Most little girls wanted a Disney prince to come take them to their “happily ever after” … I just wanted Goliath to take me on a flight across the night sky!! ~  <3

Elise and Goliath; the most beautiful love story that never was!

Why is love so cruel?
Nostalgia Critic: Are Kids Shows Better NOW Than Ever?
Is this a new golden age for children's entertainment? This week's featured producer is...

THIS. THIS THIS THIS. I’ve tried to put into words why I believe that Children’s Entertainment is so important and how many of the Kids’ Shows today are some of the greatest ever produced. Doug Walker hits the nail on the head as to why I not only analyze and critique– but genuinely enjoy these shows that not only hold their own against many shows intended for adults, but sometimes actually SURPASS them in terms of quality and depth. “We need to give kids our best; not our leftovers” is a phrase I’m going to be using as often as possible from now on.

Elisa Maza by 14-bis  //   Gargoyles TV show

“Elisa Maza is a character from the TV show Gargoyles. The closest human friend to the clan and the love interest of Goliath, she is a detective that assists the gargoyles in adapting to the modern world. She is voiced by Salli Richardson.” (X)

“Elisa is of mixed heritage, African-American of Nigerian descent on her mother’s side, and Native American (mostly, but not exclusively, Hopi) on her father’s side, though she is a born and bred New Yorker.” (x)

My Top 10 Animated Shows

10. Gargoyles

9. Spectacular Spiderman

8. Samurai Jack

7. Star Wars The Clone Wars/Star Wars Rebels

6. Teen Titans

5. Rick and Morty

4. Steven Universe

3. Batman The Animated Series

2. Gravity Falls

1. Avatar The Last Airbender

Honorable Mentions: Futurama, Legend of Korra, Ducktales, Darkwing Duck, Ben 10, Danny Phantom, Ben 10, TMNT (2003 version), Hey Arnold, Courage The Cowardly Dog, Ed Edd n Eddy

The Ultimate 90′s Nostalgic Toon Place

So today after watching the CN Powerhouse Era bumpers, I just had the ultimate orgasmic dream. Imagine Disney, Fox, Time Warner and Viacom (parent company of Nickelodeon) created the ultimate channel where you have shows from the One Saturday Morning Era, the Powerhouse Era and the Frame Era (which all corresponds from 1992 to 2004). If not a channel, then Goddamnit streaming website like Hulu or Netflix. Like, look at the awesomeness it would have!

  • 101 Dalmatians: The Series
  • Buzz Lightyear of Star Command
  • Doug
  • Hercules: The Animated Series
  • House of Mouse
  • Lloyd in Space
  • The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
  • Pepper Ann
  • Recess
  • Schoolhouse Rock!
  • Teacher’s Pet
  • Teamo Supremo
  • The Weekenders
  • Gargoyles
  • Batman: The Animated Series
  • The Justice League
  • Dexter’s Laboratory
  • Johnny Bravo
  • Cow and Chicken
  • I Am Weasel
  • The Powerpuff Girls 
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy
  • Mike, Lu & Og
  • Courage the Cowardly Dog
  • Sheep in the Big City
  • Time Squad
  • Whatever Happened to… Robot Jones? 
  • Codename: Kids Next Door 
  • The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy
  • Samurai Jack
  • Foster’s Home of Imaginary Friends
  • The Flintstones
  • Looney Tunes
  • The Jetsons
  • The Smurfs
  • Space Ghost Coast to Coast
  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force
  • Toonami
  • Megas XLR 
  • Rugrats
  • The Ren & Stimpy Show
  • Rocko’s Modern Life
  • Aaahh!!! Real Monsters
  • KaBlam!
  • Hey Arnold! 
  • The Angry Beavers
  • CatDog
  • Oh Yeah! Cartoons
  • The Wild Thornberrys 
  • Rocket Power
  • As Told by Ginger
  • Invader Zim
  • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius 
  • All Grown Up!
  • My Life as a Teenage Robot 
  • Danny Phantom
  • Godzilla: The Animated Series

In addition we can have these shows as honorable additions to this library since they have that nostalgic, classic feel to them.

  • The Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • The Avatar: The Legend of Korra
  • Gravity Falls
  • Adventure Time
  • Regular Show
  • Steven Universe

Granted it would be way too many shows to have on a channel which is why you need a website for this. The way I saw it is it is a joint partnership with all of these companies coming together, splitting the profit. Sure it would pricey like 8.99 a month but think about the amount of people that would go apeshit over this! I mean at this day and age where DVDs and other home media devices are becoming less common and internet streaming being the common force I bet you 20 smackaroos that a whole generation of people would pay to have membership for this site or watch it in a heartbeat.

Best part is we can have the ultimate Fridays again. Whose with me?


From the studio that put Eddie Murphy in The Haunted Mansion, Keira Knightly as a pirate and Mila Kunis as the Wicked Witch, we present another phenomenal miscasting with Kanye West as Goliath. We bring you another misunderstanding of source material by casting Ellen DeGeneres as Elisa Maza. With Kevin Costner as the villainous Xanatos. x