gargoyles fancast


Gargoyles Live-Action Dream Cast: Graham Greene as Peter Maza.

I love that Elisa’s family plays such a pivotal role in the series, even before they get mixed up in anything remotely bizarre.  It’s those little touches of the world outside the main cast that make Gargoyles so outstanding.  

Peter Maza is a solid ex-cop, a patient father, and a man with his own secrets, secrets we don’t discover until mid-way through Season 2.  He supports his children, even if he doesn’t agree with their decisions.  

Graham Greene is probably best-known for playing Rafe McCawley in SyFy’s Defiance, so he’s got that gruff fatherly tone down perfectly.


Gargoyles Live-Action Dream Cast: Penny Johnson as Diane Maza

With a maternal figure like Diane, it’s no wonder Elisa turned out as strong as she did.  Diane Maza is a talented storyteller and Professor of African Studies at Columbia University.  She and Elisa occasionally butt heads - especially when it comes to Elisa’s little brother, Derek - but they are slowly building a new relationship based on mutual respect.

It wouldn’t be a Gargoyles cast without at least one Star Trek alum, would it?  Johnson has always been a favorite of mine - and not just because she played Kasidy Yates, Woman of Awesome.  She would bring a steely determination to the role, which would be perfect for the woman who raised Elisa, Derek, and Beth.


Gargoyles Live-Action Dream Cast: Lyndie Greenwood as Beth Maza.

Beth’s a character who needs her own spinoff - a student at Flagstaff University, she’s pursuing a degree in Native American Studies.  This being the Gargoyles universe, however, her experiences are not limited to books and museums.  Of all the Mazas, Beth is most interested in the unexplainable, particularly when it comes to her heritage.  She readily accepts the presence of gargoyles, tricksters, and a whole host of unusual happenings. 

Lyndie Greenwood is fabulous. That’s really all I have to say. Her current role on Sleepy Hollow has her toting heavy weaponry and doing in-depth research into the occult.  I’m seeing an Indiana-Jones-esque spinoff (with Coyote along for the ride, naturally).