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scrap planter appreciation.

i have this random flat plastic pot that I just throw scraps in.. because i am a true plant hoarder & i just can’t throw anything away. all of the stuff you see here was grown from random leaves, twigs, seeds, half dead stuff, etc. i just toss the scraps in and hope for the best. i also toss in pretty rocks and things that I find.

what was once a pretty gross pot of dead looking scraps is now my favorite planter in my collection. 


Plant of the Day

Monday 24 April 2017

Tulip Week - A container display to catch the attention of visitors with Tulipa ‘Suncatcher’ with raspberry-red tipped flowers extending up from a striking yellow base. In the same pot was Tulipa 'Holland Queen’ a yellow Rembrandt tulip with broad red flames and Tulipa 'Ile de France’ a cardinal red tulip with blood red colouring inside.

Jill Raggett

My little lemon thyme wishing well is looking so gorgeous! It’s got sea glass, glass beads, and the water feature is half a broken ceramic bowl (it’s hard to tell there’s water in it).

I rescued this thyme from walmart a while ago, a sad, yellowing little plant. Just look at it now!