League of Expressions

Finally had some time to take a first proper look at the new champ insight page, and found some very amazing stuff (in my view) which involves my animation ambitions; I really really enjoy how these character’s faces are constructed and how their personalities flow through. Hope we can more of these!

(fukin Darius tho, I could never see these faces coming, but makes so much sense lmao :’D)

Demacia Lore Update Cliff Notes:

So, to sum up the new champs lore:

Lux:  Lux got the spotlight in the update, Getting 3 stories and her Bio  She is known through the kingdom as kind and noble. Her powers are NOT known by the majority of people. Her confidence in said powers came from a visit to Galio.  She is part of “ The Radiant Ones ” and  taught by “ The Illuminators” , an Order that accepts the use of mages to protect Demacia. Her relationship with Garen is pretty much gone

Garen: He was confirmed to be smart (at the very least , capable of strategic mastery) . He knows deep inside that Lux is a mage, but refuses to accept it. Still holds Demacian ideals to the highest standarts, but also has personal rules that he follows closely. As such, he would probably not Gut Lux on aight.

Vayne: Speaking of gutting Lux on sight, Vayne is now confirmed to be an ass. She didn’t change much, just how her techiniques were learnt. She was taught by a Freljordian woman called Frey. Who turned out to be a Shaman. And Vayne killed her basically new mother when she found this out. Didn’t even blink. She still kills monsters, but I get the feeling that she might slightly get off on doing it.

Shyvana: The evil dragon that tried to killed her all her life was her mother now. She was infused with human magic by a mage (accidentally) while she was just an egg. Her story basically plays out the same from then out, just meeting Jarvan earlier.

Jarvan IV: His lore was pretty much the same. His years of training were replaced by living in a village with Shyvanna. The only thing that did change is that it was revealed that Demacian King’s are chosen by a council. Jarvan’s line has been chosen 3 times in succession, but its not 100% sure if they are gonna choose him.

Quinn: Quinn…. is basically the same. The only two major changes are A) Caleb’s death was to save Sona’s mom from a monster. B) Sona’s mom later vouched for Quinn to be let into the rangers. Thats about it. Her crossbow is made out of the tusks of the monster.

Each of them has a story about them being badass in their own way, so you should read that.

Alistar, Xin Zhao, Lucian and Sona got NO new lore or Bio. Fiora had gotten hers updated previously, as had Poppy with her rework as did Taric. I don’t even know if Kayle is in Demacia anymore, most likely not , since there is no mention of her across the board.  Galio had a full on rework, so fuck explaining all that.

And that is basically what happened with the Demacia Lore.