Guys! Nica Hults’ little sister has the greatest floor routine, and I’m obsessed with it. 


Hey guys! Here’s a cute little art collab done by three of our artists, @pin-is-art, @acasketcase, and @xnicanekox  ~Dae

we did an art meme!! our theme was akira/itsuki but it seems we’re also gettin into that fall season before it ends!! ~Pin


Soooo some days ago @rosybluesybonesy and I had a talk about the gazette members as months.
Here is what we came out with:
Ruki as January
Reita as April
Uruha as May
Kai as July
Aoi as October
Today I had some free time so I decided to make some moodboards ^^;



day 1 done!! thank you @candynairix for requesting precious itsuki and thank you @sakhmae for the bithday greeting and requesting soujiro!! 

btw do you guys know each other?? cause it’s amazing how you guys sent in asks at the same time :000 and with the same palette too lolololol

i do hope the both of you like it


A Gyumi art trade requested by @califlair!!! AAAA they are so adorable thnx for pulling me in, Cali and I hope this quenches your thirst :”))


Gyumi ost: Forget Me Not

A quick video of past Gyumi art along the piano solo soundtrack I made for the ship! It’s my first time writing instrumental music so pls excuse the n00b ;w;


More on ‘Meanwhile outside of Dipdops mindscape

Part 1/(more parts later)


Demonic Guardians AU belongs to @starfleetrambo