lux: hey garen

garen: yes?

lux: I have to tell you that…I’m alcoholic

garen: oh lux, don’t worry about it, you can count on me to help you with that

lux: …and I’m lesbian

garen: haha don’t worry little sister, that’s fine and I’ll still love and support you

lux: … and a noxian spy

garen: well, that’s bad but I’m not mad at you, I’m sure you have good reasons

lux: …and a mage

garen: yoU WHAT?!


League of Expressions

Finally had some time to take a first proper look at the new champ insight page, and found some very amazing stuff (in my view) which involves my animation ambitions; I really really enjoy how these character’s faces are constructed and how their personalities flow through. Hope we can more of these!

(fukin Darius tho, I could never see these faces coming, but makes so much sense lmao :’D)