigued.

“It’s a motorcycle,” says Zack and then has to go into an explanation of exactly what that is and why there’s one on the station. Meanwhile the Minbari Ambassador sighs a lot and Vir’s attache reminds himself that this is an excellent posting and he should be proud to have it.