We’re probably going to get a frost pretty soon so I just picked what might be the last of this year’s flowers from my garden. Despite the cold I’m shocked that my benevolent plants are still flowering a lot, including a massive, healthy French Marigold, Calendula still happily budding away, new shoots of Borage popping up, and plenty of my favorite white Yarrow blooming even still.

It’s bittersweet, knowing the end of this year’s season is coming to a close at last, but I’ve learned a good deal this year and hope to make adjustments to my garden for next season. For now, both I, and my plant companions, rest.

Has there been a delay in the answer to your prayer? Do you get impatient with God, crying, “Where is my miracle? Why the delay?” If so, you are missing the point. The Lord is trying to build your faith. He wants you to trust Him no matter what. He wants you to know He still has His eye on you! Imagine what Mary and Martha would have felt when the Lord delayed in coming! Oh, what lies satan must have whispered: “It’s no use. It’s too late.”
Jesus knew everything. When He saw the fear, despair and grief on the sisters’ faces, He told them, “if you believe, you will see the glory of God” John 11:40. I believe Christ was saying to them and is saying to us today: “It is not enough to walk with Me, call on Me, you must also trust in Me. You must believe I can bring life out of death.”

I need to start a little indoor herb garden. Tips?

I find myself in need of fresh herbs for cooking and luck, and I need to grow them cheaply. The store has no more grown plants unfortunately.

Who has found a way to grow them compactly and cheaply indoors? I know herbs are cheap; I mean I’m not able to buy a bunch of nice pots. I don’t want to put them in something inappropriate for them, though.

Concept: a bunch of high school Satanists get drunk in the local graveyard and try to conjure a demon, but they’re using one of those “reconstructionist” ritual books that gets its sources all mixed up, so they end up with a minor Mithraic fertility spirit that hasn’t spoken with humans in like 1700 years instead. By the terms of its binding it’s not allowed to leave until it’s ensured a successful harvest for its summoners, which is a problem, because none of these goobers have ever raised so much as a houseplant; if it wants to go home, it’s going to have to teach them how to garden – whether they want to learn or not!