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GARGOLYCALS! Here are some images from ‘Ye Stone Missall’, a book originally published by Acorn Press, I believe - although these images are from the second edition by IGOS. This book - a grimoire about evoking gargoyles - has always captured my imagination since I first saw an ad for it in The Hermetic Journal. A really cool idea, but a little under-developed (and somewht tongue in cheek), but definitely one I think about whenever I gaze at the grotesques at Adel church…

Back in 2009, while living in Burbank, CA, having just graduated from film school and looking for a job, in the middle of moving from place to place, and working on staff for what was the final Gathering of the Gargoyles convention, I wrote a fanfic titled “Rhapsody”.

I’m still very proud of the fic, taking place sixty years after “Hunter’s Moon”, featuring the final conflict between Goliath, Angela, and Demona. The climatic scene broke me as I wrote it, and even then I knew that when I commissioned art of that scene, I wanted it to be @kanthara… who was, also, at the time, drawing the “Gargoyles: Bad Guys” comic book for SLG and Disney.

It took time, but I commissioned Karine, and she worked on it between professional gigs storyboarding shows like My Little Pony and Inspector Gadget.

It was completely worth the wait. It exceeded what I always envisioned.

Yes, that is a Quarryman hammer Demona is holding… she has sunk that low.

Die Liebe ist stark wie der Tod, hart wie die Holle.
Der Tod scheidet die Seele bom Leibe,
die Liebe aber scheidet alle Dinge von der Seele.


Forte come la morte è l’amore, tenace come gli inferi è la passione.
La morte separa l’anima dal corpo,
ma l’amore separa ogni cosa dall’anima.

—  Gargoyle; Davidson Andrew

kiwithewitch-blog  asked:

I am so excited to have found your blog! I don't know why, but since I was a kid I've had a special fondness for gargoyles! It's a special term for me and now I'm elated that there's magic to them! Where do I start?!

Well that depends on what you want to do.

There are plenty of ideas out there for spells that are gargoyle-themed, and ways to give your craft a gargoyle “flavor” of sorts. This is good for people who like the imagery and symbolism of a gargoyle but aren’t interested in hosting spirits/entities/etc. The book Gargoyles by Susan Moonwriter Pesznecker is a good source for gargoyle magic. The book details all sorts of history, types, and theories on gargoyles, and also provides meditations, spells, and ways to incorporate them into many aspects of witchcraft. For instance, there are examples of how gargoyles of certain looks can be used to represent the elements. I would love to get a small gargoyle statue to represent fire, and another for air, and so on for my altar instead of my simple jars I have now.

Protection magic is well suited to gargoyle imagery and/or spirits – warding areas, looking after people/pets (look at some of these adorable pet-based gargoyle statues and imagine them being placed on an altar or being used in a spell for protecting pets!), protecting your assets/money, etc. I have a gargoyle spirits that keeps my car from attracting attention, and reminds the driver to keep an eye on the gas tank, and deters accidents. According to my roommate, he also has gotten possessive of the coins that get left in the car, though. I’ve also found them to be rather good at warding off fae acticity.

Aside from protection, they (as spirits or as imagery in a spell) can be useful eyes to have around the place. They may be used in a spell to discover the truth about a shady person or to keep mischievous children behaving, maybe (hadn’t thought of that until just now and now I need to try it!).

Then there is the path of actually hiring them.

If you do any kind of spirit work already I would ask around to see if your spirits 1) know any trustworthy gargoyles for hire or are willing to help you sort through applicants or 2) wouldn’t mind taking on the form and function of a gargoyle. Of course, always be extra careful and skeptical when working with spirits, especially if you are inviting new ones in. It’s not to be done lightly.

Here in my gargoyles 101 tag I have a few posts about what life is like with mine, as well as other gargoyle-themed asks (this conversation will appear in there too for safe keeping!). I work with them as hired bodyguards and task-doers, basically. I don’t worship them, and I generally don’t go to them for life advice. Not much of my magic yet is done with their help (hell, not even all of my protection magic is) and I tend to only call them out for the big things so far. I’m working to include them more often so that I learn how to communicate with them better and to keep them from getting bored and finding trouble.

Whatever you associate gargoyles with can be your inspiration for gargoyle magic, so start there. What is a gargoyle to you, and what is a gargoyle not? Then be creative as you want to be! Let me know what ideas you come up with!

Hiring or creating actual spirits is a bit more complicated, but information can be found in my gargoyle tag, I think. Or look into the terms “egregore,” “fetch,” and “construct.”

Thanks for the question and I hope this helps!

edit: whoops! forgot to link the book at first. There is is.