gargoyle at notre dame

  • Aries: Flamethrower
  • Taurus: Bottle of red wine
  • Gemini: Microphone
  • Cancer: Cough Syrup
  • Leo: A cheese stick
  • Virgo: Spencer's
  • Libra: Girl Scout Cookies
  • Scorpio: Satan
  • Sagittarius: The gargoyles on the Notre Dame
  • Capricorn: no one
  • Aquarius: E.T.
  • Pisces: Kiddie Pool

APH England (to Canada): We always said you were the cute one!

APH America: I thought I was the cute one!

APH England: No, you’re the stupid one with the big mouth!

I don’t know why this is occurring to me at 11:30 in the evening, but I’m stuck on the gargoyles from The Hunchback of Notre Dame so here we go.

I’ve heard about that one guy who hated the gargoyles with a passion and what they did for the pacing of the movie, so he cut every scene with them out and otherwise left it alone. I’m inclined to support the idea, personally, since the trio doesn’t really fit with the rest of the film and their existence as forced comic relief for an otherwise incredibly dark movie is jarring. However, I do appreciate some of their humorous moments, so instead of cutting them altogether, I’m thinking about their wasted potential.

I feel as though the gargoyles were supposed to be a Greek Chorus of sorts, except they were scripted by someone who has no clue what a Chorus actually does. They had narrative moments, and they had their bouts of exposition, but always to Quasimodo who’d lived there all his life and shouldn’t have needed to hear it. Instead of being deliberately (coyly?) vague about whether these characters are imaginary friends or not, the writers could have just changed the slightest thing: Quasimodo can’t hear them. Poof, instant correctly-handled Chorus.

Having an actual Greek Chorus in mind, they could even take over Clopin’s role of narrating as well? They could still have their funny asides because comic relief does often fall to the chorus when the story itself is dark. Suddenly there’s no need to explain their presence either or specify how real they are. They’re just representations of the spirit (or the Eyes) of Notre Dame.

Final, very pressing question: How has my life reached the point where midnight homework screeches to a halt because I’ve been struck with the need to write extensive Gargoyle discourse on the

The World Turned Upside Down || Closed

Ladybug waited on the roof of Notre Dame, hand resting gently on a gargoyle as she stared out at the rising sun. The light woke up the city, making each window shine. It was so peaceful, but that would all change soon. Today was going to end very well or very badly. There was no in between. Today they would win or they would lose.

Today they would fight Hawkmoth.

Now the spotted heroine stood waiting for her partner before they moved to the open area near the Eiffel Tower. Then their battle would begin. The girl took a deep breath, trying to calm her worries. They had been preparing for his day since they first became Ladybug and Chat Noir. They were ready. They could do this.


Curiosities and Disney Subliminal messages (15)

Hello again!!! More Disney movies and curiosities to all of you ;D

-Atlantis: The Lost Empire.-Atlantis is one of the best Disney movies of action and adventure and it has so many interesting things. For example this car. It’s very alike to Cruella’s car:

This is amazing! I think in the mansion of Professor Preston B. Whitmore, he has Hugo, the gargoyle of “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”:

Next to the painting of Thaddeus Thatch and Whitmore, there’s another painting where a woman appears. If she is not Jasmine, clearly the woman is based on her physical body:

This is the second ship in Disney who has a name. (The first was Tarzan) Curious name: Lewis and Clark:

When Milo opens the door to grab the helmet of his grandfather, it reminds me of the same movements of Mulan while she opened the wardrobe to grab the armor:

Uncle Sam:

As between Aurora and her mother, (Sleeping Beauty) Kida and her mother are identical. Kida’s mother has the face more thin but still, all the beauty of Kida is of her mother. And it couldn’t be different, another Disney character who loses her mother:

In the movie, both Milo and Kida appear as children. And both are orphans. Kida lost first her mother and then her father. Nothing is known of the fathers of Milo, except he had a pretty strong bond with his grandfather, but he also died:

Something I love about this movie is the characters and their different nationalities. Some are from Italy, France… And others have a mix between different races:

Helga Sinclair. It is certainly one of the most attractive Disney villains. And I think the artists were inspired by villains of Indiana Jones or women of 007. And she’s german:

Pocahontas or Nakoma are not the only Native American women featured in Disney. Also the mother of Dr. Joshua Sweet Strongbear:

Gaëtan Molière “looks” human but is clearly based on a mole or rat. Even his friends call him “mole”:

This old watch reminds me of Pinocchio’s watches in the house of Geppetto:

As I said before in another post, in Tarzan appears the Sphinx and now also in Atlantis:

In this picture of Milo, appears Goofy’s face. It seems impossible and perhaps it’s my imagination, but I would say that this is the face of Goofy, his eyes and nose:

Along with other characters like Mufasa, Simba, Tritón and others, Kashekim Nedakh is another king of Disney. And if I remember correctly, the first blind man. And he dies during the film:

Kida is the only Disney princess who has many, many, many years. She’s also the only princess who has white hair. She is a princess, but at the end of the movie she becomes a queen. And in some ways Kida reminds me of Pocahontas, a little wild and agile. And without a doubt, is the princess who show almost all her body on the screen:

Mickey’s form is on the cane of Kashekim:

Clearly in Atlantis there are very different animals and even some prehistorics, but I don’t know if they really are evolved beings or mutated dinosaurs:

The jewel in the ankle of Kida reminds me of the jewel and foot of Esmeralda:

Rourke physically resembles to Percival McLeach (The Rescuers Down Under) They scare me, my God! Oh, and Rourke also remind me of John Ratcliffe. He invades a land that is not his and he don’t mind to have dirty hands for power and gold:

I’m 100% sure of the movements that Milo does in this scene are the same movements of Aladdin on the magic carpet:

It’s amazing how the lava eroded and hardened in the same way as in Hercules:

It’s a guess, but I think this flying machine has the shape of a Narwhal:

There are some funny details here. Audrey becomes the owner of Milo’s cat. And all remain with the crystals in different ways. Vinny has the crystal in his ear, and Cookie in his tooth and the rest has the crystals as necklaces:

At the end of the movie, Kida dresses like her mother with the same hairstyle: