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Unsurprisingly, Supernatural :)

  • the character i least understand: Rowena. She is a very complex character and she is so hard to grasp, I am alwas ready for the worst with her.
  • interactions i enjoyed the most: Every interactions between members of Team Free Will (including Kevin and Charlie and Garh).
  • the character who scares me the most: Sam. Honestly, Sam. For all that I love him, he is a complete ruthless bastard and a completely incalculable one. Sam is scary, folks.
  • the character who is mostly like me: Honestly, I don’t know if I’m more Sam or Dean. I relate a lot to Sam because he faced trials like I did - with dissociation and suicide, with the whole ‘I feel unclean’ speech - because I’m not straight and I had to come to terms accepting it, I came from a very anti LGBT headspace and I worked a lot of my internalized phobias and prejudice until here. And because Sam has faith - and I have faith too. But in essence, I’m more like Dean, I think.
  • one thing i dislike about my fave character: his fucking STUBBORN STRIKE LIKE FFS SAM, if you were willing to LISTEN TO PEOPLE SOMETIMES we could have avoided A LOT OF CRAP. but again, like 75% of the people he talks to are blatantly lying to him or emotionally manipulating him so i understand why he is wary as heck. :))) also his self righteous strike, like, the way he sees things in absolute binarity: “i’m doing it with good intentions so it isn’t that bad” ugh no sorry sam bby but drinking fricking demon blood isn’t good and moral, check urself. wow. i have other things i dislike strongly in sam but. i also love them. he isn’t perfect, obv, so there.
  • one thing i like about my hated character: i don’t have a character i hate but i don’t particularly like gabriel so. I love how scary he is. I love the fact that he is a dark cosmic force who likes torturing people for fun.
  • a quote or scene that haunts me: already answered but in order: Dean’s prayer in 5x14, Chuck’s song in 11x20, Sam choosing his memories of Hell in 6x22.
  • a death that left me indifferent: Aw man. Gotta say Ruby for this one, even if I liked her. Or Adam Milligan.
  • a character i wish died but didn’t: Crowley. Maybe. I like him on good days.
  • my ship that never sailed: already answered but it’s Hanstiel.
Uttar Pradesh cattle transporter’s murder is family’s mystery

Phool Bano sits on a cot, huddled under a thick white chaddar in the scorching afternoon. A dupatta covering her face, she sobs inconsolably as children play around her in the courtyard that the joint family of 13 shares. After a few seconds, her brother-in-law Tanzim Abbas can’t take it any more. “Aye, chup!” he shouts, asking her to stop crying.

“He had only gone to buy bulls for our family. What was his fault?” Phool Bano, 25, replies softly, before breaking down again.

On April 2, the mutilated body of her husband, Mustain Abbas, was found in a drain near Masana village in Kurukshetra, Haryana, after the family belonging to Nai Majra in Uttar Pradesh had spent nearly a month looking for the 27-year-old.

The vehicle in which Mustain, a father of four, was travelling back home, after buying bulls from Sharif Garh in Haryana, was stopped and fired upon by alleged Gau Raksha Dal members. No arrests have been made so far.

Instead, police claim to have received messages on wireless on the intervening night of March 5-6 , when Mustain is believed to have died, of men in a vehicle matching Mustain’s firing upon a police party and some Gau Raksha Dal men.

On May 9, ordering a CBI probe into the death of Mustain, the Punjab and Haryana High Court directed the immediate transfer of the Kurukshetra district magistrate, superintendent of police, deputy superintendent of police and station house officer of the Shahbad police station, Haryana, “to a far-off place at (an) inconsequential posting”.

On May 17, the Supreme Court rejected the Haryana government’s appeal to stay the CBI probe, but put on hold the transfers.

In Kurukshetra, nearly three months after Mustain was killed, no probe has begun. The Haryana Police says it is waiting for the DNA report to “scientifically substantiate the deceased was Mustain” and for a viscera analysis and diatom test report to know the cause of death, to begin an investigation.

Nai Majra is a predominantly Muslim village located deep inside Gangoh tehsil in Uttar Pradesh’s Saharanpur district. Mustain and four others belonging to Nai Majra and nearby Gangoh had left on the morning of March 5 for Sharif Garh, about 45 km away, to buy cattle. They were to return the same evening.

“They were going to meet a blacksmith who reared cattle. Mustain wanted to buy a buffalo but since it was not available, he purchased two bulls. We are agricultural labourers. We use bulls to pull carts,” says Mustain’s father Tahir Hasan. The eldest of his four children, Mustain had Rs 41,000 left after buying the bulls, he says.

Aslam (50) of Gangoh, who was with Mustain, recalls, “In all, we had purchased five bulls for Rs 45,000. We were bringing them back in a Mahindra Pickup vehicle. On the Shahbad-Delhi Road, we saw a police car. Further down, around 12 armed people had blocked the road with tractors. Our driver told us they were Gau Raksha Dal members and would try to extort money. We turned the truck around but a thorn-like object on the road punctured our tyres. The men then started firing at our vehicle. Nothing was asked, not a word was said.”

Aslam says they jumped out and ran. “Mustain and Kalu (of Gangoh) ran together. Kalu told us later that Mustain was shot and they pulled him away. We could hear them shout ‘Gher lo, maar lo (Surround them, kill them)’.”

Aslam says they walked from there to Gangoh, reaching home the next day.

Aslam remembers the guns the men were carrying, “rifles but not very big ones”, and at least one face. “He wore a white kurta-pyjama and had a cloth around his head. The light from a nearby hotel fell on his face.”

As Aslam and the others recounted what had happened, Hasan waited for some days for Mustain to return and then approached the Shahbad police station on March 10. Six days later, he filed a habeas corpus petition in the Punjab and Haryana High Court.

“The high court asked the police to produce Mustain. But before that, we were called to identify a body found in a drain in Kurukshetra. It was my son. He was bruised and battered. He had several stab wounds, and his tongue was sticking out. That showed he had been strangled,” says Hasan, unable to hold his tears back.

In another complaint on April 2 at Sadar police station, Thanesar, Kurukshetra, Hasan named four members of the Gau Raksha Dal, Yamuna Nagar (Haryana) — Gurcharan Singh, Salinder Singh, Bhisham Singh and Rohit Pradhan.

As per the police, they received a wireless message on March 6 at around 1 am saying some people in a Mahindra Pickup loaded with cattle had fired at a PCR vehicle and also on a Gau Raksha Dal in Kurukshetra. Fifteen minutes later, they say, they got another wireless message saying the vehicle with five bulls had been recovered at Deswal Dhaba on GT Road but without any persons inside it. When they searched, they found two empty cartridges in the vehicle, police claim.

The first FIR filed in the case, on March 6, at the Shahbad police station, in fact, was against unknown persons under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, Haryana Gauvansh Sanrakshan and Gausamvardhan Act, Arms Act, and for attempt to murder.

Complainant Harbhajan Singh told the Shahbad police that they had come to know of “smugglers” trying to transport cows to Uttar Pradesh for slaughter and put up a blockade. A vehicle had come at high speed, he said, and its occupants had fired at them and fled.

Police acknowledge the Gau Raksha Dal men fired too, but “in safety”.

They also admit that they have not been able to recover any of the weapons, used by the Gau Raksha Dal or allegedly by Mustain’s friends. Police have not been around to question Aslam and the others, or taken any action against the Gau Raksha Dal men named by Hasan.

Asked about the status of Hasan’s April 2 complaint, on which the murder FIR was registered, the SHO of Sadar, Sub-Inspector Dalip Singh, said, “The high court has handed over the probe to the CBI.”

Kurukshetra SP Simardeep Singh said, “I will not comment as the case is sub-judice. All I’ll say is we have done the investigation till date as per law.”

Over at his home, Mustain’s four children, the eldest 8, are among those playing in the courtyard, where the family’s first toilet is being constructed. Mustain’s first cousin Abbas says the government is building it for them.

The room with pink walls that Phool Bano shares with her children has one light bulb, no fan, and the family’s chickens clucking about.

Mustain’s mother Alezehra says he had hoped to bring home a buffalo as he had four growing children. “They would have needed more milk.”

Glancing at Phool Bano, who’s still sobbing, she adds, “His wife seems to have lost her mental balance since his death. Who is going to provide for the children now?”

6 Wacky And Unusual Places You Never Thought You Would Stay In!
6 Wacky & Unusual Places You Never Thought You Would Stay In!

1. Relish the al fresco breakfasts amidst the desert at Mihir Garh, Jodhpur


Bhuvana Santhanam: Awarded earlier this year as the ‘World’s Best Boutique Hotel’ at the Boutique Hotel Awards in London, Mihir Garh truly deserves the honor. The location is great about 60 odd km from Jodhpur. Pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Tranquil, serene and rejuvenating. Superlative service just adds to the overall outstanding experience. Oh yes and the Marwari horses were adorable. This is place is surely to be added to every travel addict’s bucket list.

Find out what this majestic fort has to offer.

How to reach

2 Ratings | 2 Reviews | 29 Sightseeings | 6 Photos

2. A private retreat where nature will get in your way. Head to Floatel Floating Hotel, Kolkata


Kaushal Jaluka: Talking about Floatel Hotel which is situated nearby river Ganga, is just one of most romantic destination for lovers or newly married couples. Try to get room facing towards the river, you’ll feel the beauty of nature at your doorstep. Another thing to experience is the open restaurant on the top floor, you can spend some quality time there with your loved ones. Thanks Kolkata for such a romantic and unforgettable experience.

Are you game for this romantic experience?

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How to reach

156 Ratings | 156 Reviews | 759 Sightseeings | 13 Photos

3. Feel like a bird! Take a cable car ride to the Timber Trail Resort, Parwanoo


Gaurav Kumar: The property is substantial and very much kept up with stupendous perspectives of the encompassing slopes and valleys. The major USP of the resort would be the link auto ride and the cable ride to the highest point of a slope where a sister concern called Timber Heights is located. I’d prescribe a stay in Timber Trails just for the astounding area and the extraordinary link auto ride.

Gondola ride at 5000 feet! Yes, we are not kidding. Find out what’s in store for you!

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How to reach

69 Ratings | 70 Reviews | 13 Sightseeings | 7 Photos

4. Flow down the tranquil canals of Kerala- The Oberoi Motor Vessel Vrinda, Kochi (Cochin)


Pradeepan: Hotel was conveniently located close to bus stand but it’s 30 kilometers from airport It is an average hotel. There was no delay in check in and check out. Staff members very friendly. Rooms were neat, clean and well maintained. Amenities were working properly. Appearance of the hotel from both outside and inside. Overall experience was nice and it was value for money.

Want to douse yourself in luxury? Check out how.

How to reach

6 Ratings | 6 Reviews | 32 Sightseeings | 3 Photos

5. Relive The Jungle Book at Green Magic Nature Resort, Wayanad


Rahul khannan: Resort staff met us on the main road with a jeep. The jeep plunged into the greenery on the side of the road. The staff said that the resort is 6 km into the forest and only a jeep can climb that path. Finally we did the 2 km trek to the resort.We reached the resort in 20 minutes. The resort was open to the forest with no boundary wall. The food served was awesome. May be because you are savoring the same in natures lap, away from noisy, dusty, stinking city air. The tree house with two stores have a lift made of logs.

Click here, to be a part of The Jungle Book.

How to reach

18 Ratings | 18 Reviews | 45 Sightseeings | 7 Photos

6. A hideout of pure fantasies indeed! Tree House Hideaway, Bandhavgarh


Vyan Rathi: From Kanha, we reached Bandhavgarh through a lovely rural drive of 5 hours. Tree House is stunning, the place grows on you. Just 5 Tree Houses in a large forested area makes you feel super special. While we were there we saw a jungle cat and wild boars from the dining area. One of our best experiences was dining amidst bushes which was organised by the lodge (this was done as a surprise for us).

Want to venture out in the tiger-infested wild?

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How to reach

8 Ratings | 8 Reviews | 24 Sightseeings | 11 Photos

Naxals attack in Ch'garh, jawan killed

A CRPF jawan was killed after Naxals attacked a force camp in Bijapur District of Chhattisgarh on Tuesday (May 17). Officials said the incident occurred at about 3:00 AM when a Maoist squad mounted sniper fire on a Central Reserve Police Force camp in the jungles of Rangareddy in Gangloor area of the district. In the ensuing gunbattle, Constable Satish Gaur (28) who was on sentry duty sustained bullet injuries and later succumbed, they said. Gaur hailed from Andhra Pradesh and belonged to the 85th battalion of the paramilitary deployed in the area for anti-Naxal operations.
A Journey Into the Land as regards Kings - Rajasthan Promotion

RAJASTHAN, also referred towards as ‘The Land in relation with the Kings’ and 'Rajputana’ is standardized of a fragments of previous states pertaining to India and has lured visitors, investors and explorers for centuries. Today it is one of India’s most well-liked visitor destinations, and rightly to the skies. See remarkable examples of the smaller sized forts and palaces get ahead around the country-side along with brows through to Rajasthan’s demonstrative cities– Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur. Several referring to the forts’ proprietors have transmuted their residences into little, intimate resorts and these will certainly move your 'home’ in India during the program of this tour of duty.

Discover the desert

In Rajasthan Tour, you could check renounced the wonderful Thar desert thanks to horse-back, camel, jeep spread eagle foot and see the vibrant, remote villages of Rajasthan. Travel to Mihir Garh perched substantially on the edge of the desert, and afterwards into the inner man concerning the desert intake Jaisalmer and onwards in consideration of Jodhpur. Close tours of sustainable projects in Delhi and Jaisalmer give a fully realized perspective, while a game of polo and exclusive tour of the fort and gallery wait a minute in Jodhpur. New shop hotels and resorts and luxury-tented camps provide comfy reprieve after a days encounters in this less-explored location of India. The call with regard to the switch over is solid and waiting, the time is modernized on route to start your peregrination.

Relive the history

Rajasthan has a practically abundant and dazzling past. The Rajput absolute monarchy constructed several lovely forts, palaces, holy places, lakes and yards that stand in honored statement to a marvelous era gone by. A browse on account of to these, parce que that justness, is a has to as it actually makes myself relive the state of the past. The forts referring to Chittorgarh, Kumbhalgarh, Jaisalmer, Amer, Ranthambore and Gagaron (Jhalawar) have been lately consisted anent in toward the UNESCO Topographic chart Ancestry Sites listing and are a mighty stick of the structural expertise pertaining to the masters of Rajputana. The many great palaces and museums cut out in all respects the state picking up valuable relics relative to the past that restore the formidableness in re the stately way of anxiousness in connection with the prince.

Shop so as to your heart’s content

Rajasthan Travel provides an ample chance into shop to your heart’s content. In passage to state that Rajasthan is a shopper’s heaven would not be present an understatement. The skillful shopping centers, mall and the maze of symbolistic bazaars in all the significant cities of the state supply a fantastic selection of bounties toward shop. Ethnic grazing, handicraft, souvenirs, jewels, jewellery, fashion accessories, miniature paintings and fibers ultramodern the bazaars jockey for your attention intake addition to the worldwide developer brands in the shopping centers and mall.
Hunger the local delicacies

The gastronomic choices while Rajasthan conduction provides is totally tempting. The assortment and preference with regard to Rajasthani cuisine right from treats like the fiery mirchi badas, pyaz ki katchoris and

samosas to the non vegetarian meat prep works obverse laal maans and dhungar maans, to herbivorous dishes like ker sangri and gate ki sabzi sainted on with by a selection pertaining to sugary foods like besan chakki, ghevar and mava katchori, would sure endure thrills for the tastes buds of food buffs. The common man’s fave of daal, baati and churma is once more a pudency that is distinct in passage to Rajasthan and dohickey that have need to not be missed out on when in this baronial sultanate.

Delhi Udaipur Jodhpur Tour Packages

An idyllic place to celebrate mesmerized weddings within the middle of lakes and lake palaces with the Aravalis mountains as a smashing background, Udaipur is totally the crowning romantic cities within the Indian sub-continent. For this special pleading it’s known as ‘Venice about the East’ and else the sheriffwick in point of Lakes.
Udaipur conjointly had its existence and personal appeal felt within the world of cinema late James Bond’s Octopussy had its shooting within the awe-inspiring locales of the Lake Pichola. the utterly attraction of Udaipur is no doubt the Lake Palace getup fixed within the center of crystal clear waters of the notable Pichola Lake. Udaipur is some 650 klick from Smart Delhi and almost all but 410 klick from Jaipur
Udaipur, usually delineated as lake government with respect to Asian country, is quantitive the foremost wonderful and pleasing cities in re Asian realm.
Referred to continue because the most exalted nonworker destinations in Asian regolith, Udaipur is popular insofar as its fascinating lake palaces, havelis, unbelievable shrines and very elegant lakes and gardens. conjointly acknowledged for its unreproducible and well-found lecturing inheritance, Udaipur rejoices an honest quantity of multihued and vibrant festivals that ne'er let finish to tranquilize and appeal its guests.
Udaipur includes a seeable width of good-looking travelers gather with attractive palaces, lakes, stunning parks, museums, and shrines. The charming Lake Palace on the enticing Lake Pichola is that the most appealing looking appeals of Udaipur. associate degree exciting boat sailing on the sparkling and sparkly blue waters of Lake Pichola provides a breathtaking vision of the Palace, that appears like a corpulent Egyptian perspiration odor lily, budding stamp out anent the Lake.
The grand duchy regarding Rajasthan includes a alarmingly made culture and heritage. The capital town in respect to Jaipur is fellow among the foremost in style cities in Southward Asian earth that’s noted for its palaces, forts, searching destinations and dummy holidaymaker destinations. Udaipur, placed at a distance of concerning twelve hours by road exception taken of Jaipur is one among the simplest places for heritage working copartnership. The Jaipur and Udaipur tours let have you a fine example of the royal Rajpoot culture and heritage that’s exemplified in its legion palaces and forts.
Jaipur is legendary now the Pink region of Asian country thanks to the pink color that’s painted of the walls of the palaces and farther the alternative government buildings. The highlights with regard to the Jaipur box tours ar places in re visit barely like the Jaipur town Palace, The Albert’s supply depot, Ram Niwas Bagh, Jantar Mantar, Amber Fort and Palace. There ar painfully premature and big markets that spoil toward the simplest of ethnic hand-woven textiles and jewellery. Markets preference Bapu Shopping mall, Nehru Staple and Johri Bazaar ar all should visit places in Jaipur. Jaipur is additionally famed replacing its star hotels. Thrust of the previous palaces are regenerate into rna hotels that cite actuality splendid purusha and luxury. there’s conjointly a heritage village that has ensue close to Jaipur named Chowki Dhani, that is extraordinarily canorous to the tourists.
The city of Udaipur is cited as" town of Lakes". Udaipur is noted for its lakes and palaces. The Udaipur town Palace is one among the biggest palaces within the near east with the palace complicated comprising of 11 palaces. This palace is made on a mount high within the banks of the Pichola Lake. The Lake Palace as for Udaipur is additionally mightily famous. the opposite in the sublime should stop by places on speaking terms Udaipur embrace the Jagdish Temple, Laxmi Vilas Palace Sahelion Ki Bari Sajjan Garh Palace, knife Niwas Palace, Nehru Protection forest, that could be a lust garden, the gorgeous Lake Pichola and an entire ton of such destinations.

27 stunningly remote hotels that are worth the trip

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Facebook/Mihir Garh

If you’re in search of a trip that you can enjoy without the crowds, choosing the right hotel can make all of the difference. 

While being in close proximity to cities brings you closer to tourist sites, it can also mean lots of people. 

We’ve rounded up 27 of the world’s most remote hotels, which can offer luxurious touches and a more personal experience. While they may be more difficult to access, they’re set in stunning locations, like in the middle of a desert or atop a mountain. 

From private suites in Belize’s rainforest to villas set on Abu Dhabi’s Empty Quarter, here are 27 incredible hotels you can book for the ultimate private getaway.  

Belmond Hotel das Cataratas sits within Brazil’s Iguazu National Park, just a short walk away from the iconic Iguazu Falls. The luxury hotel resembles a Portuguese colonial residence, with rooms that are adorned in colorful artwork and dark wood furnishings. Guests can also take advantage of activities like helicopter rides and jungle treks.

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Facebook/Belmond Hotel das Cataratas

Click here to learn more about Belmond Hotel das Cataratas »

Belcampo Belize is set in a 12,000-acre nature reserve in Toledo, Belize. Set high up in the hills, the hotel has 16 private suites that come with tropical rainforest views, as well as various gardens and a farm from which it prepares daily food for guests. A private tram is also available to guests who want to go kayaking or canoeing.

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Click here to learn more about Belcampo Belize »

Enchantment Resort sits at the doorway of Boynton Canyon, on 70 acres of natural terrain dotted with colorful rock formations. The luxury resort offers more than 100 complimentary activities each week, which range from hiking and biking to stargazing. Guests can also take advantage of its acclaimed 18-hole golf course that’s nestled within the secluded canyon.

External image
Facebook/Enchantment Resort

Click here to learn more about Enchantment Resort »

See the rest of the story at Business Insider
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Enjoying A Great Hang-up At Garhwal

Garhwal region is located in the north-western portion of the ceremonial anent Uttarakhand and is the placid of the Garhwali breed. This soil is enveloped by Tibet, Kumaon, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh. Garhwal includes the districts relating to Uttarkashi, Rudraprayag, Dehradun, Chamoli, Tehri Garhwal, and Pauri Garhwal. Srinagar has been the stem anent Garhwali kingdom so as to long. The word Garhwal stems from the word Garh, which means forts. The region is dotted with girlish forts that belonged in contemplation of the chieftains. Srinagar Garhwal is also a popular tourist destination.
Monal Resorts
Thousands of tourists travel to Garhwal severally common year either to visit hit the trail sites luteolous for measure. Each apartment at the hotel has its own parterre and gives a dynastic project of the Alaknanda.This motel has 42 rooms that are capacious and well furnished. They are ideal against a comfortable cut it out. The kooky types of rooms available in the hotel are AC rooms, Go into conditioned deluxe rooms, and Czarina and Maharaja suites.
Each room is equipped with all popular facilities and has a restricted estrade that gives a grave view of the Alaknanda River. The motel also has 8 dormitories that have 6 beds each. There is a inextricable food eatery in the hotel, which is called Tuarnt. The hotel also houses an hearty air chuck wagon too. Some of the facilities abandoned here are round-the-clock room services, bus parking facilities, direct dial radiotelephone, conference circus, laundry services, audio sound system facilities, banquet hall, cab services, and a regular satisfy touching hot and unmoved water.
Mumukshu Impediment Resort
Mumukshu Stack Recourses has 16 rooms, per capita of which offer quintessential comfort and luxury. Each one room has an attached bath that has a regular supply of seething and cold water. The hotel lies pinching the popular canned show centers of the town. The facilities and amenities abandoned in the hotel are round-the-clock room services, bus parking utensils, direct dial telephone, conference hall, laundry services, stylus facilities, banquet hall, cab services, and a typical supply of hot and cold water. Mumukshu Mountain Resort lies virtually 110 km from the Naval cadet Serve Airport at next hand Dehradun.
Ananda Spa Resort, Tehri-Garhwal
This public house is located in the Himalayan range and was originally home to the King of Tehri-Garhwal. At Ananda Spa Turn to, you can indulge drag spa therapies for your body at the Ayurvedic way. This guest house has five suites and 70 majestic rooms, which offer a majestic view of the Ganges. Among other amenities, there are 13 treatise rooms, a sauna, and a gym. This place else has a 6-hole golf flight path.
You can wreak the places completely Garhwal tourism.

122 bovines rescued, 15 smugglers nabbed, 6 vehicles seized

122 bovines rescued, 15 smugglers nabbed, 6 vehicles seized

REASI: Police on Saturday foiled a bovine smuggling bids by rescuing 122 bovines and arresting 15 smugglers.
According to a report, a specific information was received at Police Station Reasi through reliable source that some persons are on way along with bovines towards village Devi Garh. On this, a police team led by Mohan Lal Dy.SP Hqrs Reasi along with Inspector Dileep Singh,…

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