A brief summary of today’s Audi event in conjunction with Real Madrid. Luca and Zizou are sprinkled throughout the video interacting with teammates and staff. 


Dani Carvajal on Twitter : “Shocked by what happened in Barcelona, my support to the families of the people who died and the wounded.”

Iker Casillas on Twitter : “How sad. All my solidarity with the victims and its families. Stay strong.”

Cristiano on Twitter : “Shocked by the news in Barcelona. My full support and solidarity for the family and friends of the victims.“

Arbeloa on Twitter : “Al my strength and support for the city Barcelona, especially for the families and friends of the victims. Today, more than ever, we are with you.”

Marco Asensio on Twitter : "All my support for the victims and families of Barcelona’s attack. 😟 #Enough”

Sergio Ramos on Twitter : “Barcelona 💔. No to terrorism. No to the fear dictatorship. #StopTerrorism.