League of Expressions

Finally had some time to take a first proper look at the new champ insight page, and found some very amazing stuff (in my view) which involves my animation ambitions; I really really enjoy how these character’s faces are constructed and how their personalities flow through. Hope we can more of these!

(fukin Darius tho, I could never see these faces coming, but makes so much sense lmao :’D)


Happy pride month from Birch and Garen!
(I’m a slut for mixed medias lmao)

This is a bit messy but i’m still proud of it! Garen’s hair was SUPPOSED to be black but i wanted to make it pastel and it kinda didn’t work? Idk i still like it tho -v-

Please give credit to me if you repost!

It happened a few months ago, when I started playing League and didn’t really know much about it. It was my first game with Garen and I played with two friends. We had a Discord server to talk during the game. When I used Garen’s E, I don’t know exactly why, but a concept of a giant man spinning around and screaming appeared funny to me. I started laughing, and my friends were like “What happened? Are you OK?” I didn’t answer, because I couldn’t stop. I still laugh while playing this champion.

Confession by @oogieboogiee