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Slaps dat ass ((NO SHAME ♥ ))


One, he didn’t like being snuck up on.  Two, he especially didn’t like being touched by people who sneak up on him.  Ryze whirled around on the larger man, swiftly locking the soldier turned pirate into an all familiar Rune Prison.

“Tell me something…how long did you follow me just to do that?”

💀 Katarina! 💀

After being egged on by a good friend of mine for far too long, I’ve finally started drawing LoL characters!

I don’t actually play LoL, just seen it being played all around me and heard a ton about it, plus watched the sweet cinematic trailers. I hope I did her justice, and hope you like it too! Wallpaper resolution (1440x1920) version here. More to come!!

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