Gargoyles: Matt Bluestone [INTP]


Introverted Thinking (Ti): Matt Bluestone appreciates smart people. He works well with Elisa and he has a lot of respect for her because she’s brainy and efficient. He’s an independent person who asks himself a lot of questions: where are the Illuminati, where do the gargoyles come from, why does Elisa keep a TV set and books in the precinct? When facing bad guys, he often makes fun of the flaws in their plans.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Unlike his Si-dom partner, Matt is interested in conspiracies, secret societies and so on. He’s perceptive and good at reading between the lines, even though some people may think he just has strong imagination. He also demonstrates a goofy sense of humor (Working with you is gonna be good aerobics…)

Introverted Sensing (Si): Matt is very meticulous in collecting clues and using them (watch The Silver Falcon, you’ll see what I mean). He seems to enjoy going back to the neighborhood he grew up in and visiting the same grocery over and over to say hello.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): In Revelations, Matt has a brief “bad Fe moment” when he realizes Elisa has been lying to him: he becomes overly emotional and nearly drives her car over a cliff. However, he’s a rather healthy Fe user most of the time. He’s friendly, easy-going and a loyal friend.

Because I love this gargoyle SO MUCH and yet I think I NEVER haven’t draw any fan art about him :’D So here’s one and my FIRST one (done in 15 min)! I probably will do line art and color him tomorrow (or actually later today). But yeah, I remember when I saw that Gargoyle movie as a kid (my parents bought it to us kids) and Brooklyn instantly became my favorite <3 But that’s the only Gargoyle thing what I have seen.

a few monster girl things for femslash february.

  • a vampire lady whose wives help her with her hair and makeup since she can’t see herself in a mirror.
  • ghost girlfriends who ‘haunt’ the local gay bar, innocuously changing the music to the jazz that played when they were young. the owner loves it and remodels the bar to match.
  • a centaur and a faun who live in a cute forest cottage with wide doors and an apple orchard in the back. the faun does the gardening since her wife can’t comfortably reach the earth with her human hands, and the centaur picks the apples from the tall trees.
  • a gorgon with a gargoyle girlfriend who can always turn back from stone after looking into her eyes.
  • a siren who will die if a ship ever sails past her cove, and her harpie girlfriend who snatches up the sailors that try to resist the song.
  • werewolf wives with eight children. they are total soccer moms and the rest of the pta was terrified of them for months, but they won the other moms over with an amazing shepard’s pie at the potluck.
  • scylla and charybdis, cursed to half-lives as monsters living across from one another in the strait, find comfort in each other’s company. sailors talk of the pass between them narrowing at nights, truly impassible.
  • monster girls who love other girls (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

Okay Everyone on here please Reblog this because Let me tell you 

Young Justice was ONE OF the BEST Cartoons DC ever released Besides Justice League and Teen Titans. You can actually argue it was better

The Animation and Character Designs were Gorgeous

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The stories were amazingly well written, captivating and had some of the best plot twists

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Also if you’re fans of these Shows

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It had a Similar Fate and Ended on A CLIFF HANGER With some characters losing their Lives and the Introduction of the Biggest Baddie 

IT was Cancelled 

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ALL OF IT IS ON NETFLIX NOW so Please Rate it 5 stars and Buy the Blu Rays. You may not think much of doing that but Remember the only Reason this show came back was cause of DVD sales and Adult Swim

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If that can come back Bring Back a quality SHOW
So Check it out 

The happiest moment of my teenage life...

…was seeing two characters I shipped before I knew what shipping was share an onscreen kiss.

That pair was Goliath/Elisa from Gargoyles.

They were my first OTP, and they were canon.

I said “they’re gonna fall in love” the second they met…

…and they did. Slowly.

And I…

…in turn…


…in love…



You never forget your first OTP.

I was suddenly hit in the feels, so… Can we just, like, remaster this fucking show already??

It had, like the awesomest cast

Actual capable POC heroine

A handsome villain who gave his name to a TV trope


a homicidal girlfriend

an evil twin brother clone

oddly capable 80′s hairband villains

AND NOW LISTEN, because this show had a fuckton of legends included, like

fucking Oberon and Titania


K I N G  A R T H U R


Also disney heroes reenacting another disney movie.

Basically just bring back this show, it was awesome.