Into the Sunset

He was gone.  Just like that.  Years of building a friendship with him, of trust, and just like that he was gone to the first pretty face that didn’t die on him.

Just like that…gone.

She and Q had taken the sensation of abandonment hard, both essentially locking themselves into their offices and keeping busy.  IT was easier than facing the fact they were both replaced so easily.  She was sure that Alec was worried about her but it hurt.  Bond hadn’t been the only one with abandonment issues they all had that to some extent and then he just…left.  No goodbye, nothing.

Stupid agent.

garethmallorys replied to your post “so i fiiiiiiiinally saw thor 2 today with my dad and you know what? we…”


hmmm….i can hear the sound of the unfollow buttons clicking in the distance as i say….NOPE.

hahaha.  Sorrrryyyyy, he’s just not my type.  Tom OR Loki.  (Granted at least Tom is a bit of a dork which makes him okay, just not someone i spend time lusting after.)  Loki’s just cray. And I’ve never been big on bad boys. (angsty protagonists who hide their pain with a gruff exterior and a bit of snark–THOSE i’m ALL OVER, lol)

ah well, to each her own, right?? :)

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[’m sure as hell exists that I forgot someone, but I think as far as I can tell all people who are somehow dear to me here on tumblr are present. I listed not only people who added beautiful and amazing gifs, fanfiction, edits or comic stuff to my daily life, but also people I had amazing talks with. I wish you all the best. Have a wonderful Christmas and in case you don’t celebrate Christmas: happy holidays my friends. Take care! M.]