gardens of lorien


Places in Valinor: The Gardens of Lorien & the Isle of Estë

Irmo the younger is the master of visions and dreams. In Lórien are his gardens in the land of the Valar, and they are the fairest of all places in the world, filled with many spirits. Estë the gentle, healer of hurts and of weariness, is his spouse. Grey is her raiment; and rest is her gift. She walks not by day, but sleeps upon an island in the tree-shadowed lake of Lórellin. From the fountains of Irmo and Estë all those who dwell in Valinor draw refreshment; and often the Valar come themselves to Lórien and there find repose and easing of the burden of Arda.

I don’t know if I ever shared this..But it’s so beautiful I’ll just post it again! This was taken at Fernside, Lothlórien filming location near Wellington. I was very lucky to be allowed on these premises, it was Autumn and the leaves were golden and everything was just perfect!

“Then Finwë lived in sorrow; and he went often to the gardens of Lórien, and sitting beneath the silver willows beside the body of his wife he called her by her names. But it was unavailing; and alone in all the Blessed Realm he was deprived of joy. After a while he went to Lórien no more.” ~ The Silmarillion, Of Fëanor and the Unchaining of Melkor. (Artwork: Feanor with his mother Miriel in the gardens of Lorien, by steamey on deviantart)