“The Wonders of Batman’s Utility Belt” - The Flight of the Australian Boomerang:

In the Bat-Man’s debut in the pages of Detective Comics (Vol 1) 27 from 1939, donning a cape, cowl, gloves and boots, he also has a yellow belt around his waist. For two issues it is seen as just a piece of his vigilante ensemble until writer Gardner Fox introduced the Utility Belt in Detective Comics 29 from July 1939 in “The Bat-Man Meets Doctor Death”. To prepare for his battle with Doctor Death, Batman places glass pellets and choking gas in the small cylinder compartments of his golden belt, some of the first objects seen housed in the now iconic bat-tool. Batman successfully escapes the hired hit men of the doctor when he threw the pellets to divert the criminals. In this issue the Caped Crusader also has handy a glass cutter and rope seemingly from the Utility Belt. The next major gadget to emerge from Fox’s belt comes in Detective Comics (Vol 1) 31 from September 1939, illustrated by Bob Kane and Sheldon Moldoff. In “The Bat-Man Versus The Vampire, Part One”, once Bruce Wayne’s fiance Julie Madison becomes hypnotized by the mysteriously powerful Monk, Batman follows to track him down in his new Batgyro with the use of his newest device, “The Flying Baterang - modeled after the Australian Bushman’s Boomerang!”. With the use of the ‘Baterang’, Batman escapes being trapped in a huge net and dropped into a den of snakes by throwing his bat-weapon, switching up the lever to stop the crane. Once escaping, Batman faces one of The Monk’s huge apes and throws the Baterang at a crook with a gun ready to fire at him, knocking him in his head. Leaping onto a ladder connected to his Bat-plane, he follows a car on pursuit, filling it with one of his glass pellet which swerves it into a tree. Batman saves Julie and they fly off to continue the hunt of The Monk to stop his hypnotic trance over Julie. Perhaps Batman’s most well known gadget, the Batarang from this story on will be commonplace in tales of the Dark Knight. But the items in his Utility Belt will begin to become more complex, as we will see in our next posts. ✌🏻️💙💛📖