Saturday night was our reason for being in the states in the first place. weeks, or was it months ago? grensin and I stated that we both lived for road trips so we decided to fin any excuse to go on one. so grensin found a band that was playing at his favourite venue in Fargo on the first weekend I’ve had off since September and we drove down. it’s only like three hours away but hey you take what you can get!
neither of us had heard of the bands playing but we were not picky. we went to spicy pies for dinner had a fantastic thin crust pizza and then mentioned that neither if us had dip n dots before and none of the staff believed us. we sat in out booth eating the dip n dots and could hear them talking about us in the back; “you see those two in the matching space pants? they’ve never had dip n dots before!”
the venue was called the aquarium. it was small and friendly and you could feel the music from downstairs when you stood up. the first band was a neat little blues/rock band with a chello instead of a base, the second band was a Swedish band, ‘nuff said. and the headlines were a fantastic bluesy rock in’ Americana band from Nashville. rhey were so fantastic I don’t know how that place wasn’t absolutely packed. there were maybe fifty people at the busiest.
they came and talked to us after the show and we found out that the next stop on their tour was of all places winnipeg and that they were playing with said the whale. we assumed them that if they were playing at the Garrick with Said The Whale that the place would be packed. tey thanked us for buying their merch and put us on the guest list for their next show. it was a good night. I want the lead singers shoes tho.

coming up with designs for ki’s gargos that i think would be neat? idk i trust IGS i just think it would be neat to see something like this