gardians of the galaxy

This is bull, agent carter is amazing the writing, the plot, the acting. It makes me mad because we keep yelling and yelling that we want a black widow movie and yet no one will watch this. But do you know what’s going to happen if this show flops? There will be no movie because marvel can then say that a female lead just doesn’t have a fan base. And that is bull.


Serene Groot

My newest ink piece done just in time for Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con~! (Artist Alley table T13)
It’s been some time since I’ve inked this way and I’m extremely happy with the support and attention it’s gotten since I started. So expect more pieces like this in the future!

Prints are now available in my Storenvy!

The original piece is also for sale for those who are interested, please message me for more info.

Please do not repost my art or delete the text, thank you!