gareki cosplay


I forget how much I absolutely love Gareki. To like no end. I forget because when Yogi does the silver Yogi thing, Yogi became my favorite (because I have a yandere yogi head cannon and yandere types or types that I can at least pretend are yandere if I try hard enough are my favorite and silver yogi kinda brought that to the table for me tbh) but now that I’m reading the manga holy shit I’m falling in love with this over sexualized too tsundere for life Gareki all over again. HIS BLUSH FACE JUST KILLS ME INSIDE.

I want to be Gareki. I love him so passionately. Now I have to wait till July before I can get the next volume *cries*


Since I got my Gareki wig at Rome Comic Con I decided to style it!

I realized I could use this for Rin except I’m too much of a stickler for colour so I am going to do a blue black for him but I really like this wig (this will double as my Crow wig though). I wish I had some googles to style it with but I’m in Rome and I didn’t pack my aviators. Whoopsies.

Also why goes Gareki have those stupid crossing pieces on his fringe. Why is anime hair. What is anime hair.


Anime Boston 2014 has come to a close and I had one of the greatest cons yet!

I brought 5 cosplays (a new record for me) and 3 of them were new for this con and I am incredibly proud of the crescent rose I built for my Ruby cosplay which I finished a week before!

I was Ruby, Yukine, Luke Fon Fabre (Epilogue outfit), Gareki and I was Alibaba in the chess match.

Yato, Guy and Yogi is fallsdownnicely and Evil Fonist Jade is shinymondo

And hi to all my new followers! I’m sure many of you found me through bertl-bear-the-titan since I was his little field reporter at the SNK premiere (which was wonderful btw)

This was a great con and I’m already planning for next year!

Let me know if you see pictures of me ^^