me before following ihatejonarbuckle: jon seems like an okay dude

me after following ihatejonarbuckle: jon arbuckle is a sad and pathetic excuse for a human being with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. he’s extremely misogynistic, a reckless driver, and as a cat owner his behavior is revolting!! he chose to adopt garfield, yet he acts as if his cat is a constant burden while constantly victimizing himself and neglecting his pets. like what kind of monster would feed his cat food that’s clearly not appropriate for cats to eat, and then have the heart to shame him for being fat? awful!! jon is just an evil and sinister man whose behavior is literally inexcusable, and mr. davis needs to make him face the consequences of his actions

read to me / remus lupin

 Anonymous said: Can I request a marauders era Remus one shot where its the day after a full moon and y/n’s looking after him and patching him up and trying to make him comfortable/feel better, they have a cosy day in together and it’s all fluffy and shit? Your writing is so so so good!!! Xxo


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The full moon had come and gone, corrupting Remus Lupin of his own body and left him with the evidence to prove it. Cuts and purple tinted bruises littered his skin and although he acted like he wasn’t in pain, you knew he was. It was the day after his transformation and as per usual, you were fussing over him and catering to his every need. It was the days near the full moon when Remus fell even more hopelessly in love with you and he couldn’t help but watch you with wonder in his eyes. Merlin, he was so in love with you.

Remus gazed up at you from his perch on the side of his bed and watched you chew on the inside of your cheek in concentration as you carefully cleaned his cuts. Your touch on the wounds was so gentle and he nuzzled further into your opposite hand that cradled his face, holding it still. You tried to bite back a smile when he gripped the sides of your legs and sent you one of the boyishly cute grins that made your belly flutter. 

“Stop,” You mumbled and smiled down at him as you worked. 

“Stop what, baby?” He asked, feigning innocence as his brown eyes squinted from smiling.

“Being cute and making me want to cuddle the shit out of you.”

“In that case, I’m not stopping.” He grinned.

Rolling your eyes playfully, you finished cleaning his cuts and tossed the antiseptic covered cotton pads in the trash. You barely had enough time to turn back around to face him when Remus pulled your body down on top of him, straddling his lap. You squealed in surprise and wrapped your arms around his neck to steady yourself, but his pain-ridden flinch did not go unnoticed. 

“Are you okay? Merlin, Remus, you can’t do that! I hurt you and—”

“Y/N, love, I’m fine,” He reassured gently and held your cheek, brushing the pesky little baby hairs from your cheeks that had escaped your bun. 

Your bottom lip puckered and you rested your forehead against his. “No you’re not,” You argued defiantly. “I don’t like seeing you in pain.”

“I’m tough. See?” 

Remus flexed his arms and bared his teeth, growling playfully to appear ‘tough.’ Your defiant act dissipated at the sight of your cuddly, walking teddy bear of a boyfriend trying to look tough and mean. You sputtered and started to laugh, much to Remus’ displeasure but he secretly enjoyed listening to your angelic giggles that he had caused. It was his turn to pout until your laughter died down to only a wide smile and you kissed his forehead lovingly.

“You’re cute,” You hummed against his warm skin.

“Not cute,” He whined. “I’m manly and masculine.”

“Cute,” You reiterated. 

With a playful growl that made your cheeks heat up, Remus flopped you backwards onto his bed and held himself over you on his forearms. His long fingers dug into your ticklish sides and you shrieked with laughter, squirming away from him. Your body thrashed against the linen sheets, eyes scrunched shut and your mouth was hung open from giggling so much. You failed to see the soft smile on Remus’ face as he admired your messy hair and how the long t-shirt of his you wore had ridden up on your thighs. He couldn’t help himself any longer and attacked your face with kisses, pinning your flailing arms to the bed.

So bloody beautiful,” Remus muttered between kisses, but it was hard to because he kept smiling at your giggles.

Your face burned under his lips and you hid in the crook of his neck, smiling shyly. “You’re the bloody beautiful one,” You hummed, giggling, as he nudged your jaw with his nose and pecked the skin sweetly.

He cradled you to his chest and gazed down at you. “The only beautiful one here is you, sweetheart.” He kissed the tip of your nose and you scrunched your face up.

Pink tinged your cheeks and Remus grinned, pulling your body flush to his chest. His lips brushed yours achingly and you gripped a fistful of his t-shirt in your hand, pulling his lips down to slot with yours. As if it were an instinct, he held your face in one hand and the small of your back with the other, causing you to arch off the bed slightly. He kissed you with passion and expressed every ounce of love he had for you in every single kiss. He was so loving and warm and you never wanted to stop.

When Remus pulled away from you, he fell onto the bed beside you. Your fingers inched closer to his on the linen sheets before curling around them. Your head turned to face him on the pillow, Remus doing the same, and you felt him tracing along the skin of your hand as you smiled at him. He smiled back at you gently and with his free hand, he retrieved the book sitting on his bedside table. He looked at you once more to find you watching him curiously as he opened the cover to the first page, handing it off to you.

“Read to me?” Remus asked softly with big, warm brown eyes. He looked like a little boy demanding a bedtime story. How could you have resisted?

“Of course, my love.”

You adjusted yourself higher on the pillows and Remus rested his head on your stomach. He kissed your belly through your shirt before he settled and one of his hands stroked the skin of your bare thigh soothingly. You giggled almost silently and held the book—The Hobbit—in front of you and began to read aloud. Your eyes skimmed along word after word whilst your fingers absentmindedly fiddled with the pages, a habit you had always had as you read. It was a habit that Remus had fallen head over heels for. 

Your soft voice made Remus’ eyelids close and he smiled to himself as you read the words he knew so well. He thought the writing was beautiful and the novel was a masterpiece, but your voice made every syllable ethereal. His favorite thing in the world was listening to you read to him and he tried his hardest to fight the sleep that began to edge into his exhausted body. He wanted to hear your voice for a little bit longer, but he felt himself slipping further into sleep the more he tried fighting it. 

You smiled behind the pages as you felt Remus’ fingertips still on your warm skin and his gentle breathing evened out, washing over your legs lightly. You pulled the book back to rest against your mouth to see your sleeping beauty of a boyfriend, still and most definitely fast asleep. You shut the novel, the pages hitting against one another with a quiet thump, and set it aside for the night. Ever so lightly with a feather-like touch, your digits combed through his tousled hair and you bent over to kiss the top of his head.

“Goodnight, my love,” You whispered into the silent room. 

With a flick of your wand, the lights in the dormitory went out and the soft moonlight bathed in through the window. You fell back against the linen and smiled contentedly, slipping into a deep sleep to the feeling of Remus’ hand still on your thigh and his hair tickling your skin.  

Why I love Beast Boy and Raven’s relationship...

Prepare for a SUPER long post. I feel like I need to spill the reason(s) why I love BBRae so much and why they mean so much to me. So here it goes:

To build a good relationship you need friendship and compassion. Beast Boy and Raven have the potential to be something more because when you think about it Raven does not treat Beast Boy the same as any other guy she meets. Same goes with Beast Boy. Beast Boy usually gets all googly eyed and lovey dovey with any pretty girl he comes across but with Raven he thinks her more then just “eye candy” and who he deeply cares about more than anyone else on the team.

In the episode, “Nevermore”, Raven’s happy side mentions to Beast Boy that “looks aren’t just everything” She even laughs at his jokes and pays little attention to Cyborg who was also tagging along which displays her attention was strictly on Beast Boy. And the whole misunderstanding “I thought you didn’t like me” ordeal they both thought creates a new found relationship between them that later shows a special bond.

At worst times they always help and look after one another. If they think of each other as just friends Raven would of treat him like the rest of any guy on the team and same goes with Beast Boy treating her the same as any other girl. Beast Boy will drop and go out of anyone’s way for her. He may not realize it yet but she does mean a lot to him and he cherishes that special bond he has with her.

In the episode, “The Beast Within”, even though he was furious at Raven he went at all cost to protect her and keep her safe. He was able to recognize her scent above anyone else’s on the team. And only transforming into “The Beast” to protect only her and even used it again when Raven’s life was threatened in “The End”. People may have said it before “it could have been anyone he would save” but no he didn’t react in such anger to turn into The Beast as he did with Raven. When he was mad with the others he stayed in human form and tries to control himself meaning it matters more to him when he’s in conflict with Raven then being in trouble with anyone else. But the moment he comes back to consciousness from being The Beast he knows that deep in his heart that he would never hurt Raven no matter how angry he is with her. Robin pushes him to the edge when threatening to put him in jail because of the possible thought he could of harmed Raven. Trying to remember he turns back into The Beast and fights everyone away so he could get to her. Even in his worst possible state he does not harm a single hair on her. After finding out Raven is in fact okay he goes off to find Adonis to get his revenge. Then of course at the end, Raven explains The Beast is a good thing that he has inside because if it wasn’t for The Beast she might not have been alive. 

In “Spellbound”, Beast Boy was a little nosy when Raven started not to act like herself. When she was talking to Malchoir Beast Boy stood outside her door and listened and even taking as far as “being a fly on the wall”. When Raven gets her heart broken by Malchoir, Beast Boy was the only one who asks her if she was okay. Then at the end of that episode, Beast Boy tells Raven no matter how creepy she may be, he informs her she doesn’t always have to be locked up in her room and that he will always be there for her. Feeling touched by his words, she comes out of her room to give him a gentle hug which deepens their connection even more.

In “Birthmark”, Beast Boy was the only one who cared enough why Raven didn’t want to talk about that certain day. Taking it as far as logging into the Titans’ computer to discover the secret she was hiding. Finding out it was her birthday, it was Beast Boy’s idea to throw a party for her. After the whole horrific events that had happened, Raven accepts Beast Boy’s second attempt to have a birthday party for her. Beast Boy even mentions she may hate her birthday but he (along with the others) were glad that she was born.

In my eyes his power is extremely unique and one of a kind in which every animal he chooses to be in every situation has a special ability of their own. It is truly amazing how he can use all the animals powers in more ways than just one. He is someone who will never hate who he is and embraces it. And he treats Raven like someone who should be happy regardless of her struggles and he does his best to make her happy more than anyone else. Yes everyone cares about Raven but Beast Boy always went the extra mile going past her boundaries just for her sake for happiness. He wears his heart on his sleeve and is never afraid to say what he feels. Raven is the opposite. That’s why she needs someone who doesn’t lie to her and is free to express emotions. Only when she is with Beast Boy is she able to express such different kinds of emotions and Beast Boy even says so himself in the original DC comic timeline to embrace those feelings because it is what makes her human and to stop worrying about the bad and focus more on the good. 

This is what makes their relationship so deep and meaningful. They are both so different but share the same feelings of pain, heart break, and happiness together. They support each other equally where it is never one sided. It’s a complete balanced relationship where they both equally rely and look up and look after each other. They are a one of a kind pairing because they are not one of those “love at first sight” stories and were able to build a relationship based on trust, understanding, and accepting of each other’s differences. They take the ‘ol saying “opposites attract” to a whole new level that is hard to ignore.

Rather you ship them or not, you can’t deny the powerful chemistry and strong bond these two share. The relationship they have is beautiful and unique and pure and I don’t want to hear how “abusive” it is from all you BBRae haters because it’s not. The quote by David Slack himself “Raven hits Beast Boy out of love” and the intention to write them as a “married couple” is definitely displayed throughout the course of the series. Abuse was never a thought to imply. And all you others who says their relationship is “forced” pleaaasssseeee. Is that the best you got? You may want to re-watch the series and think twice before you open up your mouth.

My kitten has adopted my 3 year old Marie as his mother/cat friend to play with lol I think she’s just confused as to why this little fluff ball is following her around lol he enjoys playing with her fluffy tail and she smacks him but he keeps coming back to her and trys to follow her around

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What if Garfield ate all Jon's food and Jon ran out of money then starved to death?

he would steal to get food (i normally don’t think stealing food when you’re starving and poor is bad, but jon would definitely cause as much death and destruction as he could while he stole, so him stealing food is evil…plus i want him to die)

The signs as Adventure Zone NPCs
  • Aries:Hurley, Jess the Beheader
  • Taurus:Paloma, Boyland
  • Gemini:Angus the Boy Detective, Klarg
  • Cancer:No.3ll3, Magic Brian
  • Leo:Garyl, Barry Bluejeans
  • Virgo:The Director, Kravitz
  • Libra:Johann, Carey Fangbattle
  • Scorpio:Sloane, Killian
  • Sagittarius:Pringles, Garfield the Deals Warlock
  • Capricorn:Leon the Artificer, Jenkins
  • Aquarius:Lucas Miller, Juicy Wizard
  • Pisces:Avi, Steven