blood red [working title]

Something for Halloween this year. Have a listen to the song that inspired it. 

Seven years was a long time to be thinking about someone.

Seven years, and a chance encounter of the rarest kind, shrouded in the same sort of mysticism that encompassed an eerie night like Hallow’s Eve. Like the rolling fog, Garfield Logan’s mind was in a haze, and he couldn’t, for the life of him, go back to sleep, no matter the time.

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This came across my fb feed just now, tried to find it here but failed so I post. Edit: source  although anyone can type cosplayway into google and find it, I am remiss in not including an actual URL in my post, I never dreamed this would get over 8,000 notes!

edit: over 24,000 notes! @_@ holy freeow.