so you know that before the game kicks off the players line up for the team photograph? your heroes gather together in a typical and evenly structured formation - they’re usually great shots that you can hang on the wall with pride. right? wrong. not if you’re welsh.

let me show you what i mean and why not kick off with the most recent photograph and arguably, the very worst of the lot as well as my personal favourite.

06/09/2017 - Wales v Moldova 

yes that was really the official team photograph pre-kick off

and it’s not a recent thing. this is 2009

these are from 2006



this one is from 2002 

you know what the absolute worst part is though? this is from 1958 

in the last 50 years wales have accumulated what is possibly the very worst national photo album to ever exist. and people have noticed. 

one day, the media asked them why, joe ledley replied “we were just not very good at them … at first we didn’t look into it but then gradually a few photos got together and it was awful, so we just thought we may as well keep it the same.”

A final work, currently house in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, shows a young girl with auburn hair, dark eyes, pale skin, and full lips. Her low-cut navy dress has golden pins holding together its sleeves, which are interspersed with crimson, and a gold-decorated French hood sits so far back on her head it requires a strap beneath her chin, like a bonnet. Like Holbein’s portrait of Elizabeth Cromwell or Frances Grey, where the same style is worn, the headdress trend helps date the portrait, along with the lower cut of the bodice and the shape of the sleeves. The Metropolitan portrait seems to have originated from the workshop of Hans Holbein the Younger between circa 1540 and 1545. The museum, which acquired the portrait along with the rest of the Jules Bache collection in 1949, identifies it as “Unknown lady c. 1540-45, aged 17,” a piece of information provided in original gold lettering on either side of the girl’s head.

Young and Damned and Fair: The Life of Catherine Howard, Fifth Wife of King Henry VIII - Gareth Russell

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I read your tags that you went to Goldnova last year! Did you take any photos of any Torchoowd cast members during panels?

yes i did go :- )! nd…i only managed to get photos during Gareth’s panel (sorry, Torchwood panels distract me). 

i have four photos but one isn’t worth putting up. (these are also cropped quite a bit, just bc they were too big to post here).

and then he did some poses for us

what a cross face. 
 but yeah the panel was great and Gareth said Jack and Ianto would have adopted alien babies. 


People will stare. Make it worth their while → Gareth Pugh prêt-à-porter | S/S ‘15

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while I agree that Negan is not a good person, he's most definitely not a rapist. he never forced any of the wives to sleep with him. also I agree that he's not truly developed as a character yet, but he's only been on the show for 1 season...

no offense but coercing someone into “marrying” you and having sex with you by threatening the lives of their loved ones and denying them medication for their potentially life-threatening condition is rape.

as for negan not being truly developed yet because he hasn’t been on the show long enough… gareth (the cannibal guy) was in a total of 4 episodes and he’s still one of the best written and most genuinely menacing antagonists the walking dead has ever had. -rita


“You need to tell your brother about the next witness at the Select Hearing. He’s lying.”
“How do you know?”

BrainDead 1.08: “look at that sky!! NOT fake. Magic hour in DC. Had to shoot this SO fast!”

I’m Gonna Find Another You.

I relaxed against the porcelain of my tub, closing my eyes briefly as the soft sounds of jazz filled my bathroom. Moisture had already begun to fill the air with the hot water I filled my tub with and the bubbles now decorating the surface of the water.

I had been waiting for this moment all day after many hours of staring at proposals and being in and out of meetings at work. The warm water seemed to relax the tension in my body and I soon found myself relaxing and enjoying the smell of ginger from the shampoo I had filled the tub with.

The twins Dakota and Danielle were in the middle of the upstairs hall with practically every toy they owned surrounding them as they tried to decide which ones they were going to pack up and put in their overnight bags.

Gareth had agreed to take them to his place for a few days, figuring that I needed the rest and now that he was on holiday he wanted to spend as much time with them as possible.

It was weird Gareth and I’s relationship. He was my ex-husband and to most that title should have been enough to hold negative sentiments towards him but I never did. I had loved Gareth like I had never loved another man and we had two beautiful children to show for it. I would never forget that. He would never let me forget that.

The random trips abroad just for fun, the dinner dates we had every other Thursday, the nights we would just cuddle on the couch and search for a random movie neither of us had seen to watch…

He was my first in a lot of ways and I his. Sure, I hadn’t been the one to take his virginity though he had mine but I had given him a lot of other first experiences. I was his first real love, the first woman he had fallen head over heels for. I was the first woman to meet his parents. I was his first marriage and though we had wanted it to be our only, things didn’t quite turn out that way.

It was an amicable split. I think I had grown tired of the times he was away or the times his schedule just got too busy for me and I think in a way, we both knew it was coming. It wasn’t like we had stopped loving each other but the affection started to fade. I spent less nights waiting up for his arrival and he spent less time on making sure we were still on the same page in regards to our relationship. Add in the havoc the twins caused and it was like the basis of our relationship in the beginning was lost.

I don’t think I’ve ever stopped loving Gareth and that was apparent by our continuing friendship even post-divorce. It confused a lot of people. The press always questioned if the two of us were working on getting back together. Our friends always made jokes that we had never really given each other up but were just testing out the waters for a bit before we returned to each other. We simply dismissed those claims with laughs of our own.

I stayed in contact with his family and he stayed in contact with mine especially since everyone had fallen in love with Dakota and Danielle, Dakota being the boy with so much personality and Danielle being the one who followed his every move. Sometimes I think people invited me places just to see the pair. As a mother, I didn’t get out much and I didn’t think I really needed to considering how much personality my children provided. Who needed a movie when you had those two?

It seemed as soon as I thought of them, I heard their small footsteps outside of the door and their loud bangs on the barrier. I groaned thinking I would have to cut this bath very short to settle whatever dispute the twins were having. “Yes?”

“Dad’s here!!!” They both yelled together enthusiastically.

“Okay. Open the door.”

The last thing I felt like doing was getting up and the twins seemed content with my answer as they ran away from the door and presumably downstairs. I grabbed my phone beside me and dialed Gareth’s number. He quickly answered.

“Yes, Mrs. Bale?”

His greeting immediately made me roll my eyes. “You’ve got to stop calling me that.” I could hear his chuckle on the other line. “Are you downstairs?”

“I am.”

“Okay. Just checking. Kota and Danny are going to let you in.”

“And you aren’t because…? Lazy?”

“Goodbye, Gareth.” I didn’t entertain him any longer, smiling and hanging up the phone instead. He knew this place as well as I did so it wasn’t like it would be uncomfortable for him to enter without me leading the way.

I relaxed back in the position against the back of the tub as I had been in before, feeling my exhaustion practically lull me into sleep but I fought against it. I could sleep all I wanted once the kids were gone.

The silence in the bathroom didn’t last long as I heard the door pop open. I lifted my head and saw Gareth enter with a sly smile, closing the door behind him.

“Seriously, Gareth? I’m naked!”

“I’ve seen you naked so many times I could write a book about it.” He didn’t let the fact I was nude under the covering of the many bubbles deter him from walking over and taking a seat on the edge of the tub.

“Is there something you need?” I peaked my eyes open and looked up at him while he looked at me with that derpy smile.

“Nope. Just came to say hi.”

“Well hello.” I closed my eyes again, listening as Gareth continued talking.

“Are you sad or something?”

“Why do you assume I’m sad?”

“The music.”

“It’s relaxing,” I countered.


“You know, as your ex-wife it is highly inappropriate for you to be in the bathroom with me while I’m in this tub don’t you think? What will you say when your wife asks about this?”

He chuckled, holding up his fingers as he talked to illustrate his thoughts. “Okay, one…” He held up one finger. “She is not my wife. Let’s set that fact straight first. And two…” The second finger went up. “Who asks ‘Did you sit in the bathroom while your ex-wife took a bath?’”

He could talk his way around or out of anything.

“Well how about I just call her and tell her myself?” A teasing smirk formed my lips as I opened my eyes and looked towards him.

He simply shook his head and smiled, leaning a bit closer to me. “Are you sure you’re not still in love with me and don’t want me all to yourself?”

I laughed. “Oh, I’m positive. I already have to deal with your mini-me’s. Throw you back in the equation and I’m going to need drugs, alcohol, something.”

Gareth chuckled once more. “I hate you. I hate you so much.”

“Ooh you sound so sexy when you say that.” I pretended to moan in satisfaction, raising my shoulders up to my ears as I pretended to be experiencing a pleasurable moment.

This was Gareth and I’s relationship now. We co-parented well but we also were able to remain good friends. Friends that were able to joke and even hang out sometimes though I kept those invites to a minimum. I didn’t want people to get the wrong idea and I also didn’t want Gareth’s girlfriend thinking there was something going on between us. So far she seemed to be okay with our friendship.

I hadn’t reached out and tried to create a friendship with her. That would be much too awkward and I also didn’t really know how long Gareth planned on keeping her around. From what he told me, he wasn’t in love with her nor did he love her. To me it seemed she was just around for him to be entertained but I kept those thoughts to myself. It wasn’t my place to question his relationships.

I felt a splash of water to my face and it didn’t take me long to know who was responsible, Gareth sitting on the edge of the tub while laughing and continuing to spray little bits of water on me. “You are so childish.”

“That I am.” He finally stood. “I’m going to finish getting the twins ready. Hurry up with your bath.” He began walking out of the bathroom until he turned around to me when he reached the door. “Nice boobs by the way,” he winked.

Oh, Gareth.

gif credit to swirlytops