Tried this last night. I moved Elisa away because I still want to be able to see the figure. Demona’s still in this “I’m about to fuck you up” pose, rather than the more passive pose she was previously in. Yeah, as passive as anyone can be while aiming a particle beam hand cannon. Still not sure if I like this pose or not.

And Macbeth, still in the back, still attempting suicide.

Elisa Maza by 14-bis  //   Gargoyles TV show

“Elisa Maza is a character from the TV show Gargoyles. The closest human friend to the clan and the love interest of Goliath, she is a detective that assists the gargoyles in adapting to the modern world. She is voiced by Salli Richardson.” (X)

“Elisa is of mixed heritage, African-American of Nigerian descent on her mother’s side, and Native American (mostly, but not exclusively, Hopi) on her father’s side, though she is a born and bred New Yorker.” (x)


From the studio that put Eddie Murphy in The Haunted Mansion, Keira Knightly as a pirate and Mila Kunis as the Wicked Witch, we present another phenomenal miscasting with Kanye West as Goliath. We bring you another misunderstanding of source material by casting Ellen DeGeneres as Elisa Maza. With Kevin Costner as the villainous Xanatos. x