…how does your garden grow?

It’s just a small garden plot, 6 feet by 25 between the house and the garage, but it gives me a lot of pleasure. I dug it myself, and planted it densely. It doesn’t have rows, but vegetables and flowers are interspersed for compatible growth and to be pleasing to the eye. I’m trying to do it organically, and I’ve read about companion gardening… tomatoes and basil belong together; each repels the other’s pests, and when harvested they taste good together, too! But every year, the biggest pest is [my husband] P. and his demanding questions. Can’t he dig the garden for me? Don’t I want him to fertilize it? Don’t I know that planting in rows would be better? Don’t I want him to use something stronger on the squash beetles? Daily I refuse and resist; I protect the garden from his incursions. The garden is my “room of my own”. I talk kindly to the plants as I weed and water them; and they reward me with their beauty and their fruits.”

Zannie Kyd, ‘Shutting Down/Breaking Out: Snapshots from a Life’, in From Wedded Wife to Lesbian Life: Stories of Transformation (D. Abbott and E. Farmer, 1995)


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Indoor Gardening: Narcissus Day 14
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I’m updating on these Narcissus again because one of them is just shooting up like crazy! We’re on day 14. I just topped up their water a bit tonight, so it is just below the bottom of the bulb again. The one with the beads in the jar is sitting at about 3.5 inches tall, measured from the base of the bulb. I’ll probably bring that one out of the cold room soon so it can get some light and move into its next phase of growth. It is amazing to me how the beginning growth can seem to take so long, and then once they get started things can grow so quickly!