gardens that belong in the shire

Imagine Bilbo adopting a kitten

“Well, at least they didn’t take this too,” you said as you sat down on the bench in Bilbo’s beloved garden. He’d been beside himself when the two of you returned to the Shire to find his relatives, friends, and neighbors carrying off all of his personal belongings.

“All of it better be back tomorrow or, or,” he said trailing off, trying to think of an appropriate threat.

“Or they’ll have to deal with me,” you finished with a smirk. “They’ll learn what happens to people who mess with my hobbit.”

Smiling, he sat down beside you and started lighting his pipe while you moved over to curl up next to him. Your first peaceful evening at your new home was soon interrupted, however, by a small sound coming from a nearby bush.

“I wonder what that could be,” you said, hopping up to go investigate.

Bilbo watched as you went over and practically climbed into the bush in your search for the source of the noise.

“Awwww, Bilbo look!”

You pulled out a small, black and gray kitten and hurried over to show it to the hobbit.

“Look at him!” you said. Bilbo blushed red with embarrassment when you held the kitten up to look underneath and added, “Yep, it’s a he.”

“Oh isn’t he adorable? Can we keep him, honey? Please?”

“He might belong to someone, y/n.”

“He’s so skinny and dirty though. He obviously needs a home. Please? Please? Please?”

Bilbo wasn’t entirely sure he liked the idea of having a pet, but as he looked at you, he caved like an avalanche.

“Alright, we’ll keep him.”

“Oh thank you!” you yelled, leaning forward to give your fiancée a big kiss on the lips. “Come on! We’ve got to go clean him up.”


Bilbo sat on the kitchen floor glaring at the little kitten as it happily drank its milk. For some unknown reason, the kitten, who absolutely adored you, had taken an immediate and intense disliking to the hobbit, the proof of which lay in the scratches covering Bilbo’s hands and arms.

“I could kick you out of this house right now,” Bilbo muttered to the kitten, quietly enough so that you wouldn’t hear him in the next room. “I could tell her I opened the front door and you ran away. She’d never know.”

The kitten looked up from its bowl with a smug expression that seemed to say, “You wouldn’t dare.”

Both of them were distracted from their stare-off by your return. “This is the best I can find, Bilbo. Let me do that for you.” You sat down on the floor and started cleaning his scratch marks. “I’m so sorry, babe. I know cats hate water, but I didn’t think he’d react that badly to a bath. I feel horrible, especially since you’re the only one who got hurt.”

Bilbo swore he saw the kitten shoot him a knowing look.

Changing the subject he asked, “Have you decided on a name?”

You stared at the kitten as he cleaned the milk from his face. There was something regal and majestic about the way cats acted. That combined with his black fur with small gray streaks made you say, “What about Thorin?”

Bilbo looked at you in surprise. That was the first time since the two of you had left Erebor that either of you had mentioned your deceased friend’s name. The name of the dwarf that Bilbo had asked to be his best man at your wedding, before the battle changed all of that.

To your surprise, Bilbo started laughing. “He’s obstinate, irritable, and considering you found him all alone in a bush, obviously must have a terrible sense of direction. I think it’s perfect.” He hugged you tightly and planted a sweet kiss on your cheek.

“It’s decided. Thorin it is! Since I’m done doctoring you, I’m going to go see if they left us anything to make a pallet to sleep on. I swear those hobbits completely raided this place…” you muttered as you made your way out of the room.

Bilbo got up to follow you, but he stopped in front of Thorin, bent over, and picked him up. The kitten started hissing, but was interrupted by Bilbo saying, “Listen here, I’ve faced angry dwarves, orcs, spiders, and a dragon, so I am not afraid of you. You aren’t the first Thorin I’ve known, and I swear he was a great deal more stubborn than you can possibly be and I managed him alright. So it’s time for you straighten up and act right. Do we understand each other?”


“Good,” Bilbo said with a smile. Then he cradled the kitten in his arm and started scratching its head, resulting in a contented purring. “Now let’s go help y/n.”

anonymous asked:

what is your opinion on Boffins?

Hey nonny,

My feelings on Boffins are incredibly positive. Bofur is a charming, sweet, affectionate chap who is obviously fond of Bilbo.  And I love the idea of Bofur moving back west and living in Bag End with Bilbo, going hobbity in his clothing but staying firmly dwarven in his manners, and scandalizing the neighbours.

and oh my goodness, Bofur surrounded by wee fauntling hobbits, making toys for them and telling stories that sometimes drifted into inappropriately gruesome and scary territory (but they love the stories anyway).  Bofur, the most popular oddity in the Shire for little ones.  Bofur with his bare toes curling in the grass, smoking in the garden and falling in love with Bilbo’s pantry every day.  Bofur, who’s never been wealthy, and feels profoundly odd living the idle life of a “gentledwarf,” but who bears it better having his own share of Erebor’s gold, rather than just living off Bilbo’s fortune.  Bofur learning to coax vegetables and flowers out of the earth, instead of coal or silver.  Bofur, who never belonged anywhere, but belongs with someone.

I love Boffins.  I’d prattle on about it for ages, but it’s late and I’m off to bed for now.  If you want something more detailed, hit me up again tomorrow, if you like.