gargan roo

@illuminame liked jack’s least favorite starter call ever;;

It had been seven years since Alleyway Jack had graced the streets of Alexandria. Seven long years wherein his name was all but forgotten.

So the last place you’d expect him to be in his grand return is Alexandria Castle.

There he was, having made his way through the Gargan Roo tunnels in a dangerous escapade. He came upon the secret underground entrance into Alexandria Castle and, not knowing it was just that, ventured in.

Normally he would have better wits about him. A map of the underground Roo tunnels remained forever burned into the back of his mind. But in his current state, he barely had the strength to use his wits.

It was a wonder he even got this far with the injuries he’d sustained. Several deep gouges and stab wounds told the story of a foe that didn’t want him to get away. Moreso did the perforation in his thigh, which bled through the tight bandages he’d dressed. He did so well to walk for so many miles without succumbing to this injury, but now he crumbled against the dungeon wall in a sigh of resignation. He knew he wasn’t being followed anymore.

Now with new-found curiosity, the venerated rogue turned his head this way and that, in hopes of finding some kind of signs to tell him what ruin he might have stumbled across. Lifting his back from the wall and looking beyond his shoulder gave him an awkward view of what looked to be an old, weathered version of the Alexandrian royal family crest.

Wha…? Since when was Alexandria… Behind the Vis, his eyes narrowed in a puzzled squint, and he struggled to stand once more. 

Something clicked— and then something automated struck him in the back, like vicious clockwork.

A string of profanities rose from the depths of Alexandria’s secret dungeons.