Men and women are not the same.

Notice I said “same”, not equal. Everyone should be equal in law, culture, love, and thought.

No one person should have their thoughts censored, no one person should be taught they are worthless in their culture, no one person should have who they love invalidated, and no one person should be subject to harsher or lesser laws. None of those things should happen based on arbitrary things like gender, sexuality, and race- those things should not matter in those contexts. I don’t think any reasonable person would contest that.

We are different, in biological sex, for very important reasons, though. Biological reasons. Evolutionary reasons. You cannot erase those in the interest of equality. That will not work. Erasing those differences to make things “better” makes things worse. You can never truly erase instinctual feelings. In the end, all you do is make them harder to understand and cause confusion where there should be an embracing of those healthy feelings.

I just needed to get that out there, despite the fact that no one will probably read it. I see this thought process that “children are all the same, they should be raised the same” despite evidence against that, from the day of birth, and it saddens me. We try to force everyone to conform into one mold, to make everyone “equal”.

Newsflash: beyond those things I listed above, we are not (and should not be) truly equal. People will be interested in some things more than other people. People will be better at things than other people. Those people will be interested in other things, be better at other things than those previous people. This is how life works. There are many reasons for some of these things, some biological.

Opportunity for equality should be what we strive for, not FORCED equality. You should have the chance to be whatever you want, but not forced out of what you want to be in the name of equality and forced 50/50 splits.

It’s wrong.


HELLO LOVELIES! Oh, I’m sure some of you are really excited for this. As much as you’ve clamored for it! Definitely no problem with that, though. Gosh dang, you guys. I’m so FLATTERED THAT YOU CARE SO MUCH AHHH WHY CAN’T I GIVE YOU ALL LITTLE CHEEK KISSES AND HUGS gosh I love you guys. You’re all of you, each and every one, so fantastic. <33


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Hey I'd just like to say that NO

same-sex marriage will not lead to “people marrying dogs and other animals”

they cannot give CONSENT how hard is that to get that is a MAJOR DIFFERENCE

and you’re also suggesting that homosexuals are “close” to bestiality so just fucking stop jesus

ok so NEW LEAF is coming OUT SOON

and I need a name for my town and here is my list of ideas (I think it always comes with Town after the name so)

  • Pallet
  • New Bark
  • Breegull
  • Clock
  • Pinnacle
  • Kakariko
  • Subcon
  • Voyager
  • Odyssey

and I might THINK OF MORE OK

if you guys want vote on names you like for it I will actually take them into consideration!

and I’ll let you know when I think of more?

After some researching, I think Tangrowth MAY be one of the single best Assault Vest users in the game. With base stats of [100 / 100 / 125 / 110 / 50 / 50], it definitely looks that way.

Fantastic HP and Defense. Effective mixed attacking stats. And with a positive nature (I recommend +Sp. Defense, -Speed) it can easily reach 300+ in both defenses as well as 300+ in HP. That’s some crazy bulk. Combine that with an offensive recovery move (since Assault Vest would block things like Synthesis) in Giga Drain off of that nice Sp. Attack plus an amazingly useful ability in Regenerator and well, you’ve got a monster tank that can swat things aside just as well as it can take them. Being able to switch in and out with relative impunity is great as well.

I plan on running a set with it pretty soon. Just felt like posting some theorymonning I thought about.






Alright, alright; since it’s been a long time since a really in depth Garecave, it might be a long ride- so strap your asses in, aw yeah. It’ll probably also cover some stuff I’ve went over in previous Garecaves, but oh-fuckin-well you wanted it so you DEAL WITH HOW I WRITE IT

Where oh WHERE do I start? Well…

I’ve probably covered it before, but I no longer go to school at ETSU (or anywhere, in fact) but that’s due to a big bunch of bullshit. Essentially the school audited me for my PARENT’S finances, asking question they had no clue how to answer. The school was of no assistance despite several visits and emails and in the end the mental stress tore me down enough that i dropped out for this semester. I probably won’t go next semester, either, and will just try and set something up for next school year. I really want to move out first, though, and figure out where I want to go to school, because I feel like if I get into school, I’ll have no chance of moving out. I don’t know. I also still want to be a Biology teacher, but that puts a stricter loop on my options.  That’s something I’m struggling with.

Due to not being in school, I have no dorm to live in during the semester since I’m not…uhm…in school, obviously. So I live with my parents again, in Kingsport, which I did in between semesters anyway. I can’t complain, I suppose, free rent and no real “bills”, but my parents are overbearing and just generally aggressive towards me. They belittle me for my interests and harass me about anything, and always assume I’m doing something “bad”. Needless to say, I don’t really feel at home. I just kind of hide in my basement to stay away from them for the most part. I want to move out, but Johnson City’s too far for my current job (explained more on in a second) and the rent around here is outrageous because there’s no competition. I also have no one I’m comfortable enough with rooming with to cheapen rent by both of us paying because my few options I would consider are taken up/unavailable/female (this one sounds stupid, I know, but my parents would never help me financially if I needed it and lived with a woman “outside of marriage”. it’s fucking stupid but I have to play life smart sometimes and I’d rather have a safety net). So there’s that.

After that, I quit my job at McDonalds since it was in Johnson City, which is where ETSU is and since I wasn’t going to school there it made no sense for me to travel back and forth for minimum wage. I now work at the Mustard Seed Cafè in downtown Kingsport, which is pretty nice. It has nice hours (in both meanings, the place is never open past 4pm anymore and opens around 10 on most days, and I work nearly every day) but those nice hours also have taken a toll on me. I get off work early enough to theoretically hang out with friends and things like that, but have to get up early enough that I really never get to do anything because they all live in Johnson City/don’t talk to me anymore/work until too late in the evening/work too late and I can’t spend the night/some other combination of stupid shit that makes it generally difficult. Hence me saying I’m rather lonely anymore. School was busy and there was stuff to do, but at least there were people around and nearby that I could hang out with. Other than that fact,  I’ve only had two off days in the past three weeks because nearly every day I have off I get called in. It’s nice to make money, though, and I need it so I can eventually get out of my parents house. Another sort of “I wish it was different but I can’t really be mad about it and will just have to change it” sort of thing.

Since everyone in the world apparently is so curious about my relationship status, yes, I guess I don’t really have a “girlfriend”, and most people’d define that as single. But it’s not true. I’ve just not…called her that, I guess. It’s somewhat strange and maybe a little silly, and probably doesn’t make very much sense…One night, after an ask was sent to me on Tumblr- an ask in which someone asked me to review Portal, a certain someone was snooping in the Portal tag and found my review and messaged me about it. Due to that random bit of chance I found out there’s a fantastically adorable and brilliant; not to mention sweet, girl who lives in Minnesota (who happens to go by the name Andi and has a Tumblr blog which is titled cephaloportals so you should TOTALLY go follow her cute self) who I very much adore after bonding over books of texting, probably too much flirting for our own good; Animal Crossing town visits, Facetimes, phone calls and Skype, even snapchats and voice recordings; and now it’s grown to accommodate some Pokèmon battles because sweet zombie JESUS do I get obsessed when a new Pokèmon game comes out. She also thinks I’m cute for some silly reason, so that’s absolutely wonderful considering I think she’s gorgeous. And she somehow manages to endure my endless cheesiness. That… and she likes my jokes. Most of the time. The only thing that’s lacking is I haven’t been with her in a physical sense yet- no hugs, cuddles, kisses, or anything, it’s all virtual; but that hopefully won’t be for too long. So now you know, you most curious people. I never really understood why you were so interested, but now the seeming-ocean’s worth of people will be satisfied. I hope.

Speaking of Pokèmon, on the stereotypically included vidya game end of things, I’ve got Pokèmon. I’ve played the shit out of and adore it like crazy. It’s fantastic and just what I wanted. I still am. I started with Y, beat it twice; once normal and once as a mono-bug run. Then I started breeding on it (got a few Pokèmon and then decided to breed a Battle Maison team, so no, I’m technically not geared for a full on REAL ASS BATTLE, but I’d probably still battle if anyone just wants to), and I couldn’t resist the temptations…so I now have X and have started a Nuzlocke run on it. It’s going okay, I’ve lost a lot of Pokèmon but the routes have been plentiful and I almost have another team now. I’m also excited for LoZ: A Link Between Worlds, and am buying it once it comes out too. Other than that I probably won’t purchase much in the way of games this year. I’m not getting either of the Xbox One or the PS4, at least not yet, so that counts them out. Next year will be a different story. I hope.

I dunno. I guess this about wraps it up. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this little purview of my little old Garebear life in little old hicktown Tennessee. I love you all. I’m hopefully going to post a bit more on Tumblr now since I’ve been feeling better and less like curling up in my bed forever watching Top Gear and playing Pokèmon. I’ve missed you guys.

Stay fresh, followers. c: <3