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This is a great idea and it works! If you can’t find these locally or would rather order them online, we have provided some links for you. Citronella Geranium: Marigold Lemon Gem Heirloom Seeds: Lemongrass plants:
Catnip seeds:
Ageratum seeds:
Lemon Thyme plant:

I totally used to work at Salisbury Greenhouse. It was weird seeing this in my newsfeed from a random homesteading page.

Borago, aka Hjulkrone

Borago offinalis is used medicinally, in companion planting, in cooking and as an oilseed. Cooked stalks are sometimes eaten as a vegetable. The large, hairy leaves taste mildly of cucumber, and star-shaped purple-blue flower are prized for their flavour. The leaves are often added to teas and salads, and the flowers have been added to wine (Borage has had a reputation to give one courage since Roman times). The flowers are highly attractive to bees. The hairs covering the plant are said to repel herbivores.

I have seeds I can swap!