Captain Falcfield is not a real captain. The closest he ever came was associate captain of his JV mathletics team in high school, and the only reason he got to do that was because the former associate captain, Darren Lieflen, moved to Idaho. But once he learned how to drive, it didn’t matter. Behind the wheel of his 2001 Pontiac Aztek, he WAS a captain…of the road, of his life, of his destiny. He went out driving every night, even if he had nowhere to go. In fact, those were his favorite nights. He would push the highway as far as he could, getting a little further outside of Muncie on each go before inevitably having to turn back due to exhaustion or a low gas tank or just fear of the unknown. One day, he thought, I won’t turn around…I’ll keep driving till I see the sunrise from a new city and never look back. He was confident of this plan, it could happen any night, just as soon as he worked up the courage. Of course, life isn’t always a direct route. As the years passed by, he found that his nightly trips got a little shorter, and then a little shorter still, until he stopped taking them altogether. But even though he stopped chasing it, he always held on to that dream. Every morning, as he awoke to the same Muncie sunrise, he smiled. One day, he thought, I’ll be Captain again.


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