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Copic and mepxy marker sketch of Goliath, Super Grover, Batman, Captain Planet, Michelangelo, Cheetara, The White Ranger, Snake Eyes and Orko!

Die Liebe ist stark wie der Tod, hart wie die Holle.
Der Tod scheidet die Seele bom Leibe,
die Liebe aber scheidet alle Dinge von der Seele.


Forte come la morte è l’amore, tenace come gli inferi è la passione.
La morte separa l’anima dal corpo,
ma l’amore separa ogni cosa dall’anima.

—  Gargoyle; Davidson Andrew

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I meant to acknowledge this a couple of weeks back, but work has kept me so busy it slipped my mind. May 15th was the 20th anniversary of “Hunter’s Moon Part Three”. The last animated chapter of the canon (it would be a decade later before we received the short-lived comic book continuation).

I’m feeling optimistic about the future of the franchise. We have the cinestory coming out soon, and Aaron Sparrow at Joe Books seems to really be pushing the idea of a new Gargoyles comic, and Joe Books already has a hit with Darkwing Duck. “Gargoyles” has come back before and I believe will come back again. Make noise on social media, tell Joe Books you want it.

So happy (quite belated) anniversary, “Hunter’s Moon”. A great chapter, but not the final chapter.

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