I think the Overture version of “Holy Orders” will always be my favorite song, but “Herald of Gargos” is definitely the front runner for the number two slot in my life. When you can really appreciate the subtle influences that were taken from Jago’s Theme  “The Tiger Warrior”. Also it fits the Shadow Jago playstyle, fast and super aggressive (Okay, Shago wasn’t out yet when this came out, but it totally works in hindsight). The first edit was great, but the new edit is absolutely amazing.

Where Do We Go From Here - Killer Instinct Season 3

I really need to stop saying what I’m going to be doing next time whenever I end this series, because more than half the time I end up changing my mind or just plain end up not doing it. 

Hell, this is the third time in a row I said I would do Halo and yet again I decide to do something else. 

But I digress. 

To get back to the subject in the title, with the release of Kim Wu’s trailer at the Killer Instinct World cup last weekend, KI fans all over (including myself) are practically channeling the very being of this picture for the onset of season 3.


But yes, with a new season of KI comes a brand new cast of characters. Some new, some old, but all of them bound to be kick ass. 

However, season 3 has a unique quality going into it that the previous two didn’t have. This time, there are only two old characters to bring back, and with nine slots to fill in total, that means that practically the entirety of the new season is going to be brand new characters. 

If there was ever a time for KI developer Iron Galaxy to go completely nuts with their characters, this is definitely it. 

But yes, with the possibility of so many new characters and the current cast of monsters and badasses KI is known for, I thought I would compile a quick list of potential cast members for KI season 3. 

While I’m more than certain that Iron Galaxy has the cast of season 3 picked out, programmed, and done already, these are just predictions of what I think we might see from them. Hell, I’m pretty sure at least one of these is bound to show up. 

But yes, before we get into that, there’s one important thing we have to go over. 

Already Confirmed Characters for Season 3:

Of all the characters that have been set for release for season 3, these are the ones that have been confirmed thus far. 

1.) Kim Wu

2.) Tusk

3.) Rash (Guest character - Battletoads)

4.) The Arbiter (Guest character - Halo) 

5.) Gargos (If they decide to make him playable) 

While I have absolutely no objections to Gargos being playable, I feel like it cheapens characters who are meant to be final bosses if they are also playable characters. Cause being an unplayable final boss gives them an excuse to be super difficult and somewhat cheap, but if they’re playable then the developers have to worry about balancing and working him in with the other fighters and making sure he plays right… yeah… You see where I’m going with this right? 

But yeah, those are the characters that have been confirmed for Season 3. 

And now. 

Predictions for Characters we might see in Season 3: 

(Note: This list assumes the following:

1.) No more humans

2.) The rest of the cast are monsters)

Now that that is out of the way, lets get moving. 

1.) Deep One 

Fans of one Howard Philips Lovecraft who know him for more stories than just “Call of Cthulhu” will be know very well what a Deep One is. 

To everyone else, its basically a fish person. 

Lovecraft’s work has been around since the 1920s and has been listed as a major influence for many people, including horror author Stephen King and the metal band Metallica. And let us not forget Hellboy. The influence there is obvious. 

But yes, with so much Lovecraft going around, it would be cool to see one of his other horrors from beyond human understanding show up here. 

Fighting Style: Rushdown

Assuming this thing doesn’t have any freaky water powers, it would have to be. Plus, depending on how they make him he’d be big enough to throw his weight and muscle around. 

Story: Could be anything really, but the simplest explanation would just be that he’s a demon that works for Gargos. They don’t have to go any deeper than that. 

Picture for Reference: 

2.) An Angel 

With KI’s current cast of badasses, monsters, robots, and literal demons, seeing something that kind of breaks the mold a little bit would be interesting. After all, if there are demons, then one would think that there would be beings whose sole purpose is to destroy them. 

Hell they could go fully crazy here and make him a literal angel of vengeance.

Not only that, but KI has kind of its own eastern mythology thing going on, so seeing something from a different set of beliefs could set the balance a little bit, and allow for some more diversity. 

Fighting Style: Hit and Run or Rushdown

While Rushdown is possible, Hit and Run with a character like this is probably far more likely. After all, if he is an angel he has wings, he should use them. 

Plus he could have a cool flaming sword. 

Story: With all the “failed” heroes in this universe such as Jago, Orchid, TJ Combo, Maya and now Kim Wu (in his eyes). One would think that since he would naturally think he is better than them. If there are demons threatening the world, then it is his sworn duty to step in and get the job done properly. 

Basically imagine Judge Dredd as an angel. 

And he’s not looking for help from the other protagonists either cause in his eyes, they’re only getting in his way. It is HIS duty to defeat Gargos’, no one else’s. Not Jago, not Kim Wu, NOBODY. And anybody who gets in the way of him is going to be silence forever. 

Picture for Reference: 

3.) Nazi Zombie

If there is one thing the world loves right now, its zombies. The Walking Dead being in its 6th season is proof of that. If there is one thing that the world also still loves to hate, its Nazis. The fact that Wolfenstein: The New Order is proof of that. 

So why not throw in a zombie into KI. Yeah KI has skeletons and ghosts already with Spinal and Hisako, but they don’t really have a true blue zombie. Also why not throw a Nazi in there as well for an obvious bad guy. 

Better yet, why not combine the two. That way there’d be an excuse to have a Nazi in there at all. 

Hell he wouldn’t even have to be a literal Nazi, just something akin to one. 

Fighting Style: Tank

As a zombie I don’t imagine he’d move very fast, but he would be able to soak up a lot of damage. So he’d probably be heavy hitter that moves slowly. Hell, like Aganos he could probably take a few hits before he staggers. 

Story: They don’t need to get too deep here. They could just say he was resurrected by Gargos. Hell he could have been part of the Thule Society and worshipped Gargos back in the day. So thats why he was revived. 

Picture for Reference: 

4.) Puppet

You want a good way to up the creepiness factor, this is the way to do it. 

Make something that is an obvious puppet, and make it creepy to not only look at, but play as or fight against as well. 

The design can be however they want, but the fact that there is a puppet in there would add a whole new level of creepiness to the game. 

Fighting Style: Projectile Rushdown or Trickster 

Whatever this guy is, he can’t fight straight up like the other fighters. He’d either have a lot of projectiles or ways to trip up the opponent. After all, he’s a hollow husk being controlled by someone else, make him fight like one.

Story: Another Demon of Gargos probably. Or hell, Gargos controls it or gives it life. This one doesn’t have to be too complex. 

Picture for reference: 

5.) Dryad/Ent/Tree Creature/Spirit of Nature 

With the natural world being as messed up as it is in the KI universe, if there is a living spirit of nature and all that is in the natural world. One would think that it would be very pissed off. 

Thats a good enough excuse to get it into the fight. 

Fighting Style: Grappler 

Kind of similar to Kan-Ra, this thing would fight by using plants, vines, and possibly bees (my god) to hold the opponent and grab them. Some work would have to be done to differentiate it from Kan-Ra though. 

Story: Again, nature and the natural world is messed up, so its pissed. Doesn’t need to get any deeper than that. Kind of a neutral party here. 

Picture for Reference: 

6.) Shapeshifter

You want something that can really show off how insane the guys at Iron Galaxy can get. Let them make a Shapeshifter. 

Hell they already mastered characters turning into other things, Glacius is proof of that, now lets see them take it to the next level. 

Fighting Style: Anything, but probably Zoning 

With the nature of the character, its fighting style could be anything, but zoning seems likely cause it probably wouldn’t wanna be touched. Or at least no want anyone to get close to it. 

Story: I got no idea on this one. Another demon probably. 

Picture for Reference: 

7.) A Literal Animal (think Red XIII)

The first season of KI had Sabrewulf, a werewolf. The second season had Riptor, a raptor. Now for this time, if they wanna do something similar, they could take this animal thing a step further and make the character a literal animal. Like a lion, a tiger, or an actual wolf. Or it could be something that isn’t even a natural animal. 

Like something that doesn’t even stand on two legs. Intelligent or not, natural or not, it is still an animal so it would act and fight like one. Either way it would be interesting to see. 

Fighting Style: Rushdown

To show off animalistic instincts the fighting style would have to be rushdown. Both Sabrewulf and Riptor have it after all. 

Story: I have absolutely nothing at all for this one. 

Picture for Reference: 

8.) Scorpion (Potential third guest character) 

Why? Because Netherrealm Studios and Iron Galaxy are literally across the street from each other. They’re already friends. 

And if they’re including guest characters why not. People love Scorpion after all. 

Fighting Style and Story: Absolutely no idea. Hell he probably wouldn’t even need one. 

Picture for Reference: 

Yeah… and that is all folks. 

Do you like this list? Do you agree with it? If so, or even if you disagree, let me know what you think. I love feedback. 

Also don’t forget to like and share. It really helps me a lot.

See you all next time everybody. 



Kim Wu’s New Look Revealed Along With New Patch Notes                             By Phil Williams

Yesterday at The Killer Instinct Cup at PAX Middle, Iron Galaxy unveiled Kim Wu‘s fresh new look. She has grown much from the 17 year old bad-ass we remember from Killer Instinct 2.

The build up to the new season is intense. Fellow KI2 combatant Tusk and KI’s first guest character, Rash from battletoad’s, have been announced already. We are still waiting for KI2’s Gargos’s new look to be released, but we know he’s coming.

If your interested in checking out the new patch notes head on over to As huge Killer Instinct fans, we’ll be sure to keep you updated in Season 3’s progress as it culminates.

Kim Wu Trailer & Halo Teaser: Killer Instinct Season 3
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Gargos is coming, a warrior has been chosen by an ancient force to be the savior of the world, another has traveled from across the stars to join the battle, and Rash just hopped through a portal to another dimension to kick some ass!! Kim Wu, Rash and the Arbiter along with much more in season 3 of Killer Instinct!!! Did I mention that she has a freaking dragon!?!!


Killer Instinct S2 OST - Herald Of Gargos (Omen’s theme)

Tusk from Killer Instinct II
External image

Tusk from Killer Instinct II /Gold

drawn by Mortalshinobi

I did Tusk as a challenge by the fighting games elite founder, I was tasked with doing Tusk from Killer Instinct II

Though initially thought easy, Tusk wound up being one of those I found difficulty with simply from my lack of interest in the character.

Truly it took me a week or two to think of a proper pose and then set up the…

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Omen's Killer Instinct Expanded Story

Omen’s Killer Instinct Expanded Story

External image

A new week means a new expanded story for one of Killer Instinct’s characters! This week, Ultra-Combo shares the story of Omen, the Herald of Gargos. Read on to learn how this being was brought into creation!

Omen is a blue-hued demon—an Astral being created by the Shadow Lord known as Gargos. Proclaiming proudly to all that he is the “Herald of Gargos,” he serves his master obsequiously. Omen…

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Kim Wu Look Over: Give Fate the Middle Finger

With the Ki world cup still going on and the tournament near it’s end and Maximillian Dood is covering it in his stream, which I suggest you guys check out. But right now I would like to cover Kim Wu and what I makes her so bad ass in for this coming season of Killer Instinct.

Now from the trailer we got an awesome grasp on her personality a tough girl with bad ass dragon power. As with every Killer Instinct character trailer we get a small bit back story about her. She is a martial artist design student and now a killer instinct demon fighter. Since her dragon chose her she is now tasked with saving the world from Gargos. 

Overall I love her blunt personality and I hope that she has a few quips as you combo into your enemies. Even her design is great and pleasing to the eyes her outfit is an awesome hybrid of her old outfit with an awesome jacket and dragon tattoo.

Even her level design looks like something from “Big Trouble in Little China” the China Town theme and background imagery make the overall level design perfect for KIm Wu. The only question I have if she’ll have a stage ultra?

Now her fighting style, as shown on IGN she plays very close quarter but that’s not to say she can’t do well in long range situations since she has a reflection attack that goes across screen. Her moves are fast and hard hitting maybe with a few auto-double or maybe even the same three button hit after an opener. At first glance her instinct is reminiscent of Spinals instead of skulls hovering above it’s ethereal dragons swirling around her body. This is her instinct which the name of has yet been said to my knowledge. But these three dragons are her projectiles when pressing either heavy punch or heavy kick firing an across screen dragon. All three of these flung dragons can be used mid combo to create a huge amount of damage. I would break down like if Thunder, Hisako and Spinal merged into a bad ass dragon lady with kick ass Dragon Chucks. 

Season 3 is expected to come some time in March and so far the roster has been revealed little by little. Rash, Kim Wu and even the Arbiter from Halo. As excited as I am for Kim Wu and her Kung Fu kick assery I hope to see my main Barbarian dude Tusk in the coming weeks of February. 

So as I said alot of the info I got from IGN and the trailer attached is from Killer Instincts main channel on Youtube and just as another plug for an awesome fighting game youtuber Maximillian Dood. So go check those out and FIGHT ON.