okay, I’m pulling receipts on myself bcs this is funny to me and I need you all to collectively hit me over the head bcs I have exactly two posts on my blog in my Gargoyles tag from before today

and they are both gifsets of Goliath and Elisa and on both of them my tags are “Oops I guess this explains a lot about me…”


But Weeping Angels, Though

I really don’t understand why ‘You can’t kill a stone’. What inspired these thoughts was the first episode of 'Gargoyles’.

In it, the Gargoyles are stone by day and alive by night. The main point of the episode is that most of their clan is destroyed during the day when they were stone because they were all smashed to pieces.

And I thought, why wouldn’t that work on the Weeping Angels? So if you’re caught off guard, you are almost guaranteed to end up trapped in the past. But with a bit of preparation I beleive it wouldn’t be that hard to kill one, considering they are living angels of stone that can move faster than you can blink.

So what you need is a team that’s split into two groups: people who watch the angels, so that they are trapped in place, and the people with the sledgehammers. The first group would obviously have to practice blinking as little as possible and not as the same time as their teammates. The second would have to practice smashing stone as fast as possible.

So, yeah, it would take a bit of work, but this seems totally doable. So why wasn’t it in the show?

My first thought is that the Doctor refuses to kill. My second theory (just to be clear, this is pure speculation) is that, maybe, when you smash an Angel its soul? being? is simply separated from its stone shell. The Angel is then invisible and can move whether you are looking at it or not, which would be much worse.

So what do you think? Can you kill a Weeping Angel or is it impossible?

a few monster girl things for femslash february.

  • a vampire lady whose wives help her with her hair and makeup since she can’t see herself in a mirror.
  • ghost girlfriends who ‘haunt’ the local gay bar, innocuously changing the music to the jazz that played when they were young. the owner loves it and remodels the bar to match.
  • a centaur and a faun who live in a cute forest cottage with wide doors and an apple orchard in the back. the faun does the gardening since her wife can’t comfortably reach the earth with her human hands, and the centaur picks the apples from the tall trees.
  • a gorgon with a gargoyle girlfriend who can always turn back from stone after looking into her eyes.
  • a siren who will die if a ship ever sails past her cove, and her harpie girlfriend who snatches up the sailors that try to resist the song.
  • werewolf wives with eight children. they are total soccer moms and the rest of the pta was terrified of them for months, but they won the other moms over with an amazing shepard’s pie at the potluck.
  • scylla and charybdis, cursed to half-lives as monsters living across from one another in the strait, find comfort in each other’s company. sailors talk of the pass between them narrowing at nights, truly impassible.
  • monster girls who love other girls (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

Calling all y’all readers and movie-watchers and fans around:

I’m looking for books and movies and stories, even fanfics, where the main character is friends with the ‘monsters’. Unlikely friendships. Teaming up with the ‘bad guys’ and learning that everyone’s the same and character development.

These are my faaaaavorites because it’s always about having a deep emotional connection with your friends (which my antisocial ass likes) instead of just being friends because of proximity and mutual interests (which my antisocial ass is kinda eh about).

Stuff like Trollhunters:

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Or Dragonheart:

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Or Gargoyles:

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Or A Monster in Paris:

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Or How to Train Your Dragon:

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Or Ninja Turtles:

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Or Alien vs Predator:

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Or Transformers:

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Or Strange Magic:

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If anybody has any suggestions, I’m always a slut for genuine friendship.

LIKE, this is the dumbest thing to be so hung up on but it’s so COOL and so CLEVER but I ADORE how they have the Gargoyles rest their wings like cloaks

they go from this

to this

just upon landing/making themselves fit into tighter spaces/make themselves more comfortable and relaxed, they actually gave them emotive body language with the crazy appendages they gave them they’re not just plastic add ons, IT’S SO COOL??????

“Y’know, on the sign, ‘Miss Grimwoods’ ought to have an apostrophe to make it possessive.”

Carl the Animator: “Eh, that’s a bit of a nitpick, isn’t it?” 

Ted the Animator: “Punctuation saves lives.”

Carl the Animator: “If you’re gonna point out mistakes, only point out the big things, ok?”

Ted the Animator: “Oh, y’mean big things like, say, forgetting to draw the gargoyles in the first exterior shot, thus spoiling the ‘the statues are actually real’ gag later on?”

Carl the Animator: “…ok, ok, big things minus that.”

Also, side note, purely for the sake of transparency, take my review with a grain of salt because while I genuinely believe the show is actually that good, the added voice talents of Keith David have made Goliath crazy hot and I am too ace to know how to handle this.