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Young Justice was ONE OF the BEST Cartoons DC ever released Besides Justice League and Teen Titans. You can actually argue it was better

The Animation and Character Designs were Gorgeous

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The stories were amazingly well written, captivating and had some of the best plot twists

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Also if you’re fans of these Shows

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It had a Similar Fate and Ended on A CLIFF HANGER With some characters losing their Lives and the Introduction of the Biggest Baddie 

IT was Cancelled 

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ALL OF IT IS ON NETFLIX NOW so Please Rate it 5 stars and Buy the Blu Rays. You may not think much of doing that but Remember the only Reason this show came back was cause of DVD sales and Adult Swim

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If that can come back Bring Back a quality SHOW
So Check it out 

a few monster girl things for femslash february.

  • a vampire lady whose wives help her with her hair and makeup since she can’t see herself in a mirror.
  • ghost girlfriends who ‘haunt’ the local gay bar, innocuously changing the music to the jazz that played when they were young. the owner loves it and remodels the bar to match.
  • a centaur and a faun who live in a cute forest cottage with wide doors and an apple orchard in the back. the faun does the gardening since her wife can’t comfortably reach the earth with her human hands, and the centaur picks the apples from the tall trees.
  • a gorgon with a gargoyle girlfriend who can always turn back from stone after looking into her eyes.
  • a siren who will die if a ship ever sails past her cove, and her harpie girlfriend who snatches up the sailors that try to resist the song.
  • werewolf wives with eight children. they are total soccer moms and the rest of the pta was terrified of them for months, but they won the other moms over with an amazing shepard’s pie at the potluck.
  • scylla and charybdis, cursed to half-lives as monsters living across from one another in the strait, find comfort in each other’s company. sailors talk of the pass between them narrowing at nights, truly impassible.
  • monster girls who love other girls (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

You wanted more DOOM secrets solved? You got ‘em!

Doomworld user Reinchard spent many years looking for the source of the weird faces used in DOOM as switch textures that shine when pushed (the lion, the satyr and gargoyle). And he finally found them, and it just so happens that all of them come from a very specific book – “Nightmares in the Sky - Gargoyles and Grotesques” published in 1988.

Those in the known will immediately recognize Reinchard as one of many Doom fans developing a high-res texture pack for Doom, and the fifth picture is one example of those textures with the respective changes made.

This is perhaps yet another proof of the photoscanning process that id software followed for many textures and content made for their games, and not just in the development of Doom.

Diversity was always important to me, but working on Gargoyles was where the problem of a lack of diversity in cartoons first sort of crystalized for me. Things we were doing casually, like making Elisa Maza a woman of color, were being hailed as revolutionary, which was both cool and disappointing at the same time. But it got me to focus on those issues. To avoid always falling back on the kneejerk white straight male thing every time – even though I personally am a white straight male. My work in this area is constantly evolving, as well. I think I’ve gone from having my eyes opened a bit on Gargoyles to being semi-evolved today. I’m still hoping to be fully evolved at some point in the future.
—  Greg Wesiman, creator of Gargoyles on diversity years ago  in this exclusive interview @jordanmcalhoun did with him which you can read here: “I Knew It Was Something Special”: An Exclusive Interview with Gargoyles Creator”

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For the kiss thing: Goliath and Elisa 1, Nux and Capable 6.

How fitting that the first request I got is of my very first OTP and of prompt number 1! Goliath x Elisa from Gargoyles with a Kiss on the forehead.

And Nux x Capable from Mad Max: Fury Road with a cute Kiss on the Lips!

Scribbles for the Kiss Meme prompts!

I got tons of requests! I will be slowly working through them XD