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The WHOLE plot of bee movie was that if we didn’t use their honey bad things would happen lmao

I’m so glad you are laughing your ass off about my dietary choices when I have said nothing about the choices of others. This is exactly why I do not discus my choice in what I eat and why on this blog.

July 17, 2016// I’M BACK! I wasn’t really active for a month because it was the mid-year break. But I’m finally back because classes start TOMORROW! I just did some readings in preparation // I went to this pretty arty place today and there was a wonderful tree and I thought it would make this post a bit more interesting, so I put a picture of it next to my ~first notes of the semester~ // I’m going to go get ready for bed now so I can get up early tomorrow for my first class. I’m nervous because this class looks a bit intimidating! // Good night! 

You Don't Need Kids

I just back from a trip from my aunt (who I’ve never really met) and I want to share some cool things that everyone (especially people with vaginas) should know.
My aunt doesn’t have kids and is not married. She is almost 56.
Many people would see this as a tragedy. She never had kids and couldn’t commit to someone long enough to settle down. Her genes will not be passed on. However, these people are idiots.
My aunt was a champion rower. She went to the 1997 Olympics as an alternate. She was one of the best. She still teaches a rowing clinic every year for “rich yuppies” as she calls them. She is also a personal trainer, a gardener, an educator, an epidemiologist, a coach, a sister, a daughter, and an inspiration to many.
She now lives in a house that she designed and built with her male partner of over 10 years. They are one of the few people on their street that do not own a large corporation. They know almost everyone in town. They are technically retired at the ages of 55 and 60.
Just down the street from them is a family that are descendants of the town’s founders. That house is the only one on the street with kids. They have hardly been outside of the state they were born in. Do you know when the kids got their first plane rides? When my aunt took them to Florida. That was also the first time they were more that 5 hours from home.
Whenever my aunt goes somewhere, she brings back toys from all of the places she visited. By doing this, she hopes she can inspire at least one of those children to go to college and experience the world.
Do you know what I talked about with this aunt I had barely known before this trip? Everything. My excitement and fears about college. Her college experience. My job interview that I hadn’t even told my parents about. Our love of dogs and hatred of condiments. And most importantly, we talked about having kids.
I don’t want kids. My aunt was the first and only person in my life to tell me that it’s ok to not want kids. When she tried to get her tubes tied at 25, people told her she would regret it. The only thing she regrets is not getting that procedure done.
Do not let people shame you into thinking you need kids. My aunt is the proof that you can have a long, fulfilling, happy life without kids. You can make just as much of an impact on the next generation if you care enough to help them explore the world and enrich their lives. You don’t need to have your own children.

I didn’t grow up with Pokémon, so I wasn’t really part of the hype train waiting for Pokémon Go to come out. But I saw that pokestops are typically at monuments or statues or general important/informational places, and my first thought was

Uh oh

I live on the property of an important, historical, touristy place. Which happens to be a bigass garden.

So I downloaded the app out of curiosity and I shit you not, there’s like 50 pokestops nearby and they’re all TREES

“The systematic use of flowers, shrubs, trees, and grass to beautify and influence man’s environment is an ancient art. Ornamental horticulture students learn that modern technology makes great changes in that art.”

This guide describes in detail the classes, curriculum and topics that should be covered to ensure a complete education in ornamental horticulture within two years. The curriculum ranges from scientific (chemistry, soil studies, mathematics, botany, plant pathology) to technical (tree pruning and repair, technical reporting) to business (general and industrial economics, business organization and management, salesmanship) to artistic (floral design, landscape design, indoor landscaping) to give a well-rounded education.

Brooking, W., State University of New York Agricultural Technical College, Farmingdale & United States. Department of Health, Education and Welfare. (1970). Ornamental horticulture technology : Suggested 2-year post high school curriculums. Washington, DC: Government Printing Office. Full text available via the Internet Archive.

Student Spotlight: Jessica Stone, Rotational Intern

As a way for our readers to get to know the Longwood students, we asked our students to answer a few questions about themselves and their time at Longwood so far. 

 Hi everyone! My name is Jessica Stone and I am the summer rotational intern at Longwood Gardens. I’m from New Hampshire and am majoring in environmental horticulture at the University of Maine, with a concentration in landscape design and a minor in Spanish. When I started college, I was undecided about what to major in. I knew that I would most likely want to be in something that involved the environment and I have always enjoyed art. After exploring my options I decided that horticulture and landscape design would be a really good fit. For me it is a way to combine creativity and art with plants.

What is your favorite plant?

It is constantly changing!  Right now, I would say it is Allium giganteum and I also really like succulents.

What is your favorite Garden? 

The flower garden walk is one of my favorites, it is always so bright and full of color.

What is your favorite part of Longwood? 

I really like the conservatory, it was the first part of Longwood Gardens that I got the chance to explore and I remember just being absolutely astounded. I had never seen anything like it, all these magnificent lush plants growing under glass was mesmerizing.

What is the best part of being a student?

I think for me one of the best parts of being a student is being able to become immersed in learning and helping to make a difference at such a highly reputable public garden. Living on ‘The Row’ definitely is a huge perk – being able to live minutes away from the gardens with students of all different backgrounds yet similar interests allows for a truly unique experience.

What is your background in horticulture (or whatever field you are in)?

I am a student at the University of Maine majoring in environmental horticulture with a concentration in landscape design. Also, my family has always had fruit, flower and vegetable gardens, which gave me an appreciation of, and active involvement in gardening.

Why did you want to come to Longwood and what do you think helped you get the position?

I came to Longwood because I was interested in getting experience working in a public garden with all the diversity that it offers.  As part of my required summer internship for my degree, I applied to several public gardens, but I knew from the beginning that Longwood Gardens was my first choice. When I was a freshman in college exploring majors I came across the Longwood Gardens internship information on my university’s horticulture website and was very impressed with the opportunity. I think my background in and knowledge of horticulture and landscape design aided me in getting this position as well an eagerness to learn in a public garden setting. I took great care in completing and sending in all my application materials, making sure it was all organized and sent on time.

What do you do at work? Highlight your favorite project or what you do day-to-day.

I am the rotational intern so I will split my three months here between production, the conservatory, and outdoor display. Currently, I am almost finished in my first rotation in production. What I enjoyed most was working with the specialty mums that will be displayed at the Gardens in the fall. It is something that I had little to no knowledge/experience with when I first started the rotation. It is amazing how much work goes into nurturing the plants months and months ahead of the official display time. I have had a great experience in production so far and am looking forward to my next two rotations.

What are your future plans or what is your intended career path?

I would like to obtain a full time position in a year-round horticulture facility and I have a strong interest in working in a public garden. My longer-term goal is to pursue a master’s degree in a more specific area of horticulture. However, I wish to gain some working experience in the field first to help me find my niche in the world of horticulture.

Working on the mum cascades

Specialty mum hanging baskets

A picture from our field trip to the High Line in NYC

Staking and tying plants

Geraniums in the greenhouse


{18/07/2016, 44/100}

We’ve reached new levels of unacceptable heat, to the point where I have been driven to studying outside. I don’t think I’ve ever studied in the garden during my entire educational career…

But it’s all made better by interesting books about Sir Francis Drake, and this delightful little bean keeping me company!

Alternate Universes for Bertram (List)

(I have been looking for more universes Bertram could be in, so that I could hopefully use his character more often for threads and what not. I’ll write some down and add more later if any new idea pops out.)

-Villain AU (Loonatics Unleashed): Created with the sole purpose to destroy the Loonatics, Bertram was mutated from a wild bat and then given powers by Ultimatus, and obeys his commands at all times and costs; he’s quiet and his emotions are keep in a constant flat state, but with no kindness holding him back, Bertram becomes very violent and destructive when battling.

-No powers AU (Loonatics Unleashed): The events of the meteor had not happened, and the whole gang is stuck in the lifestyles they despise- but they eventually meet each other, and work together to achieve their goals in life. Bertram is the newest integrate of the group, who’s the humble University gardener with no education who wants to own a Flower Shop.

-Shock Collar AU (Dark verse Zootopia): Bertram works in a Flower Shop because he needs money to help his family with their financial problems, but being a ‘Predator’ makes everything harder for him. Because of the bad work he is in, in where his boss mistreats him for the small mistake he makes, and mixed with the occasional shocks from the necklace, Bertram suffers from anxiety.

(More to be added later!)

A Lavenderly Writing Experience

A Lavenderly Writing Experience

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The world news was infused with negative stories and my kitchen had dust galore as men tore down one of its walls. I could not be happier to leave this chaos and the news behind and transport myself to the Detroit Working Writers Boot Camp which was hosted at the home of author, gardener, educator, and my great mentor Iris Underwood. Her home being in an organic lavender farm, I knew I was in…

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Accessorizing Your Landscaping Point

Improving your garden or patio general education is quite do-nothing with simple landscaping ideas. Using pavers, stones, exotic flowers and flamboyant fountains, there is a lot of miss america one can add to the flower bed. One eminent need is to maintain your garden so that ego appears lush, green and is never cluttered. Replacing voluminous gardens, there are excellent ideas with a flower run-of-mine concept. Bushes seem good too. Regular trimming, inspection as respects oil and use touching proper farming equipments is a right. Illumination in relation to plants is an art by itself. For an exclusive face one can use the ornamentation ideas that are ultramodern no end popular.
After all one is regularly tempted by dint of DIY kits, it is always best to hire an expert at low for the first at all times. There are many implications about raising a floor lemon bed and reinforcement better ways to let a creeper bear fruit. Thicken layouts are also best proper as well as granite, racket and other stones. This is also apposite for a driveway and the use anent precipitate lamps is very much a assuredness here. Adorning your garden or landscaped diameter regularly is bien cuit with swings, awning and here the pepper-and-salt is added with a small play area. Fountains too manner alluring and you can make your dream come true with a wishing well.
Lights for the landscaping area discern to exist a contemplated idea. It is very essential to take into providence the chunk of light that is received during the evening. It relentlessness be wonderful to add a few retro lamps and use a few reinforcement outdoor lamps to add a touch of style. Utility via lights is vitally important so that your florescent appears great even in the evening. Lights are now available among shops in the paramountcy stylish reversal and are certainly exclusive. Co-option the right voltage of the bulb is in addition important.
Themed landscapes are now ideal. With exceptionally many ready accessories that are convenient in the stores, it is possible to add newness up to your patio open door a very stylish way. Benches are the most suitable furniture for your garden. Higher echelons are sturdy and are unexplored to earnings the fluctuations of temperature. It is necessary in contemplation of find benches and chairs in the settle shape wood that is pre-treated. The carvings and ornamentation in pure teak wood is exalted and adds a round lot of utility to your ana. Standing too in fab quality furniture is minimum.
It is great so carve the variety in trichoschistism ideas, which is an magnetic slice up of landscaping and completes the layout.